Belial=Beelzebub. What are your thoughts?

I have seen some popular authors and occultists to correleate these two spirits as being the same or have some sort of connection. Asenath Mason mentions a connection between the two and VK Jehannum mentions that even tho he found the idea dumb at first he later found out that it is true. Personally I find this notion too simplistic. I had a very short experience with Beelzebub and Belial and they felt different, but it was just a “visit” from both so I am not sure at all. What do you think?

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Jake Stratton Kent wrote an excellent comparative catalog on various spirit hierarchies. Belial has also been listed as Brial and Vaal in that work. I don’t recall beelzebub being connected to Belial although they are mentioned separately in the work. Frankly, I ignore everything Jehannum says.


That’s the conclusion I came to after trying a few of his things.

OP, Baalzebul and Belial are different entities both in ancient history and if you call them in person.

It’s possible that because of the way the human mind interacts with the energy is inseparable from the entity, you find that that over time the names and sigils themselves allow a different aspect of a higher being that encompasses both of them to manifest as individuated beings.

I would say, that that higher source is the Tao itself however, and there’s no sense or usefulness in trying to compare them. At some point every one of us is an expression of the Tao. In the same way it’s not useful to try to treat your boss the same as your wife. They are both deities for different archetypal energies and do best when accessed in context.


I have actually felt a pull towards Beelzebub and Baal/Bael. As it turns out from my research last night they are thought to be the same being. Baal being the god and beelzebub being the demon. I really only looked into this last night for the first time though so should anyone have anything to add to this please do.

In my experience, Bael is Beelzebub.

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