Belial backfire? and a difficult situation

I had some situation after invoking Belial, now it seems I have to solve more problems, I will start from the beginning.
Some thing were not quite right on my life so I invoked him the results were neither good not bad and things stayed unresolved (I can’t remember what happened that time, but I Know it was bad for me, I forgot cause the next times were almost traumatic so this was not so bad comparing it to the other times I’m about to mention)
I decided to call him up again cause I got lost on track, mostly trying to help a good friend of mine, a girl, which is still in a delicate situation and another friend of mine, a guy who I used to admire, who meet with my other friend and they become let’s say damaging for each other and for me, I called Belial end as result the guy beated me up with a friend of his, I didn’t end up terrible injured or anything but it was bad. the guy claimed I was ruining his relationship with my other friend, in some way I think he is loosing his mind, he declared he wants to kill me, and he got obsessed with this girl, he becomes jealous of anything she is near to, he started to act as if she was his girlfriend, and is still harassing her, she doesn’t want to see him anymore, but still he finds ways to write her and treats her like nothing is bad between them, after he has treated her very wrongly, plus he still sends her messages of hate against me. now she has blocked him and I must go to the police to inform about the situation in case he really wants to hurt me, the thing is he is not making any sense, he was the most indifferent guy I knew, and now he is the complete opposite,
I’m solving this problem by making some spells to get him out of my way, but never the less, is this a backfire somehow in Belial’s work? did I do something wrong?
Before all this situation got to this point, I invoked Belial again and asked him for help for my friend the girl which I have written about, she is bipolar, and she called a friend of her crying, she assumed she wanted to commit suicide (which was not the case), and ended up two days in a very bad psychiatric institution, she had an horrible time, but nothing in her life changed since that, was this another backfire?
I’m not sure if I should invoke Belial again because of this three times, there were more damaging than helpful, or am I not seeing the big picture here?
I mean my ex-friend is almost believing delusions or becoming insane and I think he could become dangerous (except i am protecting myself) my other friend is terrified of been in an institution again (but nothing good came from this) and i got beaten.

(I’m sorry if too much detail is boring but i think it is the best way to explain it all)

If this is really a backfire? how can I prevent it in the future?.
should I try to contact Belial again?.

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not boring at all first n formost hard to do but gona say it anyway try to calm down n take breaths and assess the situation…
.think about what you did
asked for and wat possible that you didnt do
think if this is a back fire why is it happening
did you forget to do something
did you make him angry at you

if yes to any of this call him and ask him why its happening what can you do to make it better and also be respectful to him bow in respect also apologize no matter what

I didn’t thought he could be angry, and i wouldn’t know why he is angry if he is (And I don’t think I forgot something)
I will call him and try to talk with him
he has talked to me before, but lately he has not, I have been unsure to call him to ask him directly.
but as you pointed out he might be angry, so I will apologize and try to listen to what he has to say.
this seems simpler that what I thought

Thank you very much

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Just to ask the obvious, did the girl make police reports for the harassment? And you reported the beating. I think she’d do well to looking into getting a restraining order, the dude sounds violent and unstable, and from what you said he could lose it and rape and beat her up next. But the police can’t do anything if you don’t make the paper trail.

Doesn’t sound like Belial is making it worse yet… but your ex-friend, with a 180 personality change like that, could be parasitised by something. It’s possible this IS the better situation, and Belial prevented that beating from killing you?

For her, if nothing in her life changed, she herself can block that. The daemons can guide and give opportunities, but they cant stop her from getting herself sectioned if she keeping running to people and acting in ways that make them report her. She’s got a diagnosis that puts her at risk, and set a big flag over her head with ‘crazy and dangerous to herself’ written on it, of course she went in.
You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.

You definitely need to talk to him and find out more.

I think you also wold benefit from educating yourself about how the public systems around this work. (Youtube) You can’t take advantage of the opportunities or avoid the pitfalls if you don’t know you’ve got them or what to do with them.

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This is why I don’t petition spirits and use spells to work on multifaceted relationships between many. A single target maybe but in the end it feels hollow.

We as human spirits want to be desired, useful and called up for our input, help, knowledge. Whether we are genuinely helpful or just love the boast and pride of it.

Personally, I’d deep six them both, sanctify myself and aggressively put wards and blocks to keep those people away and out of your life. They get close and put restraining orders on them.

In short FUCK EM. People change or you never really know them.

The saying “me is me, you is you. I’ll never be you and you’ll never be me is so true.” Some of the most friendly happy appearing people carry a darkness that eventually gets out. And there’s sociopaths and narcissistic people not to mention schizophrenia, MPD, and more.

They are toxic and dangerous.

What do you honestly gain from them?
Cherish your memories but cherish your sanctity, sanity, and safety more. It’s your life to enhance yourself and not your duty to raise the damaged and diseased out of their pits of misery. They will take you down, drain you to nothing, and toss you aside.


I just read your post. Everything you describe has Belial energy written all over it. Belial is notorious for making people more obsessive and aggressive. Now, this is great from some situations, but not others. Honestly, I think Belial is stepping back because its obviously too much for these people. I would suggest a different spirit to work on the situation who would be more appropriate. Belial is not YHVH as does not care if you work with other demons, in fact he encourages it.

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Thanks for the answers

and Maulbeere the situation is being taken cared by the police thank you.
but i don’t think they could kill me.

Keighn yes I know what you mean I most of the time I get rid of people if I they put me in trouble, but this time is different, she really needs help and she is a good friend and a wonderful person, the only things is she have some great damage right now, she is not being treated correctly by the doctors, so I am pushing her to ask a second opinion, I got a recommendation of another doctor and I am giving it to her today, so she can have a better treatment. I think she can be better.

and finally Jastiv I will talk to Belial to get more information about what happened as I stated before, but you think now the situation could be a assisted by another spirt, do you have any suggestions? .

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Cut these people out of your life, you don’t need that drama. Unless that’s what you want.

If one has let Lucifer fall into Earth and Resurrect Satan and Leviathan, then, noone will ever do that to you again, ever.

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im sorry this happend to you really no one should go thr this n i agree if he isnt mad at you this may have been because they cant handle it bilial is powerful n not too many ppl can handle these energies i know in the end it will get better for you