Beleth is amazing,thanks

I am learning to control the energies around me and in my aura, play, mimic, and create out of the various energy streams of seduction and already doing it and plan to harness it for manifestation or just simply utilize it for great sex and cuddles after words, how do you think they will teach you differently?

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I don´t know if they will teach differently,I just want them to teach me how to create and wield these energies to influence.As far as I know,Beleth is related to love in general,while Sitri is a about going really horny and kinky.So,both can teach about the attraction part of love,but according what I´ve read,Sitri is more beginner friendly(as long as I don´t fuck things up).
But I suppose Sitri would teach about how to make others feel a burning passion for me,in a passive or active way,as well as to low the inhibitions.
Beleth would first test me(my courage?) and then teach me all about how to create love(horniness,friendship or connection)
Is this right?

Energy vs Energy between Beleth and Sitri it is hard to say, I experienced more of Sitri’s energy as part of a Mascara Labada, which is a little beyond trying out a bit of a silly dolly. So what to talk about first? I believe though I’m paying a few dues I believe to an extent both Beleth and Sitri have taken it easy on me. As I write this Beleth is sort of saying “I don’t know I went that easy on you.” But to an extent they both have. It’s hard to say who is the more powerful of the two, but I would think Sitri is the more chaotic of the two, I am sort of wondering who and why someone would say Sitri is more for beginners. A Silly Dolly is a bit more for beginners than a Mascara Lambada, which is more just right out of control and for me lasted a few weeks and ended pretty Sitri lol. I don’t know I want to say too much more about that other than if you ask to learn, these maybe things they might start you learning (Silly dolly/Mascra Lambada). I will also say this too, that during my Mascra Lambada heads were turning to check me out for sure.

Since than I have had to get my knuckles a bit dirty. But now it’s the difference between flopping around on a wild horse and actually taking the reigns and actually controlling the energies, composing them, painting with them. In some ways I’m still a bit new to that though, I will be like put this energy over here, that energy over there, that energy that way, and sometimes the spirits will be like: “Um let us show you what we think is right for you.” And sometimes that is still better.

I dunno, I love this topic, my path is not right for everyone and perhaps few, but I enjoy it.

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I highly doubt the magick didn’t work. Initially you did get a response. However the target still has free will to choose. All the magick did was inflame them with lust. They can choose to fight it. It may take some time and you may need to use the sigil repeatedly to strengthen the effects or until the target becomes powerless to fight it.


While Prince Sitri is easier to evoke and more approachable in comparison to other spirits I’ve worked with so far, hence the “beginner-friendly” adjective I guess, I wouldn’t discount him (subtly) testing you as well. Prince Sitri has a penchant for pulling off little tricks here and there all throughout the time you are working with him for his amusement. Nothing scary, simply something to be aware of. Heck, I can even feel his signature smirk now as I’m typing this haha.

Aside from the usual “attracting other people” attribute, if you properly work with Prince Sitri, you might also find him teaching and bettering your self-confidence and physical/sexual attractiveness in general (not just for this person). Already wrote this in my journal, but some examples are: he can refine one’s speech style (reducing fillers such as “um, uh”, awkward pauses, speaking either too fast or too slow, smooth convo transitions and topics etc.), better your actual physical appearance (as in your taste, your fashion sense, your perception of aesthetic/designs and detail… not even kidding) and the like. These teachings could all be used in the dating game of course, but I just used what he taught in my own life instead and the gradual changes proved very beneficial in the long run.

Only had a brief encounter with King Beleth but I did get firm and strict grandfather vibes from him, accompanied with a sudden shocking boom of thunder out of nowhere. I think his teaching style would be the same as said vibes though, but others’ longer workings with him may differ.

Goodluck on your work, OP. I do agree with the other comment that just because there’s no contact means it’s already a failure. Trust more in your skills/abilities as a practitioner and try again if necessary. Take your time with the learning process and try not to overthink.


I have found working with Sitri that he’ll have me baking life a dog and into strange stuff, but then at other times is like are you sure you want to do this. Beleth often comes as a woman, He didn’t for me so I was a bit disappointed and but after time, I think I started to get why he chose the form he chose for myself.

With which spirits did you have sex ?

How can I improve my skills, knowledge and abilities as an operator ?