Beleth is amazing,thanks

If you want to get someone horny for you,he is the one to go to.
Really,I used the sigil the Shadowdoctor shared and it was amazing.I got a girl who is high status really focused on stuff on her life really interested(and probably horny) about me.I´ve setted the date,and I will post the atualization later.
I´m also thinking about using the other lust spell,the japanese one to intensify even more,but it will probably be unnecessary.
I wasn´t sure about posting this before the date.But I´ve remembered the advice on Demons of Magick,when you notice the result,even though you may be tempted to not consider it the result,do your part,

So this is my gift,anyone who want´s to get involved with another person,call Beleth,he is amazingly powerful.No matter who is your crush,he can do it.

For those who might be concerned about free will stuff,the way I understood,it works by raising and creating the desire.So it´s kinda like if it had “naturally happened”.Expect that with Beleth,Nature is at your side


Nice to hear your result. Im in the process of tweaking the sigil to amplify the results. May take me dome time. Post this on the other thread for those who are curious about using it.


Happy for you and yes I will take your advice.

Beleth will work well for that sort of thing, but if you have any ethical concerns about using Beleth
I strongly recommend letting Beleth put you in “Silly Dolly” first. Lol

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What do you mean by Silly Dolly?

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What is it indeed? It is something that will allow you to see first hand the awesome power that is Beleth.

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The results one gets from working with spirits is dependent on the abilities and knowledge of the operator, i.e., the person summoning.

More the situation.

Beleth won’t just put anybody you ask to be put into silly dolly just because you asked, it would depend on the situation.

But to answer @king_R a little better…
I’m not saying free will wise it’s not as you say… per say…

But the silly dolly state is so sexy, so horny, so wonderful, so awesome, so much sexy clouding the mind that it sort of makes one just want to through away free will and enjoy the ride because your so “Silly Dolly” hence the name.

I maybe want to state to be careful when you do this to yourself let alone others. SO Much fun though.

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I wouldn’t recommend going into a state where you don’t have full control over yourself.
This is a recipe for disaster.

He probably won’t put her all the way in silly dolly, but it will certainly give you a taste of what Beleth is capable of. You probably won’t need the sigel, it’s probably nothing compared to what Beleth is capable. Don’t ask Beleth to show you 100% because it probably won’t be a very good hangover to say the least.

Your probably right. I’m crazy enough to try another round at 3 times the strength. After agreeing to that Beleth came to me and was like: “Okay looks like we are doing this now but we gotta put a few safety measures in place this is ridiculous.” Hopefully I will have enough. lol

But if one’s unwilling to put a soft version on themselves, should they on someone else?

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Thanks for the explanation.I don´t give much importance to the free will stuff,I just mentioned it to help those who might be scared to be understand better why it shouldn´t matter.
The way you explained it,it´s exactly the result I´m looking for,but I was originally planning to work with Sitri to achieve it,since beginners aren´t advised to work with Beleth first.

Sorry folks,it seems that this was a false flag,the target hasn´t answered my messages yet.So it didn´t work.This failure is probably related to my method rather than the spell/sigil itself.I tried to open it by gazing at it until tears would start to form on my eyes,guess this is where I missed.I don´t have much experience with sigils yet.

Sitri is really good if you want to get her barking like a dog.

The free will stuff kind of matters to me, I’d only silly dolly me and maybe someone really adversarial.

Otherwise I should state I’m not recommending it for more than a minute and ask that you don’t agree to anything stupid in the process.

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I accept the responsabilities and karma that will come from messing with the will of others,which is one of the reason why I´m picky about who I use the spells on.I also usually do my research to avoid Karma(like knowing if the person is a psycho stalker or has recently broke up with one).My main issue,which I´m currently working on,is knowing which spells and procedures to do to achieve what I want.

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Try the book of witchft by pierre macedo amazon kindle. Take u from t0 100 in weeks, its 9 dollrs.

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That is probably not a very sufficient sneaker check from my experiences. But you shouldn’t need the sigel of lust you could probably just call up Beleth or Asmoday or someone
or Sitri (If you want her barking like a dog - among other things) :joy:

Guess I´ll buy the collar,any advice?

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Sitri is kinky.

Anyways for additional advice perhaps if you aren’t interested in anything very serious, perhaps you might try Zepar? I had sex with spirits that I was told that you used Zepar, caused some feelings but mostly intense attraction and lots of wanting sex, overall I was glad he did. Don’t know she will feel the same way, I was glad to be Zeper peppered.

lol sorry I’ve been doing this enough to have developed a bit of slang. lol

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Thanks,but I´m not interesting in having sex with spirits,only people.The reason I´m trying to contact Sitri and Beleth is that they control and understand the energies of Lust and Attraction,I want to learn how to wield these ones,since they are used in many of my interests and can improve seduction.I´m planning to ask them to teach me their powers in the future because of this.