Being open with others about your practice?

I’d like peoples opinion, how open are you?

and what is your philosophy behind this?

Mine is : “Spirituality is personal, but if one asks, then try explaining, and if they cut you off because of it, they are not worth your time.” (EDIT: They also should be given time to understand or try to comprehend that side of you i think no? or at least given time to see that you are nevertheless still the same good guy, and that this is just a different path of spirituality from theirs)

But does anyone try to hide this, or are you more carefree?

me i try to hide some things, but Im leaning towards just being me and being more carefree

like for example if one were to see the Lucifer sigil on a necklace I wear (i may buy a rosary maybe, I dont have a rosary of Lucifer yet, and i dont have a Lucifer necklace) and they ask about it, I am trying to learn to be more confident in my spiritual explanations, but i may say that Id rather not tell them, but then maybe a part of me would feel like im dishonouring that side of my life, and while Lucifer will understand, I still feel hed rather I be more upfront, heck he might even be a little hurt by my hiding of it probably, so I will be at a crossroads.

But I dont know, I feel I am maybe trying to learn to be more confident in my spirituality in relation to the “muggle” world (muggle meant respectfully and playfully obviously) :slight_smile:

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I follow a basic rule: if i am asked directly, then I will return the favor with my answer unless I know the person is likely to use it as a weapon against me, as that can happen . If I am not, I do not really need to get into it.


so you would answer clearly and not say youd rather not answer?

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yup, pretty much. The key part being if I am asked


… “to keep silent”.


I tell someone if it benefits me or them, preferably both.
If not, I don’t see why I should mention it.
If someone asks me about my Raphael necklace I sure won’t tell them about how I’m in a spiritual marriage. I will tell them it’s the “sign of the Archangel Raphael, it stands for healing” and most of the time that’s enough.


I don’t see the point of advertising (wearing something identifiable) or speaking about it. What do I have to gain from that? Scrutiny I don’t want? Drama I don’t care for?

I chuckled at this. I felt that way when I was young.

He’s always seemed a little above public nobody popularity contests to me, but that could be my projection onto how I experience him.


The point is not to advertise, but to have something with you that ties to your spirituality just because you feel like it

I think it is an individual decision based on where are and how you choose to make your living.

I did this big favor for Belial thinking it would be “fun.” and now it seems like Belial is pushing me to be more open about it. Of course that is scary, because I have seen the other side, the way Belial can take people down. Sometimes I feel like the High Priestess is glaring at me, like she is annoyed with me for some reason, stalking me, it makes me feel uneasy. Anyway, when I was younger I wanted to be an actress, but much to my dismay, I can’t act my way out of a paper bag. (ok, I guess I could act if I wore a paper bag over my head… maybe)

Anyway, mask wearing seems like a fun idea as in art but it it isn’t really when you are stuck wearing them all the time.

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I keep it quiet. Only my best friend know about this, as it happens with several other things, and that’s fine.

Also, if I go and tell to anyone else “Hey, I’m an occultist now”, nobody, NOBODY would believe me and everyone will think I’m trolling them, no matter what.


If someone ask about my belief I tell them. But I won’t brag about it


I keep it secret. I told my partner who accepts it. I had his friend visit and see all of my Altar stuff before I could put it away and it was an awkward half an hour explaining .

He has never been the same with me since, scared to death would put it mildly.

It doesn’t seem to go down well…


if I may ask, what kind of altar was it, I am merely curious due to the fact that the person’s reaction is interesting to me, you say he has never been the same since, he has been fearful? but surely its better now no?

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It was my Altar to Belial. He noticed the necklace I had there had the same Sigil on as my Metal Sigil plate and I had a Black skull, Black taxidermy Scorpion and Candles .

I suppose it seemed odd that I would have that as I am very conservative in my appearance in day to day life.

I let him ask questions and he is a cool guy , just has a fear of anything Occult.

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Thank you for responding

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You know, in the lockdown these things are not a problem, because one is enclosed with one’s stuff, although one can still go around and take a walk thourgh the astral world around, like this

in the astral everybody is weird. However, I must say that I haven’t had big problems with being open with my practice, as long as I present it as something regular, like any other activity that people do, and as long as I present it as something that is good for me. It also helps to use a more academical language. This has been thanks to people not believing in the Catholic church anymore and that my system is more friendly towards Western culture and people’s knowledge about occult stuff, also overall more tolerant towards other’s beliefs

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I believe spirituality is personal but if asked I will talk about the basics of my practice, I have no shame in my practice nor really any fear in what another person thinks about it. If they’re curious hell it may give them a itch to research.


I’d love to be who I really am and more open with people about it. Unfortunately, I live in a small Town and everyone knows each other so I would probably be lynch mobbed out of the area by harassment as they do this to anyone different or challenging.


I usually tell people I do it.

I also have no friends.

Because of the fact I tell people LOL.


The benefits of personal openness about occult beliefs and praxis seldom if ever outweigh the hazards. The secular mundanes often will think you delusional and mentally unstable, so too the religious will think you untrustworthy and malignant, and even other occultists may consider you a rival or a mark ripe somehow for exploitation, in either case a target.