Being Given Fancy-Sounding Titles By Spirits/Yourself

I WONDER what they call us when were NOT around…

I KNOW what they called me…The Professor…
That’s not really a title that’s just a nickname.
I’m not really a professor though just so everyone knows.

I used to call my teacher Dr. Evil like from Austin Powers.

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I’ve been actively practicing for a few years and never had any titles thrown upon myself. If I were given a title, my immediate question would be “How does this actually effect me, or actually matter”? It’s similar to past life stuff, I cannot say that it would be relevant in any way.


what’s wrong with role playing? traitors do it all the time. they pretend to be someone they aren’t such as your besties or trusted confident business partners. etc…

Role playing is a great way to learn things.

titles is a great way to hypnotize self to be someone that have traits that can help you achieve your goal. double edge sword. wrong title and you can do evil. haha.

Go watch spanish tv series ’ money heist’. It brings a whole new meaning to ‘the professor’. lol. If you can fulfil that professor. you’ll be golden.

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Yeah man, like, this is the only problem in the universe that isn’t solved :laughing:

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yup. lots of people get overlooked cuz they don’t have american names. real life research has been done on this name thing. everything the same on resume but the name. american name outweighs other ethnic name . the person getting interview/hired has better chance with american name. Unconsciously people are prejudice when they are the hiring person. these days company don’t look at persons’ skills as criteria but often base on name being first filter.