Being Given Fancy-Sounding Titles By Spirits/Yourself

I’m wondering, all these kings and grand demons journals and all you guys with titles that imply some sort of rank, who gave you this title? And don’t say a demon…

Why can’t they say a demon?


Because than you would need to prove actual contact.

Why do they have to prove it? Who’s approval do they need ? Other than their own?


Because then you’re just role playing.

Would a business card be sufficient for that? :thinking:


And if they said a angel, dragon, light elf, aesir, vanir,fire gaint,fairy, elemental, or planetary spirit called them by said title would that make more sense to you? :thinking:

The concept of “title” and “avatar” with spirits is an old one. The only thing that matter is if you are working to step into the said title in your life.


How so and is there really anyway to prove any title…

@DarkestKnight gave me the name babygirl.
Do that make my title of babygirl any more real than Azazel giving me the title princess?
Most every demon I encounter calls me princess…but DK calls me babygirl. Which one is more real?

They are both real to me and have meaning to me.
Does anyone else care that @DarkestKnight calls me babygirl no…but it’s still my name for him.

Does anyone care the demons call me princess. …Probably not… but they are both very real and important to me.

So would DKs name for me have standing with you just because you can message him and ask him…

Couldn’t you evoke a demon and ask them as well?


Oh, my bad, I thought y’all actually believed you were these things.

Honestly, I’m kind of just disputing to be thee adversary, but I myself have been given the title of Omniversal Sovereign… so dont mind me, sorry. I call myself a diplomat though.

Made this a new topic because it’s interesting. :+1:

~ Goddess Twinkletoes :stuck_out_tongue:


This shit is too funny.

Why do we “call ourselves” Grand XYZ, or Goddess XYZ?

First the Mundane:
Why do you call yourself by your government name? :joy:
Because its who you are.

Who gave it to you? Yeah, your parents.

What proof of contact do you have? Your fuckin ID and Social Security card.

Now the Spiritual:
Why do we call ourselves Grand, Goddess, or Angel anything?
Cause its who we fucking are

Who gave those names to us?
For some of us it was Demons, for others it was our own godself given authority, even still for others its because our casual body clearly states and reflects that we are Angel, Demon, Etc

What proof of Contact do we have?
Use the fuckin Search button and go find out. Better yet, scan our energy and see if we are fuckin roleplaying indeed. We have done work to earn these titles. Titles mean shit to me, but thats like telling a 5th degree black belt that their achievement and thus their belt and skills is bullshit

None of us who are serious, roleplay at this shit. Stop being Sarcastic and put in some fuckin work like the rest of us and maybe you will find your Godself and experience what “contact” is required to get a damn title.

You know what, fuck it. You wanna be like that, fine. I refuse to get triggered and Venemous over some bullshit that has nothin to do with me whatsoever.


And there is a Stark difference between Being the Adversary and debating shit just to debate it bro

This is not Adversarial behavior


I have alternate names spirits have called me. I’m Nimrod but I doubt anyone will take that seriously. My experiences mean a great deal to me but there’s only so much concern a person can have for something that isn’t themself. Therefore my experiences are not anyone’s concern but my own.

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You made really good points. Sorry to get you worked up. That wasn’t my goal. I’m just siding with E.A. on the matter. A black belt can prove their skill. Scanning is not a real skill. My given name isn’t a rank and it doesn’t imply anything. Do you have a spiritual I.D that’s backed by any sort of accredited organization? I’m just trying to get to the bottom of this. I don’t mean to wreak havoc.

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That meaning is the most important thing we have. If you really feel that you are what your title implies, than people with doubts like me should have no effect on you. I don’t want to take that meaning away from you.

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Eh wot? :smiley:

Seeing things about a person without knowing them or anything about them is not a “real skill”?




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Sure that happens, but i don’t believe many people on here can actually intentionally perceive that info. The scans that were done on me were all very poor and vague.