Behaviour of my child when I try to leave

So I co-sleep, he’s a bit old for that but you know, kids want their moms

He knows I do meditation and not to disturb me if I am doing and is fairly good about it. We have a rule that you fall asleep in your own bed then if you wake up you can get in moms in the night - he always does

So he’s fast asleep when this happens. I might have on a guided meditation like most nights but physically anything else he’ll just sleep and leave me be…

If I try to leave my body he (while sleeping) will roll right into me and put his arm across me like he’s trying to stop me.

Every single damn time

I thought it was that he didn’t want me to leave and was sensing that

But I’m wondering if actually he is astral projecting and trying to communicate like hey mum come on I’m out here already

Any ideas?


My kid is a cosleeper as well, he rarely chooses to stay in his own room, but doesn’t have this Issue.

Does he do the same in the physical if you go to get up in the night? If mine’s awake he usually wants a hug when I do and I have to reassure him I’ll be right back. My feeling is your first assessment is the right one, but have you tried carrying on with the projection to see if you can get out regardless? Can you ask him about it?

There’s something about some of the new spirits coming in and some are extra protective warrior types. Mine has traumatic past life experiences to that effect that he remembers. He talked for hours about it when he was very young and now just says he doesn’t want to talk about it. I think it’s connected.


I haven’t successfully astral projected yet and obviously this doesn’t really help

Nope he’s absolutely fine and sleeps thru if I get up and go anywhere physically

It’s only when I feel like okay vibrations starting I might actually get out… bam. Sleeping child in his dream state rolls over and onto me

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