Beginning my journey

Hello everyone.

My name is Blayne. New to consciously performing magick and somehow I have ended up here lol. So in the spirit of putting myself out there and breaking out of my shell, here I am!

Lady Evas post about her personal daemon is ultimately what tipped me over into signing up as this resonated with me in a very strange way. Almost as if it was another piece to a journey that’s been gestating deep down inside of me on a level I can only recognise is there.

I feel this is why I have signed up, to communicate with that part of myself that I know is always there, a layer ontop of my own.

I am not talking about my higher self, which i know is there, but feels sort of out of reach, like someone standing on their toes trying to grab something on a really high shelf.

No, this part of me is sometimes right infront of me, sometimes inside of me, sometimes next to me and sometimes ontop of me. It puts its hand on my shoulder when I’m down and laughs with me when I laugh. This might sound strange but who knows. It is something I would like to know more about though.


In the spirit of the divine comedy that is my life!, I would like to learn what I can.
Though admittedly I do not know where to start.

I first tried candle magick this weekend past, coupled with some sigils i created and one I got off the internet. This is the extent of my magical experience thus far.

I would like to learn to evoke (or invoke…what’s the difference?), as this ontop of sigils are what is interesting me at this time. I believe both of these things can help me in my goal.

I would also like to partition those in this forum to send me some sigils that will benefit my current situation financially, energetically, mentally and to most importantly, help me rid of an entity that has been plauging my life for a long time now, and only recently realised that it was there.

I don’t know much about anything so any and all help, guidance and direction will be accepted gratefully.

Yours sincerely, The Pondering Frog.


Hi there, for introduction sakes to meet our requirements, would you mind telling us roughly where you are from and roughly how old you are?

I consider evoking calling the spirit to me but outside of me, and invoking to be calling the spirit inside of me. There’s lots of posts on the difference however and there is a religious approach that redefines this too so, you might take a look by searching invoking and evoking through the magnifying glass at the top of the screen.

I would be very careful with anything sigil wise you receive until you learn how to discern the difference in energies and how to banish and protect yourself, because not all of us are good and friendly folks and once in a while we have someone come along that seems to think it’s great fun to spread parasites to drum up business and all sorts of nasty things. Add into that that some of us are plain delusional, some of us of have known diagnosed mental issues, others of us have mental issues without a diagnoses, some of us are making things up just for shits and giggles and larper fun, well a few of us are real and here to help others. Really until you get a feel for who you can trust and develop a good bull shit meter, I wouldn’t just accept things like sigils that can be harmful.

However I do have a few resources for parasitic entities for you. One is a servitor I created and one is a mantra channeled from Raziel in the middle of the post and a link as well as a general post about free sigils, services and the like :slight_smile:

Ah yes that makes sense, both your explanation of invoking/evoking, and your caution!

Thank you for the heads up and I will use the search bar more often.

Also, I’m from the Northern Territory, Australia and I’m 29 years old :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again! I shall take a wander around your material


Hello there Blayne, welcome to the forum :wave:t4:

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: :muscle:

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