Beginners must have faith

For us beginners … we just follow the instructions given to us by these magick books. invocation, evocation or whatever you call it may feel strange. We haven’t experience much in terms of success since we are beginners and we also don’t know if it works due to magick or if it’s coincidence. We can’t see , hear, or feel the demons or angel we ask to help us. It just comes down to faith that we are heard and hope things are working in the other plane existence as we request. Especially for those that are doing magick to people who are no longer in our lives… As we have no feedback, we just have to trust the spell work. With more practice we will feel more empowered and can distinguish between real casting and just a wish or desire. I guess beginners have to doubt if it really working or if magick is real? Usually there is no direct feedback. It’s not like the angel or demon appears in front of you or talk in your mind when your a beginner as we haven’t develop our intuition to that level yet.

Just like believing in god, we must have faith. Even god i don’t know exist, I have no proof first hand experience. I don’t take other’s word for it too. I must experience for self. There comes a time where we don’t know everything or can’t experience it first hand as we are not evolve enough yet. So we beginners must have faith like people having faith in god.


I love that you took the time to share this thought. It is incredibly true and I am glad that you are continuing to grow while keeping your faith :+1:


I needed to read this, thank you. I too, have trouble sensing entities I evoke. I must have faith that they will get my requests done, that they were there and have heard me, and go on as if they have heard me and the task were already complete.


Sure, having faith sets a great foundation for you in terms of being in the right headspace.

But I must say–early on, I had no faith in my working whatsoever. I only went through with my first casting because I was sure it would not work. None of that mattered. Everything worked, powerfully at that. So I don’t know how much faith truly matters as there may be other deciding factors at play.


For me it’s not about faith in the magick, it’s more about faith in my cultivation of magic. I’ve gone through yrs and yrs of energy training. It took a long time, years before I can be absolutely sure I feel energy and can manipulate energy. It’s not just in my head. At first it felt that way. Imagination as you have no feedback due to being a beginner. The mind intent training of tai chi and chi kung helps me with magick as it do require concentration. Many of my interest in hypnosis and energy training is a strong foundation for working with magick. I don’t think many have that background so I just wanted to chime in that one have to persevere and trust the process. I don’t take my teacher’s word for it when he teach me energy work. I had to go through the process of actual hard work practices day in and day out for months before i develop my body vessel to handle and condition it to store energy.

If magick don’t work . it’s ok. this exploration helps me build my focus and concentration of the mind with each practice. They journey will prove useful somehow. It’s really not about the goal but the journey that helps build my soul further evolving. I don’t do think mindlessly without purpose of soul growth like many who are like a robot with the materialistic world.

And i still practice chi kungi for health purpose and develop further by keeping up to date with new stuff in the field. I found another form that i will learn. It looks promising. Sometimes we need variety to help push us further. That’s why many marriages end in divorce or cheating. It’s because the couple don’t know how to keep things fresh or have variety in their life They get bored of each other and it becomes a routine. They don’t explore life for cultivation purposes to keep things fresh. They end up doing routine of survival. It gets old. Must have new fun things to learn. Don’t matter what area of life. Always strive to have better quality of life. I won’t say to be rich as accumulating wealth for wealth sake is poisoning one’s soul too.


faith matters as it keeps you persevering. People give up to easily in life. they give up friendships, relationships, career, business, learning things. etc… They dip in things yet never go deep. All good things require deep personal work.


I’m glad you shared this.

I haven’t casted a successful spell yet, I’m barely getting results and signs of contact. And while people here tells me that there are a few things to let me know I’m making progress, somedays is just too damn hard to see any of it. At all.

I may be too much of an atheist (who would say it? Atheism has levels/degrees).


Have you tried belief shifting? One point of view that might help assuage your doubt, is to switch to the psychological model of magick, rather than the spirit model.

In the psychological model, all spirits are considered to be simply aspects of your own mind, and ritual is therefore a way to “externalise” your subconscious. In this way of thinking, because you are not dealing with any beings outside of yourself, doubt is easier to let go of, since you won’t expect any external phenomena, and a demon in your mind’s eye will be just as valid as a solid manifestation. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised.


Kind of…

That’s how I started. I just tried what I read in an essay out of curiosity, and it was explained as you said. But the more I read, the more I start to doubt. Right now, everything is a little confusing.

But maybe… maybe I should try to take a day or two out and try to invoke a fictional character or something, in order to reinforce the concept. I’ll have time to doubt later, when I can make things happen. Maybe?

Anyway, I’ll try. Thanks, Knight.


Try the belief shifting for at least two weeks. Just make the decision to interpret everything as an externalisation of your own mind.

When you call upon a demon of wealth, for example, simply tell yourself that it is really a representation of your own wealth aspect, and therefore is already present within you. You are just calling for it to step forward so you can consciously interact.


Can you guide a little with something?

I have a project for X amount of money (thousands of dollars). I’ve identified my “path of less resistance” as a gig that should pay several times the minimum needed. This person wants it, can afford it and actually asked for it last year (long before I found myself interested in magic). Somehow she got lost or something.

What should I do?

I will take it as something already present in my brain, conceptualized as an archetype (demon or not) I can understand.

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I’m not sure what you’re asking.

Do you want this person to contact you again about the project?

I suggest you look i to Carl Jung he has a very similar concept of how enitites work.

I started with that framework.

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That’s it. I want her to ask me to do it again… and not lost the interest until she has paid.

Actually, I had already read a little. I’ll read more, then.


I knew magick was real as I had already experienced lower LOA stuff happen to me. It wasnt until shit started disappearing in front of me that I really was like OH…so its THAT REAL.

Ive also seen my reflection look back at me on top of other paranormal stuff.

Im just now making the bridge into intermdiate magick.

But id still consider myself new to it as a whole. The concepts and philosphy has sunk in quite well now im challenge my previous morals and truly acting as my own god.

Self worship/faith comes first and foremost.

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I recommend calling upon Acheron, the Angel of Influence, from Kingdoms of Flame. He doesn’t do mind control, but subtly influences the person to act, and I have had fantastic results with him.

The mighty King Paimon is another one who excels at influence, and I cannot say enough good things about him.


That’s interesting.

Last time you recomended me King Paimon and Opfaal none of them acted. But a week or so ago I tried again with Opfaal and started to feel the effects a few hours later. It isn’t done yet, but I think I’m going there. You probably don’t remember, but I wanted to get over my obsession. Finally, it’s happening.

I believe I was too green back then, so I’m totally trying with Acheron.

Thanks again, Knight.

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It helps if you’ve had results in the past without going through these methods, as in things working out in your favour against the odds and in bizarre manners. And if you’ve had any experience of extrasensory phenomena (a really strong intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition etc). Because then you know for sure that there is another side to reality.


I believe it has to do with “ear to ear” ( Edit: I actually meant mouth to ear :laughing: ) teaching having become rare. Or anyways it happens in the self-taught case; while a magician receiving personal mentorship just knows, without having to believe.

Great video

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