[Beginner] What are pacts?

Greetings, sorry If my question might seem a little silly, but I don’t know what exactly a pact is. How are pacts made? Can anyone give me some examples?

Like If I made a pact with an entitiy or demon, do I have to sacrifice my life or soul? Will the demon kill me after completing the pact? and what are blood pacts?

No, you do not have to sell your soul, this is a misconception, and no, no one is going to kill you.
These should help you.
(The Benefits of a Pact Based System)
(Making Lasting Pacts That Work)


Hi @MahirMorshed,

Think of it as an agreement. For every working with a spirit you both work on a goal.
For example a money working. You don’t get money by lying down on the couch, you have to get a source of income to generate more money.

So you could make an agreement, if you help me then I will hold my part of the deal too. For example. Help me with ascend, I will meditate daily and give you an offering (wine, or stone etc…).

Remember a pact is not always necessary. If you learn to get to know the entity, ask if a pact is needed for the job the entity helps you with!


this is so helpful. that’s the example i was looking for. thank you so much!