Beginner questions

Please my name is Abdul wahid am a newbie but i want to make a pact or summon a demon for money please help

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Welcome to the forum, @Abdul2. Please take a moment to post an introduction of your own and tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you may have.


lol You guys move so fast.


Am Abdul Wahid 17years of age and a beginner in magic havnt experience anything yet

Yeaaahhhh…that was to assist the OP with a serious issue.


There’s better things to make a pact for trust me. Research more into hexes and spells. There are plenty out there

But i really like to make a pact for money

Study more before making a move. If you’d like you can pm me and I can give you my full advice. I don’t want to fill up this forum too much

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Hello how can pm because am new in this site and i dont really know how it works

@Yaskm Neither you nor @Abdul2 can PM. You both only just joined the forum so you are restricted by the system from being able to send PMs until you have reached a certain threshold of activity by contributing to the community.


Well, I know everyone wants something in life, but doing pact for money without hearing and seeing, even feeling being is nonsense. If you want to go into magic just from that reason I advise not to, you can always pay some witch for that.


My name is Corbin Young on Facebook from Tacoma Washington pm me there

Open a sigil and ask them if you don’t have any communication develop ask them to show you in other ways

Check your inbox
My name is Famekvnq Vybraxion from Ghana.