Newbie here, seeking help

I think for privacy and what you’re going through it’s best they dont know you came to occultists for help?


It’s to protect you, legally and otherwise.


They know I’m into that themselves but I doubt they know anything about this…but I deleted it

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A rule I stand by in real life and magick -
Better safe than sorry.

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Hi welcome to balg most of us are well versed in invoking many here are happy to guide and help those n need if u need any thing pm me ok I’m happy to help

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Be careful in tackling anything of the more… iffy stuff unless you can center yourself. Otherwise you may get some negative results for your household.


Already do unfortunately…I’ve already done enough work here and never cleansed cus there’s too much shit here to cleanse

Learn to set up mantels and barriers. Use tools and protective blood magick if nessesary with the intent of “you will not come into my house without my permission” “I am the master of my domain”. You should be angry that this negativity as come into your sanctuary uninvited. If you need more advise I’m more then happy to help. I do it for my friends for fun most of the time

By the way hi, I’m Yaskm. I’ve been practicing many diffrent types of magic for two years now. I’m not a black or white sorcer more grey lol. Love to help where I can

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So sorry my reply is 6 months later but really been just distraught with everything not working and my sons father abandoning him for 10 months until now I took him to court and he started seeing our son again , barely, while just proposed to this homewrecker and already planning their wedding for next year…now dealing with this scum demanding entitlements while we go back to court, that I need to allow my son around her before he marries her, when he himself hasn’t seen our son in 10 MOMTHS because of this cunt. She continues to rub In my face how she’s winning, and they’re engaged, and laughing essentially, at the pain of my 3 year old knowing somethings missing, when I can never tell him this whore helped his father abandon him as a newborn infant and run away with her…now to marry her…and destroy my sons life while I can’t do anything about it, legally or otherwise. I kinda hit a wall at this point. Not knowing if it’s even too late to start working anything, I have 12 months left…but anytime I got involved with magic it was over them or crossing her and I would be consumed by anger and rage and depression for days and weeks anytime I got into any workings and it left me fatigued so now I don’t even know if I’m just powerless and let her know she won or fight like I never fought in my life to stop this wedding and give my baby boy the Justice he deserves. But I need strategy…and a mentor…I felt you can relate because on your info it says you’re a single mom too so u can imagine what it’s like suffering for 3 straight years since giving birth and being abandoned instantly by ur man for this evil seductress that was posting happiness and joy over breaking ur new home as it just started and indulged in my grief and pain taking care of a new infant. It was unbearable and she still does it now with no repercussions …I would appreciate anything u can offer me at this point .

Thank you

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I do understand how it feels I’m a single mother of six possible going on seven n no your not powerless right now at this time yes odds aren’t in your favor and things seem hopeless if I were u n well I’m in your shoes I’ll just tell u

I have four kids that will never know their real father since he past away not my fault but he is no longer living

The other two don’t care about their kids my eldest has t seen her day in nine years and my youngest was hospitalized this whole year cause she had cancer she is a survivor that one and I’m happy…
But he didn’t care to come see her chasing drugs n whores

If I were you I would never let him see him since he ran off unless he proved he would do right by him it’s fair

N two path work can still help you you need to know what you want to do about this when your going to do it who your calling to assist you and why you need them for and what you need to ask them

Do you want them to break up? Easy Amon will be able to make it happen

Want her to get overly sick with something she or he can’t get rid of? Easiest lord sabknock was the one who cured my baby girl of cancer and he can make anyone sick with anything u can imagine

What her to die I don’t consider this but easy medium any one of these demons can make life a living hell for some one if asked

You aren’t powerless and you very much aren’t alone I want you to know that you havA the power in your own hands to change the course of your destiny sitting in the palm of your hand and in the back of your mind you can do it, turn things around p.m me if you need anything or have more questions I’m always on here


I’m sorry to hear about your children’s late father. Must be very painful. The other loser who left your kids, I hope he gets what’s coming to him. My situation is more complex in that the father abandoned me 9 days before I was due to give birth to go be with her while he was lying to me that he’s taking time to think at his parents house. Once our son was born, he stayed living with her while she laughed in my face and provoked me, and I couldn’t do nothing. He would see our son for an hour or two a week at my house until we went to court. For the past 3 years he had supervised visits at his parents house not to allow her near my son, and he would see him but it was half days twice a week. He tried to show he’s an involved dad on the surface but inside he had other priorities. He missed every bday , every holiday of his because he chose her instead. He made our lives hell trying to be involved but also compromising our son on the daily. He finally left her when she threatened she’d kill our son because she couldn’t take him stealing time from his father and keeping him away from her so she gave him an ultimatum to choose her over him or give her her own kid. That’s when he left her…he claims he did it out of guilt and wanted to do right byour son. But since I still couldn’t forgive him and he was already on to th next bitch without ever just being single and focusing on our kid, I still stayed mad. So what did he do? He completely abandoned our son now, blocked my number, and ran back to her, from August 2018 until May of this year when he finally reunited with him again because I had to go through court to say he abandoned our son. 2 days before our first hearing, he proposed to her. In May. Now, after our 3rd hearing 2 weeks ago, the judge gave us a month to settle our case or come back August 13 and start trial. He wants my son to meet her now. I’d rather him never meet her but I know courts will let her meet him if she doesn’t have a criminal record, so I said she can meet him at 5. Before we even figure out when she’ll meet him, he already set a wedding date with her now for next year before even caring when our son will meet her. This is after he didn’t see our son for 10 months cus of this bitch and he just keeps going forward with her as if our son isn’t a priority at all?! I know if I go to trial I won’t get my way. So I have to settle with him. But after all he did and caused us, the fact that h still feels so entitled and arrogant to get everything at his disposal at anyone’s expense, that’s when I now had enough. And she mocks the situation, insulting me on FB and our son as a bastard child, an accident child…how she’s now gonna have a real family with my child’s father…how she’s gonna have his last name…etc. I want her to die honestly. I have been tormented for 3 years like this by her while in agony and grief and she made jokes of it. And of my son being abandoned as an infant while she was having the time of her life screwing my boyfriend. She was also just married when she started with him. Very bad person. I can’t work since this happened. I can’t socialize with friends, I became very isolated and developed PTSD. I feel like my life’s been on pause until I see this end. Whatever you suggested, I would love to see all of it happen. But I’m so drained with depression and exhaustion I don’t know how even how or where to begin. I ordered the demons of magick book and I’ll see maybe I should start with Leraje? Or who you recommended, Amon? I want them definitely to break up, but also her to suffer 10x worse than she caused me to for 3 whole years as a new mother. She destroyed the happiest magical moment of my life, when I’m giving birth, she exposed herself maliciously to me when I was in labor to tell me my bd was inside of her when my water broke and good luck getting him back. I had to have emergency c section cus of her. And now she wants her magical day? With what costed me my health and my child’s broken home since birth? I would do anything possible to her. To him, I just want him to be lonely, never find love again, learn his lessons, be humbled, and respect me and our son now. He can’t be alone for even one day. He’s so codependent it’s sad. He made himself happy and our expense while we suffered day in and day out. Now he wants to marry her before we even went back to court to settle our agreement on when our son would meet her. How do u rush to marry someone before settling your court proceedings with your child? So anything you suggest can be done, I would appreciate it and do it. Please PM me. I can’t send PMs yet.

Amon sabknock drA’talon enki Belial levitation and a few others can help you in this to be honest she deserves her ass beat but my own opinion also

Please contact furfur and king paimon and sallos to help you with some things aside from this…
Make her horriblely sick and watch you gain a happy relationship with some one gain a new job to wealth make her suffer by seeing you grow and become successful while she deteriorate with sickness and he may end up leaving her because of her being that way

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I’m a very kind hearted person yes but I don’t like bullies and one thing I hate is females who think taking a father away from his son is ok and to make the mother. Life miserable I was in your shoes with my first born he decided to be with another girl that made me missarable but to be honest you do this she will get what she deserves and she won’t be able to say shit about it you can choose to heal her in the end or let her continue in agony if you decide to do it this way if you need a step by step guide what do do you can pm me ok I’m always on here


I can’t PM yet first, can you PM me?

Of course I want her demolished. Where or which one do I begin with as a newbie In this? Or would I ask each one for a separate thing? Also I sent you a pm , did you get that?

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Def would like a step by step guide if you don’t mind.

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Guess I must’ve said something wrong? Cus I never heard back from you again lol :woman_shrugging:t3::worried:

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Sorry no I got busy doing somethings at home and I’m now just getting back on