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Greetings everyone, I prefer not to use my actual name due to secret reasons, but I just wanted to share the weird impact that magic has had on me so far. I guess you can say I’m a beginner with magic, I’ve been practicing for over a year and all I’ve managed to do was astral travel, I’ve completed sex magic, and I’ve completed a few evocation rituals. Before we go into those topics, I’ll explain to you how magic was introduced to me. There was this youtube channel recommended to me by the name of “real conspiracy” and I saw a post explaining how some legendary blues singer by the name of Robert johnson sold his soul at the crossroads, and after doing further research that taught me that magic was real, and so is selling your soul. The more I researched this type of thing, I would have more weird experiences such as sleep paralysis, and things of that nature. But anyways I’ve decided to enter magic myself and every since I did, things have become very bad. My mom took me out of college because she was afraid of me chasing darkness, so I moved out of home with her and stayed with my dad for a few months here in Virginia. While in Virginia I’ve found a job, I’ve learned a few magic, and I’ve also discovered another opportunity in secret lodges that teaches magic. It all happened one night I focused on the Baphomet sigil before sleeping, and as I fell asleep my soul left my body and I could sense the Baphomet energy in the corner of my wall. I stated the pahrse “my soul” as I did this my walls were like closing towards me. During this time it was like my very first evocation ritual, so I was extremely terrified and the dream ended with a laughter stating at the end “that’s what I thought.” This is the moment I knew magic was 100% real. So the next morning as I woke up I prayed to satan and I said Satan, can you send me the Baphomet. As I fell asleep all I felt were hands around my throat, and I had a weird, sexy, spooky moment with the goat. I couldn’t see it, but I sense the energy. It was weird because I’m a male, and when the Baphomet arrived it made me feel like a female as if I was the one receiving all of the Baphomet love instead of giving it love. But anyways this is the day that changed my life, every since then I had a different perspective on the world. After this ritual I was introduced to a secret not so secret lodge shortly weeks after. And I just knew that that was the place that will get me connected, just by the way they speak/carry themselves you can tell that they were all business. They even made jokes about “feeding me to the goat” for my initiation day. Things were going very well, then the coronavirus came and that forced the place to close temporarily. While closed I continued to complete rituals mainly through Satan. I’ve prayed to him almost every morning and night, and I’ve experienced several sleep paralysis moments, but now things are getting bad. Lately I’ve been trying to evoke some entity between Satan, Lucifer, or the Baphomet because that’s all I’ve known while working with magic. But as I tried to evoke them, it feels as if there aren’t any results, or if there are it happens in my dreams and I can’t remember much. The closing of the lodge has also had an impact on my life in the physical world as I decided to try any rituals or evocation methods I can find, and it’s taking a toll on my mental stability. Recently I’ve quit my job because I feel like I was losing my sanity. I use to work at a checkers restaurant, but every since the lodge closed it seemed like I would lose my mind while working. Almost like I completely forgot how to do the job. Soon after my dad is complaining about how I don’t do much around the house, and he’s thinking of making me homeless. I also had a time of an evocation and I knew it wasn’t Lucifer, Satan, or the Baphomet. So I asked the entity what was it’s name (uncontrollably because I haven’t learned to communicate with spirits yet.) There was no response so I uncontrollably stated “I just want to see Lucifer I want the fame and fortune.” And the dream ended. I just want to know what must I do to build a relationship with an entity? It’s clear that the entities want to work with me, otherwise I wouldn’t have met the Baphomet or the “secret society.” The lodge told me they would be opening again on june 10th, but the only issue here is I don’t know if I have enough time until then, considering the fact that my dad plans on throwing me out. Ugh it’s just really stressful I want to meet the god of this world and hope he can assist me with my goals to riches. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate it thanks for taking time to hear my story.

Help your dad around. Maybe he won’t kick you out. It’s hard to get a job right now but do what you can…

Imo you should focus on having a place to live and only after when you are stable you should continue your pursuit on magic.
It will be very difficult if you’re homeless, you know?

And please learn protection. Don’t call anything if you’re not strong enough to banish it.

Maybe others can give you more advice for contacting these spirits.


Contact King Paimon and Duchess Bune as soon as possible. And, try to help your father around the house. Things are stressful enough. Don’t add homelessness to it. Also, try to find work, especially something online.

That’s all I can give.

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Please focus on your life first.

Things don’t come into ones life, just because you’ve been asking them through magic. They come through hard work, through helping others (like your dad) and through being active and pro-active in your life, but also taking care of your health and of your sanity. And as one does those, other things can happen and follow.

Watch out, as some malevolent spirit may trick you into you thinking they are the one you’ve been calling out for, but cleverly fooling you and only wanting to do you harm in the worst case.

So, if in doubt, (which this with your sanity should make you be), take some steps back, focus on things that help keep you safe in life and sane first, and take slower steps on these other things or postpone them for a while.

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