Beginner here I’m having no success at all no clue what I’m doing

I’ve been trying to invoke specifically king paimon since I heard he’s good with beginners, I drew his sigil on paper, I gazed at it and chanted his enn, but I’ve gotten no results. The result I’m trying to get is just to hear him speak.

That’s my method basically, gaze at a sigil and chant enn.

I try to stay still as much as possible, I tried to also move around while chanting the enn. Though I heard you can only do it when you are standing still.

There was one time that I saw a video of chanting his enn and hearing the first time I think I felt his presence because it felt intense and it felt it washed off all emotions I was feeling currently.

So I know I can sense his presence . I was shocked so I couldn’t ask anything and asked him to leave because I really wasn’t expecting that.

But it only worked the first time, after that I tried listening to it many times, I tried chanting his enn so many times that I memorize it already, hell I even chant it in my head randomly.

Hell I even imagine how he might look like so I just imagine him and expect them to talk how I think he would talk, I heard this exercise help but I just do it randomly out of frustration. It’s likely my imagination coping for something

At this point I’m starting to think he doesn’t want to show up, I went the extra mile and bought his incense and even tarot’s which I
have no clue how to use.

I did light his incense and I got nothing still.

since I talked to someone online who really insisted on getting those (they wanted to charge me when I asked for demonstration but I saw that suggestion from 4-9 different people).

I think I almost drew myself almost insane trying to do it over and over (That’s probably an exaggeration but I’ve done it enough to do it as a sort of habit).

I think I should have to focus on something which I have no focus on anything, if I focus on nothing, bad problems I currently have appear in my mind and stresses me, which are those problems I want solved by their help.

Mediation has done the opposite of calming to me. Irl life help won’t fix this either.

It’s really exhausting because I have no idea if what I’m doing is actually doing anything. I’m not seeing or sensing any build ups so it feels I’m doing nothing.

I don’t perform it everyday because every time I try to perform i know it will lead to frustration afterwards, it’s not the believing part is difficult, it’s just a chances are high that I’m gonna get no results.

My max “meditation” is 8 minutes on average, by that is I do nothing for 8 minutes, I have attempted 20 min to 1 hour and I got no results.

I hear most people get results the first time, maybe they do drugs or set up an altar, which I don’t have the luxury to do that, nor I prefer to get that fancy without truly knowing if it’s even real. Or do drugs.

And I’m going with this basically “knowing” it’s real since lots of people talk about it seriously, but once I see it myself I think it will solidify the truth.

I tried reading books about the subject, most suggested is the book of demonolatry. I went to how to invoke part and it tells me I need a knife and an altar as a must. Which is confusing since I hear you do not need that. And it seems like a turnoff as a beginner.

He also talked about meditation, told me it’s only used to focus on something really hard, which I can do if there was something to focus on.

He also talks about writing how I felt during meditation, which I don’t really see the point? It told me to build up skills but not on detail.

And there’s also part 2 which seems a lot of people already have mastered but don’t talk about it, I thought just gazing and chanting enn was all it took, it seemed too easy for me.

But it seems I need to open my astral senses, which seems different from 3rd eye opening, which is something I don’t want to do 3rd eye but I can do astral senses.

So it seems that’s how you “talk” to spirits, well the closest I’ve ever gotten to hearing something is when I’m about to fall asleep,

I hear loud knocks or my name over and over, just on that edge of falling asleep I hear voices, sometimes on loop other times shouting, but in an echo I can tell it’s either someone else or my dreams.

I’ve also seen shadow people, which I know what they are, but it’s not the first thing I want to see when I wake up being stared down.

I’m told this takes YEARS to do, I don’t buy it takes that long but most people only say it depends, yeah sure it does but there’s gotta be a timeframe it must be on average accomplished.

I’m told it takes half a year, which is a lot dedication for something I got no clue if it’s real or no clue what I’m doing, I mean by that logic all yoga masters can talk to spirits.

I see Crowley gets bad rep but I heard he did one of the most “difficult rituals”, he was told it took half a year. Which I’m guessing either that’s average or extraordinary.

I also tried reading demons of magick, but well reading was for someone who really was a beginner, and he doesn’t summarize how to do step-by-step method, personally I think it’s badly edited. I did read it but I had to re-read it 3 more times to get an idea.

And I got no special powers or gifts, besides sometimes feeling someone is staring at me, I’m the average joe.

**So basically I got part one down, I can do invocation by chanting their enns.

But part two is I don’t have my astral senses, which I need to have open to talk to them.**

I know no one who can try talk the spirits I want to for me. I hear some do it.

Maybe something isn’t clicking for me i don’t know

it’s a long post but I’ve been struggling with this for some time, reading really isn’t my thing but I can read but I feel most books don’t get to the point or have no step by step guide in 3 pages or less, well not ones I got, if it’s either me or it’s the book. Probably me but you get what I mean.

Well if anyone wants to help you don’t need to be forced to answer this


So it seems to me like you have some powers, you claim you saw shadow people and heard things.

Also, you claimed you felt Paimon’s presence the first time you tried to call him, so try again, but don’t stress or rush yourself.

As for your sensory development, I would try meditation, specifically with Hindu mantras, pick one you vibe with and see where it takes you, but be careful not to get a premature kundalini awakening.

As for making contact with King paimon, have you tried chanting his enn 108 times, in a relaxed mode?



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To address the first part, the shadow people was a one time thing, though it only happened when I was focusing on sleeping, it’s common in sleep paralysis so might’ve been close to that.

Second, with the enns, I haven’t tried chanting his enn 108 times, would it be fine if I’m just trying to count to 108 times? I think that seems something I can focus on.

Apparently astral senses are different than kundalini so it might not work.

Let’s start from the very beginning. Why do you want to do magic in the first place? Then why King Paimon? What is your goal here?

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I guess it has to do with you astral senses. You mentioned something about shadow people and hearing things. That’s still better than nothing, isn’t it?

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In a meditation specifically aimed to relax, you tense your muscles and relax them; then let your consciousness wander through the body and, again, relax it. Next, take some deep breaths.
Incense may be useful but you have to visualize Paimon (king on dromedary) in the incense smoke; perhaps while also stretching out your right or dominant hand and focusing on your nape.
For “hearing” him, ask a question. A practice is to write a few questions leaving some space, gaze at the Spirit’s sigil and, when you feel in a way or another that it is “open”, read again a question then write down everything without processing it (this may be done later).


It seems like your clairvoyance ability is present, even if it’s spontaneous.

First, I wouldn’t suggest doing invocations without having any protections or wards.

Second, I wouldn’t suggest invocation if you have no way to confirm if it’s the right spirit you’re calling, be it with wards up.

Continue to meditate on a regular basis with or without enns, whatever you prefer. But be consistent. Don’t keep your expectation for an hour if you struggle with 10. Start with 10 then go 15,20…so on.

Work on yourself for the sake of your own progress and growth.
Don’t base all of your progress and magick akd wishes to achieve on King Paimon, or any spirit really. This may sound harsh but it looks like you working towards a shiny thing but forgetting to work on yourself in the process.

I do invocations, petitions, but i don’t use any tools or a ritual setup. I only have myself and my energy. You don’t need tools all the time (unless a system asks for it, of course).

I understand what you mean by the stresses, you’ll be able to deal with them alongside your journey. Take a break, take a deep breath, and decide why you’re doing this, and for what. Keep practicing and working on yourself, the rest will follow.

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