Beginner Demon Summoning

Hello all! I’m seeking detailed instructions for the best summoning techniques for demons. I’m not an unskilled magus necessarily,but I’ve devoted most of my time into angelic magic and summoning. Which I can say I’m very good at. More than likely because of the angelic sigils I havetattooed on me.
Anyway I’m delving into the demonic and looking for tried and true methods for summoning etc. I’ve been reading and I notice there are about a billion techniques or variations of techniques. Most of which seem… rude. Forceful incantations and a lot of threats. Never had to threaten an angel to show up and I don’t see why I should with demons.

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The best summoning techniques derive from your meditative and psychic strengthening techniques. Your astral ability basically determines the wholesomeness of summoning daemons.

You’ll notice some users can only detect subtle messages, words, and closed eyed visuals then you’ll notice some who are in total possession and even speak the demonic tongue.

Anyway, learn invocation… that’s where you cast a circle, recite an enn with a sigil along with the other equipment required. Summoning… You’re only ritualistically attaining this state of mind to tune into a specific frequency, when you see it that way it becomes a lot more… simpler in terms. You’re there to find that connection then maintain if you wish, or if they wish :wink:

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So having rarely dealt with demons I’m not entirely sure of their personalities. Will they be offended by all the angelic magic and sigils I have tattooed on me?

I don’t think they get offended by such for the most part. I’ve worked with a demon and an archangel back when I was still a beginner (as in little to no psychic senses, no protection or anything) and they worked just fine with each other. :slight_smile:

However, experiences may differ of course. That’s why it’s advisable that, as much as possible, try to get a feel of which demon really calls out to you before doing anything. Because more likely than not, that demon may already have an affinity with you and, if treated respectfully and properly, can even help you in other personal matters and aspects of your life. Various stories of other members here having demons as their mentors, teachers or companions towards ascension come to mind.

I wish you luck with your first summoning! Do keep us updated about your progress. :slight_smile:


@ObsidianWarrior I am curious to know how you progressed on your evocation. Thanks!

Piece of cake! Lol like I said in not new to magic at all just working with “demons”.
I haven’t really done any other work than with Astaroth. She seems to require my attention every so often but other than that it was good. I used no protective measures and was quite successful.

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Can you please give me an email or some way of contacting you I’m 14 and desperately need help with this.

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