Beginner and Lucifer

I have done a lot of reading this week regarding Lucifer. I am not interested in hedonism or any blood sacrifice ideas. Looking for enlightenment, intuition and Magick.
Where should I start? should I invoke Lucifer? if yes, how? in details
Thank you

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Best way to go about it. Welcome to the forum btw.

There are multiple ways to do this but you really just need a sigil for Lucifer. Candles, if you can get them, help. His colors are black, red, white and blue. Chant his name or Enn (Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer) until you are in trance and then you can talk to him or write down whatever comes to your mind. If he doesn’t manifest entirely his energy will be there.


Lol dude not to worry. Hedonism is a lifestyle choice and nothing more, there is nothing actually Luciferian about it.

As for blood sacrifice, true Satanism involves no blood sacrifice of any kind.

If Lucifer is who interests you and you want to get to know him and learn from him directly, then hell yeah, invoking him is a good place to start!

FYI you are invoking Lucifer anytime you say his name, either mentally or verbally.

Lucifer is already aware that you are seeking him, the next step is to formally commit to his teaching


Thanks a lot.

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Thank you

Thank you.

You bet, my brotha

I’ve been trying all the sigil gazing + candle +en methods for over a month. but i can’t get to experience the communication. What can be the blockage? so how can i commit to teaching

Sabah means morning, I saw that on you profile. also could be spelled Saba7. as Saba7 lkheir.

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My experience so far (ive only been on this path for around a year) is pretty much study practice study practice study and then more study and practice, meditate whenever you get the chance, look up methods for getting into TGS and practice doing so, practice divination I tried them all and use one of them daily even if its just a quick tarot spread I also do alot of candle magick put some meditation music on (om chanting or throat singing works really well for me but each to his own) set the mood and frame of mind get comfortable and cast spells its fun and really validates things when you get results I also tend to communicate with Lucifer or whoever after doing a spell (unless im totally work out after the spell which happens) as a) it helps you to forget about the spell you have just cast and b) i’m already relaxed and in a hightened state of spiritual awareness.

Dont call on spirits and think they have ignored you or not come if you have called them know and believe that they have answered you just because things dont seem to be happening its just because you have not opened your senses to them yet, if you expect a loud booming voice or Lucifer to just pop up and appear in front of you then you will be disappointed it starts off very very subtle but the more you practice and embrace it the more things start to happen and the communication becomes more discernable.

Lucifer is great to start with (he has been great for me anyway) he is understanding and patient with beginners just approach him (not just Lucifer but any spirit or entity) with respect dont run before you can walk either its easy to think nothings working so I better jump right in and do a full on evocation of this or that spirit/demon/entity not all are as forgiving as Lucifer he is a great teacher and will guide you if you ask him to but he will also snap you back and bitch slap you if you piss him off.

Most of all just enjoy it !


Thank you so much for the detailed answer. I’ll definitely keep up these practicing until I get there :metal:t3::metal:t3:

I need advice: I evoked Lucifer for two weeks every day, he always came, I started to build a relationship with him. On Thursday,I feel asleep after evocation.A voice asked me in my native language what I really want, I was lying on my stomach,he sat on me and I was pressed for bed,I said: I need a massage…I don‘t even know why I said that. I felt scared and if I wanted to answer I stopped to understand, it was kind of unclear.I was angry, why I missed the chance, I asked in my mind for the second chance I fell asleep. A strong arrhythmia woke me up,I felt strong energy and he said: "You young people … he was angry or just irritated by my reaction from the first time. In my house was a noise, it kicked me out of the trance state. I am trying to evoke him for two days and he ignores me. What can I do to get him back? I am terribly sad because I worry about whether I will be able to work with him in the future. I feel crazy because I can‘t feel this energy anymore,kinda addicted to him,his name is always in my head.
I apologize for my English, but I think it’s enough to understand my question :smiley:

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So you said, you want a massage and after that you got scared and what did you do. Say i don’t want a massage?

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Also da wäre ich auch sauer, wenn man mitten im Gespräch mehrmals wegpennt und von Luzifer eine Massage verlangt. :sweat_smile: Einfach weiterhin versuchen, etwas anbieten, ihm zeigen dass es jetzt nicht mehr so läuft und und und.

Just be patient and keep on trying.


After that, I opened my eyes and communication stopped.

Well I think I know what’s going on. He has patience with beginners, so don’t worry. But have a goal. He wants to help with problems, he can help with ascend, knowledge. But you have to put some work into it. And don’t puppet him. You can call him a few times for nonsense (because he is sometimes busy) but then it stops. So if you’ve got a goal or you need to know something and you put in the work (like simply write down your question) then he will be back.


Danke für deine Unterstützung!:sweat_smile:


He is even in for a talk and so on. But it depends on your relationship with him. But understand he is busy too. So it doesn’t have to be negative. But I’m just analyzing this a bit.

Another thing is he comes and goes as he pleases if he is evoked. So sometimes you evoke. Hear nothing. And then he is there.


Thank you!I feel much better! Your advice means to me.Btw: Yesterday I set up a mini altar for him: sandalwood incense, a white chocolate cake,a black candle and I left a message :slight_smile:

Dear King Lucifer,
I’m sorry for yesterday.Please don’t live me,be patient with me.
Thank you!
Is that okay?


That’s perfect you can say a prayer too. He always hears that!

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