Been thinking

So I’ve been thinking. .(Yes I know that’s Dangerous)

But anyway … I’ve been thinking about last year this time… when alot of stuff happened to me…

I’ve watched some well known magicians say that you have to be careful what you think about during walpurgisnacht because your thoughts can come through.

Now I’m going to be 100% honest here…about last year and what I was studying during this time…
I was studying the apocalypse and alchemy. Those were my main things…I also had a side project of the black pullet …and mainly the golden eggs.

Now crazy things happened and I know some were trying to help me achieve God self…
I could see a ritual taking place…and it was like they were all doing the same ritual in different locations.

I could also see locations like dots on a map.

Now the reason… I felt I think was because I had been studying the apocalypse. .
And maybe everything was just all in my head …Maybe all coincidence. …but everything went from 0 to 1000 miles an hour.

Azazel left but Azazel didn’t leave.
Now some of it I don’t want to talk about because it makes me think I’m crazy…which I probably am…

Now I was told to stay grounded but I’m a hard headed bitch ya know.

I felt I was being attacked on all sides… and I felt like because I could see these handle full of magicians they were the ones attacking me.

I saw a certain type of wall at one of the locations and I’ve seen that type of wall in a magicians video on you tube…exactly the same…but I saw video a few months after my experience… another way I know I can figure out who they are.

Any what all happened I wouldn’t wish on anyone though I do now think alot of had to do with what I was thinking about just before this.

What I will share is the other things I experienced … it was revieled to me that females when we ovulate we lay the golden eggs and I’ve already posted about that …

But something else… I felt weather it was all in my head or real I felt I had a choice to make…

And I sacrificed… no one but myself…that was my choice.
But during all of this …I didn’t know what to so when I got in my circle … I just made this song my alma matter.

I just reached out to the mothers because I knew that the mother in them would help me.

While I was singing this song in my head …and electric blue shield formed over me and my circle and blew two fuses in my house.

During this time I also ended with the target marks on me that I talk about here.

Now when I hit what I suppose was alchemical gold …
I saw a gold mansion come down …and I passed through a wheat field to get to it.
It was gold…it looked the gold bars …like you see in chests and you imagine to be locked up at Fort knox.
But it was a whole building…
I went inside and the only thing there was the scared flame burning in the center.

Now you guys may give me flack but I was raised Christian and after all I had experienced … I just needed for my own peace of mind to talk this out with Jesus…

Jesus said …this is yours and no one can ever take it away from you. You gave up everything.
Nothing you do can cause you to loose this.

Now weather he is real an egregore or whatever , I had to find my peace… and I did…

After that I knew I could move on …

I haven’t worked hard on anything until recently. .with the goetia workshop and now with the eggs.

But I know I did what I did out of love and I will continue too. But yeah I still have my temper :joy:

I don’t know why the 11 won’t say who they are… Maybe they don’t wanna feel my confused ass’s wrath :joy:

Or Idk.

But I do know I’m still putting pieces of this puzzle together. Piece by piece.

Anyway now Im thinking maybe it wasn’t them attacking me
It was my thoughts, coming thru.
But it still remains that a ritual took place …and trying to figure out why.

But I’m not going to look at it as attacks any more because it helped me grow. …

Plus …like @Dinmiatus has told me diamonds are formed under pressure. And I must be one helluva diamond…

But thank you all for being supportive of me and helping me …

Arianna :rose: