Been at this for a couple months!

I don’t know man. Im getting deppressed. I keep asking for the same thing but The situation keeps getting worse. I feel like I’m being ignored or Lucifer doesnt want to help me and it’s starting to break me down…

What did you ask Lucifer to do if I may ask? You don’t have to get into too much detail. Just a general idea of what you’re working towards.

It was an obsession spell with someone ive fucked multiple times and worked with… Who now has blocked my number and social media.

When will people realize that jumping right for OBSESSION is how you end up repelling someone from you? If I was obsessed with someone I didn’t want to be I’d probably also block them.

Regardless, disregard the reality of the situation and focus on what you want. Either that, or start over completely. Either commit or reevaluate your moves.


He wants to make you stronger and this isn’t the way to do that. You can’t make someone love you if it’s against thier will, they just go mad at best and it flops at worst. Blocking you means they noticed weirdness and are fixing it on thier end. It’s over, move on.


Lucifer made Judas do as he pleased. God hardened mens hearts… People get possessed and influenced against their will all the time. Thats the point of black magic.

I would say it’s a sign that the obsession spell is working. If they have blocked you then that can be a response to becoming obsessed. What I like to do is often find more mundane signs that my magic is working. For example can you ask a friend about the way your target is behaving.

With regards to controlling people’s wills I’ve read many a thread on here that you can turn people into thralls

However magic can fail for a whole variety of reasons such as: doubt, the other person’s will being stronger than yours, lusting for results etc.

Something that always helped me was a phrase said to me which was “everyone gets their heart broken”. My response was: “I’m not everyone”. This often helped centre me and

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