I have been meditating on Beelzebub enn for almost a week now and I’m feeling very sick now.
Should I continue meditating or i should stop?
Because it’s really killing me.
I feel like my bones are breaking and my whole body is hurting including my throat.

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What are you trying to accomplish? You can use the pain as fuel or take it as a sign to stop. Why torment yourself?


Ever since I started working with him, I have been able to stop one of my serious addiction for some few days now. I don’t even have the gust to do that again and I also had a vision of many flies feeding on my dark soul and after the feeding my soul became so bright like the sun.
I also had a dream of picking mushrooms which is a sign of new growth, prosperity, good luck and also to stop doing something which can harm me. I think that’s my addiction


So when did the pain begin?


It started after 3 days meditating on his enn.
Within those 3 days all that I see around me was flies and right after the 3 days the sickness begin.

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I’m planning to call Buer to heal me.
I would have continue this with Beelzebub but I can’t do that due to where I’m working now

Well he isn’t called the Defiler for nothing, lol. Myself, I haven’t had that experience working with him, but I also use him as the tutor of black Magick and pathworkings. So maybe it’s a different dynamic. I would assume there is something in you he wants destroyed to work with him more closely. Probably this addiction?


Are you experiencing withdrawal from the addiction? In this case I’d say push through it.

If not I think you may be sick, given it’s fall and everyone is getting colds right now. In this case take a break and get well again as both together may be more stress than necessary.


Yes ever since this sickness started I haven’t had any good feeling for this addiction again and I have been able to stop for now.
I’m trying to take a break for this sickness to heal then I will start working with him again.
This sickness is really really crazy.
I wasn’t even able to work properly at my workplace today.

Yes I understand why you haven’t had such experience with him because you don’t invoke his energy into yourself but you direct it to your targets.

No…lol. I don’t do that at all. I call upon him regularly to reveal Pathworking to me, and I regularly hear the hissing of the black serpent.

It’s mainly because I collaborate with his interests so there is little in me for him to oppose.

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Okay that’s good to hear

Wow this sickness is changing a lot in my body. I tried to eat sugar today but I couldn’t.
Sugar is a normal thing I take even when I’m sick but I couldn’t take even a sip today :pleading_face:

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Sugar is a poison that fucks up your immune system so that’s a good thing.

This is kind of how Belial sorted my bad eating habit of eating bread when I know I’m gluten intolerant: he made the bad effect worse until I didn’t want to eat bread because it hurts.


Wow now I understand how Beelzebub do his job.
I would like to continue working with him but if the sickness gets worst I won’t be able to go to work which will also affect me financially

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It might be your body still cravings and adapting to being without the substances since you stopped so fast.

People who fast or get antibiotics can get something called the Herximer Reaction when thier body is changing super fast and a lot of toxins are released suddenly. I can’t say for sure that’s what it is but it sounds related. if so it will pass as you finish adapting, get food clean food, no junk food that will make it worse, good sleep and try to stay stress free.

Yh I think you are right but the funny thing is I invoked Buer today and I can assure you that I’m feeling much better today than yesterday.
So should I continue this with Beelzebub or I should stop for a moment?
I’m not able to use candles and sigils to perform any rituals due to where I am working now.
All I can do is listening to his enn on YouTube every midnight till morning.

If this were me, I’d take a break. maybe that means whatever process is happening will take longer, but it will be less stressful and let you keep up your lifestyle (like work and personal needs) at the same time.

Maybe give it a week, let the sickness pass and then start again when you’re stronger, or see how you feel.

That’s same thing I was planning to do
Okay I will do that and give you updates later

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