Beelzebub Working Journal (Finished)

Im working a lot with Beelzebub later, And your journal is helping a lot

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No title for this one, as the experience went beyond what I intended. Initially this was a private channeling in order to get me back into the swing of things, as life kept knocking me back. I will not be going into the channeling itself, as that is not mine to share and is private. But I will discuss the rest.

While I was in the shower, I was thinking about Beelzebub in order to immerse myself. As I was doing this, the phrase “Uczar Reiski Num” came to mind. I have no idea what it means but there was something to it so I decided to use it. I was going to light a charcoal disk to burn incense and fill my space with the smoke, but felt a pull to use two incense sticks crossed together instead. I lit them, lit a red candle, and started to play @Xag_darklight’s Beelzebub Gate ambient music as I sat down with my mala. I will link the video below.

The chant was a bit aggressive at first on the vocal cords, but became smoother as I went with it. With each repetition, I felt his presence wrap around me as usual. When I looked down at my chest, instead of seeing the usual black flame, I saw a sphere of light with a dark center. This was something I was given by Sorath at the end of my Seven day Invocations, which was created from my collasped chakras. The more I chanted, the more intense both the presence of the sphere and Beelzebub’s presence became. The room seemed to echo the vibration of the words back to me as I chanted louder (a complete opposite to how i usually chant, as i tend to go quieter). This continued to intensify with each repition.

At the last one, I repeated it with the addition of Beelzebub’s name, touching the guru bead to my forehead. At this moment, i felt Beelzebub’s presence suck right into me and his hands pierce into my sphere. He dragged the dark aspect out while pushing the light in, reversing it entirely. He then made them both mix into this…void for a lack of a better word, dragging me into it.

“This is the Nothingness your soul emerged from. Where all has emerged from. And here where your empire will arise from.”

I looked up at the entrance of the void and saw a reddish sky with a solar eclipse. Slowly, I saw the walls of the black pyramid rise, filling the place with darkness as I reemerged into half awareness of this world with Beelzebub still very much within. I allowed him to take over and answer the questions for the channelling.

The really interesting part was an observation I had made with the candle. I had trimmed the wick previously and had no oils dressed on it. during the initial chant, the candle was burning strong, but dimmed to nearly to the point where it was extinguished while Beelzebub answered the questions. Upon releasing him, the candle burned strong again. Burn time was about 40 mintutes.

I also learned that he wants rum mixed with blood as an offering. That pretty much sums up everything.


Incredible Experience!

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Oh yeah, it was one of the more powerfully visual experiences I have had so far. It was up there with Sorath’s final invocation.

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The Black Pyramid is indeed a very powerful structure of outer darkness and i has some very intense visual experience during my rituals,i share some in the final chapter of my beelzebub contrubution to the compedium and there i explain that this place is place of perception.


I will have to read that once I can get my hands on the book (Crossing my fingers on a decent bonus in September). This would be the second time I have seen it but it has been a powerful presence each time. I wonder if one could use a similiar shapeshifting technique some of the indigenous tribes in desert use to become part of the land with the Black Pyramid, essentially merging with it.

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Chant Mediation Day 2

So, as instructed, I did another mediation using the “Uczar Reiski Num” chant again. While the visuals were not as powerful as yesterday’s (although Beelzebub was very much present), there were a few that did emerge that I thought would be worth noting as an example of one way spirits can communicate.

Around the tenth repition, an image of tuned mass dumper, which is essentially a giant pendulum used in some skyscrapers to deal with strong winds. I took this as advice to sway as I chanted, shifting my weight much like with the building.

Around the seventieth, I got another visual of wheat being blown in the wind. While it is pushed by an external pressure, the plant does not loose it structure but moves with it in order to remain stable. I took this as advice to do the same outside of ritual.

Finally, towards the end, I got another image of a bird in flight. These animals not only work with the wind (the external pressure), but use it to their advantage, especially the larger migrations species. I took this one as again, advice outside of ritual.

I also observed my own energy really coming to life as I chanted, pushing out with the vibrations.

Anyways, that is all I have for now. I just wanted to share that spirits do not always communicate with words even when your senses are developed. There are many ways to share ideas afterall.


Chant mediation Day 3

Nothing much to talk about today. Getting used to the chant, as I found there was not as much internal resistance as I had the last couple of days. No intense visuals this time, but the incense smoke was circling around a Latin phrase I have hanging on the wall over my altar: “Ex favilla, rex resurget” (“From the ashes, a King rise”).

Like the other two, the final repition when I combined the chant with Beelzebub’s name at the end created a surge of energy through my body. Tomorrow I will be anointing myself with my Beelzebub oil before chanting to see if anything changes.


Chant Mediation Day 4

This go around, I anointed myself in the Beelzebub Oil prior to the chant. No intense visuals but i noticed that a couple of my cats were relaxing next to me instead of trying to jump on the altar like usual. The intense smoke, instead of flowing upwards or to the side actually flowed towards me instead (no windows or obvious sources of breeze present during this).

A final note: instead of bringing out some inner anger to my attention afterwards like the pervious sessions, I actually feel very much calmed, with the sensation that one gets when rained on on my skin. Interesting


I just came upon your journal and I really love it! Keep up with the good work!


Chant Meditation Day 5

Okay, so this one lead to an interesting development. It began with a visual of slime mold. For anyone unfamiliar with the species, it is an interesting organism that branches out over a surface. Each “branch” passes on information it gathers to the rest of the mass, whether that is “Hey, there is nutrients here” or “don’t come here, there is danger”. As I continued the meditation, I began to notice my own energy was becoming similiar to Beelzebub’s and was starting to manifest “tendrils”. While it takes more concentration, I was able to manipulate them to wrap around the candle and incense to absorb energy (and therefore basic information) from those objects. It actually was a similiar experience as when my car hit a rabbit while I wondered why some sacrifice animals during my Belial Workings (the sensation of life passing from one being to another is very hard to put into words. Not that I did not feel bad for the rabbit, of course).

I wonder if this is part of the reason why Beelzebub tends to manifest with a sensation of being “wrapped”.


Hi wilson,

I apologize to cut ur workings sequence in ur journal, but i had to appreciate and acknowledge that hard work u are putting. What a great commitment and work.

*Be Blessed.


Chant Meditation Day 6

Well, this one was a bit interesting. When I began the chant, I felt a strong urge to lay down instead of my usual sitting up. While vibrating words while chanting is harder, I really drifted into visuals quickly. A black portal appeared in my ceiling and I extended one of the energy tendrils (for lack of a better word) I had been working on into it. It split before touching both Beelzebub and the Black Pyramid. As I inhaled, i took in energy from them, fill my energy center into it, before giving energy back to both through my voice as I vibrated the words. The back and forth continued throughout the entirety of the sessions. It was very cleansing, as I felt the exchanging shifting what was there and carrying out what was dead as the circuit was complete. That was pretty much it


Chant Meditation Day 7

Nothing interesting to really note this time. I was in the “I don’t want to do anything” mood prior to it but after forcing myself to go through with it, I do not feel sluggish anymore. Sometimes giving yourself that little push to keep going is what you need


This is so great Charles. It’s nice to read that your consistent work has benefited you and you’re feeling better.

Those “energy tendrils” seem super intriguing! I am very interested to read how they might develope in the future. For some reason I keep wondering if you may be able to use the tendrils to manipulate your environment (telepathically or telekinetically).

Great work


Chant Mediation Day 8

So this time we had two things happen: one visual and one discussion with Beelzebub.

The visual was a third person view of my body where a total of four energy tendrils stemming from the base of my spine, shifting as they feel around my space. Looking deeper, the roots of each pierce through the darkness surrounding my main energy center. They stem down to a spark of light about the size of the size of a bean, and shaped like a shard of a gemstone.

As for the discussion, it was around the role of being a leader and a teacher. Beelzebub reminded me that while leading a group to achieve a goal together is the main focus of a leader to those who have not lead, it is not the true one. The real role of a leader is to teach those he leads to essentially no longer need them, because one day he will be removed one day. Nothing remains the same forever.

When I asked if he teached those under his “rule” (lack of a better word) for the same reason, he said it was his way of leading. There is no difference between being a leader and a teacher in his eyes. Makes me wonder if he expects a day when he too is no longer in charge. As far as why demons teach humans, I can only assume there is a similiar reason, or it is an exchange of two beings, similiar to the exchange of ideas that emerged from trade many years ago.


Thank you. As far as the tendrils go, only time will tell. As I said with the last entry, they seem to be rooted with my center, so i can channel whatever energy i can into from there into them or vice versa. But that is the extent I know so far. I will have to continue to test their capabilities as I progress.

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Love reading your journal.


Chant Mediation Day 9

I will be honest, I was rushing this one as I had overslept today and roommate had to be to work early. However, I did not want that to be an excuse not to do this. Instead of allowing the visuals to come to me, I took control and focused on the giving and taking of energy from the Black Pyramid to solidify its symbolism. Feeling pretty good now and noticed that, even though I was a zombie prior to from lack of sleep, I did not want to finish my first cup of coffee afterwards.

There was also an interesting flash of watching a serpent drip venom into a cup I then drank which I will have to explore more. Possible hint to look at the poison path, perhaps?


Chant Mediation Day 10

No visuals today, and my mind drifted at some points to organizing some of my more chaotic aspects in my life into a more step by step approach. Mind you, I was not really putting any effort into it, but observing my mind work out a problem on it’s own, which is a goal in meditation. As much as we sometimes blame our minds as being a prison, it is a truly efficient problem solving machine when guided correctly.

I did take some time to ask Beelzebub some questions. The first was if he approved me performing some of the rituals in Baal Kadmon’s Beelzebub: A History. He approved, although seemed disinterested, something I was kinda expecting as rituals tend to be more for us than them.

The second question was if himself, Baal, and Belial were the same entity. That was a very strong “No”. When i geared the question to if having the three represented as a triangle on my altar was instead because all three give gifts to help someone rise to the mindset of a king, he said I was close and on the right track. Things I will have to think about