Beelzebub caused me sickness

Hey beautiful humans and demonic beings of the nether.So day before yesterday I evoked beelzebub and made a pact to learn all he has to teach and to charge my astral senses. I also told him to possess me and change me. But from that ritual onwards I am feeling extreme pain and suffering. It’s like my bones are breaking and my head is about to explode. In @C.Kendall and @Orlee_Stewart 's video Conner said there’s a chant that opposes that sickness. Is anyone who bought the book can help me with the mantra?


Especially by Qliphothic workings if the aura of the witch is not attuned then working with elevated spirits can cause sickness because of that difference. Beelzebub the Lord of the Storm and Lord of the Witches belongs to the upper Qliphothic realms of Tohu Bohu Chasek. You should start with lower friendly Qliphothic realms


I love working with Beelzebub, but he has told me he can be harsh to a person if they aren’t ready to work with him. Even if you are ready to work with him and he comes to you because (in my case to get over something) he still gives “gifts”.

He normally just likes listening to me and staring at me and when he is around me he hides himself around my familiar half the time.

Beelzebub is an extremely powerful God, and very wise, I’ve worked with Him extensively. For me, He never made me sick, however, when I first met Him, I felt like I could vomit, utterly terrified, sense of impending doom as if the reality itself was being destroyed, and as though I was falling into the Lake of Fire, and as I got to know Him better, this ceased and became a feeling of deep peace, love, and protection, and working with Him, some of the transformations He put me through were pretty brutal, but worth it. One of His specialties is purification, so in my opinion, He could be purifying you. Or it’s as @Rav said, that you aren’t attuned to His energy yet.

I hope this helps!



Beelzebub did call me a while back and I am seeing flies around me today. Idk what I should do. I’m a closeted witch also and it’s hard to evoke properly everyday.

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Do not fear this sickness.

It heals you,
by ripping away something that doesn’t serve you,
like removing a parasite from you.

You’ll be fine.

Better than before,




Try evoking Him astrally, your body will appear as if it’s sleeping.

You answered yourself from the start. If an entity possesses you, they can do whatever they want with you. If you gave him permission to change you, now you’re seeing just that. Call him up and re-negotiate the terms, maybe?

I don’t think it’s 100% necessary to go through unpleasant moments to advance though. Perhaps next time you communicate with him you can use the “safety nets” I often use myself when manifesting, such as “with no negative impact or collateral damage against me and/or my loved ones” or “without bringing any pain or inconveniences to me and my loved ones” etc. The more specific the better (for example, “inconveniences” might be too broad as a term, so you have to narrow it down to specifics depending on your priorities).


Interesting idea. I might do it next time.

Update. I’m currently at a place that’s powerful for magick. My mother is a pagan dark witch and she used the power of goddess tara to somehow banish every dark entities from me. I feel better today anyhow. She told me goddess tara should be invoked for magick. She also said evil entities were latching onto me to suck up my soul/magick? Idk what I should make up of this. My first successful evocation was of beelzebub anyhow.

So why are you closeted?

Anyway, she definitely did catch up on something there, so she must know her craft well. Despite the evokation having been successful, maybe try telling her what you’re up to and ask for her insights on it? It can be a huge advantage for you that your own mother is a witch herself.

Oh she’s dark pagan alright but she is as bigoted as Christians when it comes to demons. According to her mindset demons are basically evil ghosts or asuras.

When i started working with Beelzebub he And Astaroth sent a Spirit to attack me, i was sick for 2 days , then beelzebub came as a frog, the frog is killed in it’s own Poison, it’s was the nigredo phase of Alchemy, You need to attune your energy to the Spirit, Beelzebub energy is dark , weighty, powerful, elevated

I am really curious to see what @Dralukmun has to chime in. He is close with Beelzebub and keeps a journal of his journey. Maybe check it out or message him…

I am interested in how OP is now after his initial post and if he is still working with Beelzebub. I hope he is well.

Before I began my journal and I first accepted Beelzebub calling me, I got hit very hard with a bad cold that night. I was pretty much bed ridden for the night and could see Beelzebub nearby, watching which brought a sense of peace. I felt stronger physically a few days later so I took the experience as a way to strengthen the body.

The name Beelzebub was a way for early Judaism to mock the Philistine god Ba’al Zəvûv. Ba’al Zəvûv was credited to be the god to expel flies from an individual, which was a symbol of sickness within the culture. While I am unsure if the two spirits are in fact one, Beelzebub does seem to behave similarly based on my experience. The emergence of sickness when someone works with him may be his way of strengthening the individual’s body to better handle his presence, while the presence of flies might be just a way for him to convey the message that he is around as most people associate that insect with him.


I’m currently on a path with Odin after the debacle. I have then communed and understood what beelzebub was up to. Currently I’m planning to complete that pact after my path with Odin ends. Beelzebub is someone who destroys and rebuilds and thus has been harsh to me. I am grateful due to his help in my servitor experiments and am waiting to again meet him.


I am glad to hear that some wisdom came out of it. He definitely seems to fit that behavior as one who helps to destroy in order to rebuild.

And are you physically well now?

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Yes I am. One of the goals was to be physically fit but alas I couldn’t keep walking during such time. Currently in my own paths with Odin and the lovecraftian gods my spiritual senses have shaked and turned around. I do believe if I continue my beelzebub pact I can receive wisdom that he possesses.


I am glad to hear you are feeling well. I have noticed that working with him does make you more aware of your body. I’ve actually been cutting back on the tobacco as I am growing to hate the taste and feeling as I work deeper with him. He definitely had much to teach, as i am learning myself, but everything seems to begin with your body, at least based on my own experience


It reminds me of what some angels and lucifer said once. ‘You need to clear and purify your body and then you can purify the world’ purify in this context refers to distillation which is used in alchemical magick.

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