Becoming One With The Source

And your opinions on it.

Personally, I find the ideas of merging back and reincarnation absolutely disgusting. And yet, there is this one guy I am working with that has crazy amounts of power in opening your senses, that is strictly about merging yourself back, and claims that ultimately, we will evolve past the astral and go higher and higher.

So I am currently working with him, but only until I get access to the astral realms and fully open my senses.

What is your opinion? Would working with this guy start a process of “merging” back? Would I be fine in using what he is offering, and then be able to fully plunge myself into darkness?

Would you merge yourself back into the Source? Or would you prefer to stay a separate consciousness?

Let the discussion… begin!


I always wondered why some people are disgusted over the thought of reincarnation🤔

I always thought the physical plane to be an interesting place of growth and adventure and the same goes for the Astrals.

The mere thought of being a living God in the physical realm excites me. I would chose to reincarnate here, but with my memories intact.

I see living on the physical plane as playing on the hardest difficulty in a game. It removes the boringness because you have competition and an opportunity to learn and grow, and thus become mightier and proud of your achievements.


Yeah, reincarnation with your memories and abilities intact would be amazing too.

Or the ability to lower and increase your vibration, allowing you access to both.

But y’know, reincarnating and losing everything you learned in this life (basically destroying yourself) is just… disgusting.


This I can agreed on. Why would I want to “erase” my being? Although I have done this before.

I still clearly remember the day I was born. I spoke in an forgein tongue and was very impressed at how it felt to be born again. I remember thinking intelligently and being very observant of my surroundings.

It makes me wonder… who was I before…:thinking:


Y’know… thinking about this makes me think about Varnaxis.

He allegedly managed to do what a lot of us dream of - live for an absurdly long time in the physical, then die of his own accord and become a powerful being on the astral and live forever, able to continuously increase his own power.

Sounds like the dream life to me, haha.


See? If you keep your body intact, you wouldn’t run into risking to loose your id!
~And you wouldn’t have to waste every new youth with studies and disinformation.

If i would choose to reincarnate, i would give no damn about the producers of my vehicle, and make the body grow up in months or weeks. OR i would play the role of the “genius child” or something.

Thats what i’m saying :3
~The astral is interesting, but everyone is a god on the astral, so it is no challenge.


I’m differently gonna go for a female form at my next rebirth. And still be dedicated to NoFap… to an extent… maybe.

But for real, I would treasure to get a different perspective on life. Just the more reasons for growth and adventure.

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Wow I was literally just reading about this in Initiation into Hermetics just now. Synchronicity!!!

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I’ve always wondered about and want to do that. Think of it incorporating the powers of the “Source” in becoming a God. Yes I’d also like to learn from this gentleman.

I think we have to realize our oneness with the source to a certain degree to realize our birthright as a god, a literal fragment of source. But I wouldn’t want to completely merge my entire spiritual/mental being back into it. That is the “mystic death” or “second death.” I think immortality as a master on the astral planes sounds like my cup of tea


Wow. Never thought about that.

@DragonPhoenix777 that is how Franz Bardon describes it in Initiation into Hermetics

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I had the goal of “active union” (not a dissolution) with the Divine/Brahman etc. until reading that there would be an higher achievement: becoming Master of Finite and Infinite. Or at least, it’s an issue of perspectives: mages, priests, warriors… And, sure, higher means also harder.

i’ve reincarnated a lot and my spirit just seems very tired of it. My inner demon/shadow self (whatever your term is) is disgusted at the idea of having to have to go through another 40+ years of being in a body in this lifetime. I don’t have a way to measure how close I am to ascension. I wish there was a way to measure. I only just joined the LHP I have made a broad statement to myself and Lucifer. I have yet to create or recieve a road map to my ascension.


has anyone ever considered reincarnating into an extra terrestrial species? im sure there are tons of different civilizations out there to try out


I guess someone could come back in someone elses body like a walk-in if they had no ethical concerns about it. That way you could possibly keep your “self” intact.

Why bother in the first place? Whatever happens when we die, happens, be it nothing or a new life. Although, if I had to “go back” and then was given a choice to reincarnate or merge, I really would want to stay separate from the source for a bit longer.

Gods, why would anyone want to live forever?

Seriously, if you are pursuing endless life, make sure you have a way out just in case.

I’m getting the image of a single person/spirit floating around in the void of space after the eventual heat-death of the material universe, with nothing but himself and no way to ‘die’ and exit the endless eternity of nothing but the awareness that they will never find peace drifting in nothing.

Also, fuck time travel. That shit’s just trouble waiting to happen.

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And thus a universe was born. Or that’s how I imaged it came into existence.

Short answer - yes I ‘merge back’ quite often, although it’s more of a ‘union and not a dissolution’ as fapa79 says but the process is similar…

I do the majority of my magickal workings using the energy of source
I divine through source
I speak with source and ask it direct questions (and usually get direct answers)
I heal using source energy

In fact, once you find yourself working more directly with source, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you will ‘awaken’ (your senses, abilities, etc)

The best part is that you don’t need any tools except your mind, so it’s literally ‘magick on tap’

No pacts, no spirits, no angels/daemons, no LHP/RHP, no offerings, no sacrifice, no bullshit, no worries… :slight_smile:

Just you and your will as a God/dess