Becoming more sociable/popular

Hello, thought to post this here since it’s about relationships, in a way.

Embarrassed to ask, but I’ll like to become more popular and liked. Tend to be socially awkward and quiet because of a lack of things to say, when I do I often get ignored. I’ll like a bit more presence and reception in my circles, both in real life and social media.

Is there any magic that can help with this? Non-magickal advice welcome too :slight_smile:


Make sure you like yourself first, then you can show yourself more authentically. I think there’s different kinds of social awkwardness, like maybe you analyse too much and are too self-aware, or maybe you’re just not naturally expressive or exciting. When you understand yourself without judgement you can be more confident in your dealings with people.

Presence and popularity is a great thing to evoke assistance for. I think King Paimon might be good at that? But I’m not sure. Just research a being.

Psychology books are also fascinating and informative. They can teach you a lot about workplace and other human relationships.


Oh boy,


I would suggest taking a look at this!

This is also necessary though… You cannot expect someone to Love,Trust, and Believe in you if you don’t feel this way for yourself.
You must love,understand and know yourself before others will or can.


Next Tuesday draw a hexagram with the symbol of mars in the middle of it. Charge the sigil and call upon Mars energies to fill the room in a bright red light. If you can, do this on the hour of the sun. Imagine the energies of a charismatic funny attractive person flowing into your crown chakra and filling your body.


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Look into Jason Miller’s work, specifically his Conjuration of the Commander and the Invocation of the Perfect Self. Both are found in his book Sorcerer’s Secrets.


Look into The Angels of Alchemy (by Damon Brand). There are rituals in there that will help you, I’m sure. :slight_smile:


Thanks all for the suggestions! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do you have discord? You can start with voice chats on topics that interest you and build up from there.

The main secret to being extroverted is getting small talk to lead into deeper topics. Get good at small talk, shooting the shit about the weather. “What do you do” “Any plans for the weekend” “what are you studying/did study in college” “seen any good movies?” Etc. Once you’ve done an adequate amount of small talk ask them about a more serious topic like “what do you think happens when we die” “If money was no object what would you do” “What’s a life changing moment or experience that really shaped you into the person you are now?” “Who are your role models?”.
Ask them questions, listen and then ask more. People really like to talk about themselves so get good at listening and asking questions that expand on eachother.

Read, listen to experts, have an opinion about something have a few go to topics you can fall back on but you need a few in case your talking to a girl and she doesn’t play videogames or watch sports (sports and videogames are usually an easy topic for guys, also Marvel vs DC).

Practice with random people (especially older people) you’ll never see them again and they’re usually more receptive. You can really say anything light hearted. And easy one is “man I feel like this week ia really long, is it just me?”
Or if someone or something happens you can comment on it. If someone has kids and their kid is acting up or whining about candy I’ll make a joke about “but mom don’t you want me to get a sugar rush?!” This will usually get a chuckle and “I know right he loves his candy” or they’ll tell a short story.

Another easy conversation starter is complimenting someone with a question. Wow you’re hair looks amazing, how long have you been seeing your stylist? Or oh man those shoes are dope how, if you don’t mind me asking how much did they cost you? What?! $70 that seems like a steal!

It’s really not that complicated but you need to practice, small jokes or question while you order your food or coffee works too cuss they’re in the service industry so it’s their job to be nice.

You can also make up a fake situation. “Hey idk if you can help me but I’m trying to impress my girlfriend I set up a date at a fancy restaurant idk if I should go with a card and flowers or if I should try to get her some jewelry or something more meaningful, what would you recommend?”

The point is it doesn’t matter what you talk about as long as you’re talking the more you talk to people the better you’ll get. Master the small talk then you can work in deeper topics (stay away from magick tho it’s usually too polarizing, unless they have a Lucifer tattoo and wiccan tattoos obv).

Go out to the mall with sunglasses (you can pick up 100% UV one from CVS for $10) and just watch people, watch thier body language listen to their conversations etc.

I also highly recommend the angels of alchemy book. Also working with angels for general personality and charm, my best friend started magick last year and his personality has completely changed he’s extroverted and a real go-getter so it’s definitely possible.

If you can flirt and talk with females you can talk to just about anybody (assuming you’re attracted to females).

This guy has a good series on in field just watch him and pick up on how he breaks the ice and what his body language is like.

Best of luck dude!