Becoming a Living Devil: My Initiation Rite

So last night i did a Empowerment ritual with a drink i bought from walmart. I infused it with the energy of The 9 Demonic Kings and other Demons whose names i dont remember at the Moment Lol.

Long story short, i got drunk off darkness and laid down to meditate. I sensed Lilith around so i attempted communication with her.

She told me to “Become The Devil; Awaken and Ascend”. The normal spiritual platitudes.
I asked her how and she said to Evoke Eisheth Zenunim in the Circle of Brothers and Sisters and she will Initiate me into…Devilhood.

I chatted with Eisheth and found out she is the High Priestess of Hell.

After this, i went ahead and evoked the Demonic Brotherhood and Sisterhood right in my bed.
I asked the Brotherhood to empower me with the Masculine Devil Force and inhaled it into me. I felt it enter from the left side of my body.

Then i asked the Sisterhood to Empower me with thr Feminine Devil force and inhaled it as well. It entered from the right side of my body.

I vibrated the names Lilith, Kali, and Az Jehi 3 times each for the Feminine.
And Satan, Moloch, and Lucifer 3 times each for the Masculine.

I then evoked Eisheth and Asked/Commanded her to fuse the Currents into one within me and awaken the Devil within me.

What happened next was fucked up.

I inhaled and felt the energy and Devil Force fill my throat Chakra and crawl up my to my brain through my throat. I held the breath as long as i could and released it in a explosive exhale.

My body was motionless (both physical and astral) although i was still breathing. I had Died.
I saw Eisheth standing over me in my mind and she said something to the effect of
“In the Name of Lilith, Lucifer and The Infernal Empire i ressurect you.”
She placed her finger on my third eye and i felt the Devil force enter me and bring me back to life.

It felt…weird.
I still had part of my drink I dedicated to Hell and The infernal and i was told to drink it. I drunk it all and laughed like a madman.

I was able to see Eisheth and the Demonic Brothers and Sisters raise their cups in unison and drink as well.

I thanked them and gave them license to depart or stay as they wished.

This morning…
I wake up groggy and drunk. I go in the bathroom and look in the mirror and my eyes are pitch black. No white. Period.

It was not a brief “flash” change either. It stayed that way for about a solid minute so i could get a good look at myself.

I just shook my head and laughed :joy:

Become A Living Devil. Real Magic. Real Results. :smiling_imp:

Hail Lilith! Hail Eisheth Zenunim! Hail the Demonic Brotherhood and Sisterhood!


I wonder if I could do something similar, but with a different pantheon of spirits. I’ll have to ask around for the info tbh.


@Anziel_Merkaba I think what he did was a variation of this.

Magick Food - Power Hungry and Hungry at the same time


Fuck yes @JezebelleMoon
That was the prelude and the after-lude


Kendall puts some good stuff on here.


Hell yes he does

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How do you infuse the drink with the essence of 9 demon kings

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The link that @JezebelleMoon posted should give you the advice you need

I am going to do it.

I wonder if the moon phase will affect it.

Such a killer post bro! I’m heavily into demonic alcheMical transmutation of soul and conciousness , my draconian path working is skyrocketing and my inner Dragon force has yet to be soo powerfull, would you suggest anyone go abouts a similiar working exactly as you did or would you change or adapt anything? ,

It seems you totally flowed with the current and almost acted just by intuition and impulse, I’m strait up jealous! Any advice you would be willing to share with a fellow dark mage would be greatly appreciated.
Much respect, Rors :smiling_imp::wink:

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Specifically want to embue the food with the essence of the moon? I don’t think it would have much of an effect if it’s the energy of the moon itself your drawing into the food. If you’re wanting an effect that is specifically tied to a particular phase of the moon THEN taking it into consideration is what you would do.

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The only thing i would adapt would be to make it more structured :joy:
Mine was Spur of the moment so to speak

It could be something Like (if doing Voodoo)

Masculine Loa

Feminine Loa

Papa Legba (as initiator)

Or Met Kalfu, Zandor, Or Tokoloshe

Draconic Magic

The 7 heads of the Dragon, each head being masculine, then the next, feminine. The culmination being Set, the Eigth Head of the Dragon


You could do some chants to raise energy, some sigil magic, scrying, etc. Its really up to you

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@Rory_Mclellan i would say as a word of caution to be slightly careful with the rite. Knowing myself, i feel things at a much lesser intensity than most magicians. If this rite was powerful enough to make me feel, then it sure as fuck gonna blow you away

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I just got a vision while reading your reply bro! Whoa! K I’ll hit you back asap I need to write down what you just somehow I spires within my 3rd eyes vison…thanks lol, I’ll reply in detail shortly if your curious but I just saw a perfect way to anchor it to my personal current…holla back soon man thankss heh :smiling_imp::wink:

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Sure man! Post the vision and rite you got

And btw credit for the drink portion of the rite goes to @C.Kendall for his post he wrote on Magick Food


Man im working his soul travel post just now…i owe that man aboug 80% of my ascension progress and aside from Balgs lucifer chronicles his workings ab
Are milestones every time …epic beyond words , I admire his talent and even owe him my conviction towards the decision to follow the left hand path…his wolf shapeshifting story caused my conciousness to shift so drastically, I was addicted fro that day on , just about a year ago now…man words can’t describe how grateful I am for this forum and for my spirits to have provided such a corresponding energy and similar traits that fits my learning style Bette than I have ever been able to learn in my life.
Even in unversity , brilliant overpaid professors could not tap in and connect to the way i think and percieve conciousness, for some unholy reason , i have been blessed to discover @C.Kendall at this crucial learning curve at the beginning of my life as a black magician. I only wojld change the fact that we are all so far apart across the world ( super cool at the same time) , all the different cultures converging over one purpose, but I’m isolated from mainland Canada, I live in Van island…which is Canada’s Caribbean no joke, but as I progress more I skim more from regula mundane society, I’m alone alot, so I’m searching out occults locally but they seem to be good a hide and seek lol. Anyway , I’m sorry for pontificating dawg, I’m gratefull for the chat today. Darkest blessings fam. Rep rep the L.H.P.!! :smiling_imp:


Good Work, Micah.
From Reading i can tell, you did everything to the point correct.
Welcome in the Underworlds.


you are our Brother

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Damn man, thanks!

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glad you like the content guys

OK here is my rite:

I would say evoke each king with the enn, or if you decide on one particularly who is quite substantial like King Paimon or King Belial I am sure they can get the ball rolling at least.

Then renounce Christ and the Christian god, state your allegiance to Satan.

Do the following Latin phrase for extra:

Three times say the following:

Ave Satanas, Ave Lucifer in eternum et infinitum. Renuncio Christos et Deus Christianos in eternum et infinitum Ave (insert demon king here) in eternum et infinitum. Ave daemonicum infernum in eternum!

Roughly translated - "Hail Satan, hail Lucifer forever and in infinity. I renounce Christ and the Christian god forever and in infinity. Hail Demonic King who I called on first, Hail demons infernal forever!

Remember to specify to have eternal demonic essence activated so you will last forever. Tie that to eternal life and you will never fade. Say, “make sure that my eternal demonic essence is already active and please link it to eternal life as a demon!”

I would then specify what other abilities you want. Hint: immunity to diseases, illness, and decay along with no aging might be a think to consider. Also since you will still have a human body, something about your body and mind never weakening no matter how old you get.

Thing is, human bodies aren’t designed for eternal life. It’s impossible without vampirism to sustain vitality. Which then you will need something for the sunlight… it gets more expensive as you go.

The deeper and deeper you go the more in debt you become to them. All I am going to say.

This bargain is Expert Level. I wouldn’t attempt actually.