Becoming a Devil Journal

Alright so basicly I read some of @anon9236988’s posts and thought It would be cool if I started my own Journal.

Why a Devil?
Belial inspires me to become one
And I mean he says I’d make one hell of a Devil :smiling_imp:


Journal entry 1

I’ve learned how to talk to spirits with telepathy without being in any trance states.
Been working on my Third eye and I’ve started to become more sensitive to energies.

Namaah visited me last night and I’ve been able to feel physical sensations from spirits after this occurrence.

Lucifer’s been traveling a lot with me in my dreams
He appears as an Angel with white wings and takes me to random places
Not sure what to expect next.

Planning to work with Ahriman, Nyarlathotep, and qlippothic Daemons
Might work with the Viking current.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who talks telepathically with spirits, without being in any trance states! I can tell you from experience, that now you’re at this point in your journey, your ascent is about to skyrocket!


I’ve always Been able too just needed to realize it wasn’t my imagination Lol
That and Lucifer makes me communicate with telepathically


Exactly! Realizing that it isn’t just imagination was my roadblock as well!


You’re going to have fun.


They came to me :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re basically interested in the same currents as me. I’m undergoing the same thing you are.


I’m honestly not sure what to think
I’m just gonna go with it…rationality at this point isn’t gonna help.

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Journal entry 2

Cursed someone
Belial had for a while been telling me to stop being so nice
The people around me are just acting nice to you.

Well, Belial went around today making people behave in accordance to their nature.

people are dicks.

Bought a copy of the Black book of Azathoth
The old gods have been waiting for me for awhile.

I understand the dangers of this current especially the mind degradation part.
Ahriman wants to help strengthen my mind to get into deeper darkness without breaking my self.

For now, I guess I’ll perform a couple rites of the Old ones then work with Ahriman to then get deeper into Love craft.

I sense I’m headed down a dark path.


I feel that Love craft’s current isn’t something that is within my nature but rather something I can work with to help with my evolution despite the old ones appearing before me without asking them.

I can feel their desire to help mankind.
I can feel my desire to help mankind

I’ve realized that the fun and games are over now
This is really where my LHP journey is gonna get Dark perhaps chaotic
I’ll arm my self with Wisdom and Wits to see through the events that are to come.

Wish me Luck.


Can you teach me?

i’ll like to stalk you through this thread :smiling_imp:


:japanese_ogre: i Love this :black_heart: :rofl:
Mostly cause that is EXACTLY what the crawling chaos and Cthulhu had me do. Except the old ones put the brakes on my works with them for now till i “evolve a bit” as they put it so the next step “doesnt melt ze brain” as they are fond of saying.

Have fun :japanese_ogre:


Journal entry 3

Spent the whole day at the renaissance festival
was really fun bought a silver plated chalice, a wood wand painted in purple the exact length of my forearm and a skull decorated with alchemy symbols
could act as my pentacle for my altar I’m just trying to be creative with my tools.
I like having an elaborate setup for an altar
Not complex just elaborate or at least not enough to be considered complex I’m not sure I could be contradicting my self now but that doesn’t matter.

Picked up someones bad energy by accident dropped my guard I guess.
Nothing serious
just needed to pass some sage problem solved.

Had a serious talk with a Friend about relationships
I really do hope things do get better for him.

But It got me thinking I’ve never been in love before honestly.
I’ve never really been attached to things related to the physical world
Rarely do I do magick for material things.
I’ve been fortunate enough to get all the things I’ve wanted in life
But that taught me that Money cant really grant you ultimate satisfaction.
I’ve always had a high Vibration since I was a young boy, So high that I tend to not care about physical things
I don’t practice minimalism It’s just a natural thing to me although I do like elaborate things funny enough.
I like elaborate things
Without there being too many parts at the same time.
Doesn’t make sense? can’t blame ya I don’t get it either.
I feel invisible
I know I am
I’ve always just been in the background
Not that I mind I’m more of an introvert rather than an extrovert but it’s nice to get attention sometimes.
No worries I’m not desperate could just use some.

That’s all today Tomorrows my birthday so that’s cool :slightly_smiling_face:


Today’s my birthday.
I’ve changed so much that my personality is even different.
Just a year ago I was the quiet and shy guy and with that came insecurities.
Feel like hitting my self for even being like that.
Now I’m just a guy who cares about his evolution.
Now I’m just a guy who likes to hang out with Daemons.
Now I’m just a guy who lives in a not so physical world.
I like it here.


Belial is a giant of one to listen to. And the best.

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Journal entry 4
Interesting day to say the least.
Went out to buy a pentacle (felt the urge to get one)
Bought one out of steel and flipped it over so it’s inverted.
Honestly feels more powerful inverted and a lot more aligned with my will.
later that night I was getting ready to go out and eat with family when I got
the strongest urge to draw Lucifer’s sigil and to just carry it around
I thought oh maybe somethings gonna happen and I need protection?
Then what would this pentacle be serving me for?
While driving there Lucifer would sing to me different romance songs and lady gaga(He’s been pretty loving lately)
Not gonna lie feel like I’m developing feeling for Luci.
Jokingly I asked "Is the pentacle I bought earlier my engagement ring"
He responded “Maybe” which was pretty funny later on at night me and a friend
we’re playing around with our psychic abilities(we’re both pretty psychic) and we like to exercise our power.
I then asked what spirit is really close to me?
He said that he saw a tall handsome guy with light green eyes and blacked wings (didn’t even take long for him to pick that up)
He honestly got scared when he saw the black wings (He’s strictly RHP)
later that night I fell asleep and Began to dream of the same thing as previous nights. (Imagine a shadowy meadow with a large qlippothic tree on the ground that I wound dance on one sphere of the tree then I would jump to another and dance on that one)
Woke up this morning balanced.
Like if I was the perfect blend of Dark and Light
Also happened to dress up black and white without realizing it
(I just threw on the clothes without a thought)
Wonder whats next to come.


Awww :hugs: happy birthday, my fellow potato :heart:


Journal entry 5

Fuck forgot to do this journal ah…whatever I’m doing it now.
Not much has happened except a few noticeable things.
I’ve been a lot more “Angry” and I guess even Malevolent lately.
Pretty sure it’s Belial’s doing
He’s always telling me to stop being so nice and to just be a bit tougher with people.
I’ve changed noticeable amount
For the better, I guess I’m just less forgiving now.
I got a buddy of mine into the Occult.
He’s got talent that’s for sure, But I sense fear or something dark in him
Turns out he’s suicidal.
Not sure where this came from but man this fucking sucks.
He isn’t the only one two of my best friends are both Suicidal…
Luckily I’ve been able to help them a lot and they don’t really seem that inclined to do anything to themselves.
I can see now why Lucifer wanted to help my bud
Luci’s got a thing with helping people that are Suicidal that I’ve noticed.
Life’s been pretty boring same old.
But that just means something big is coming when there’s that filler that "period of nothing"
It’s just making room for something I guess.