Become well known/famous among people

I have observed from childhood that even though I am kind of normal guy but fewer people know me or try to take interest in me. I am not sure why is this like that because I have observed few of my friends similar in behaviour as that of myself are more known among people.I just get ignored as if I don’t exists.

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Just to be clear…you want to be popular?

I ask because popularity is easier to obtain than fame. To become famous requires much more effort on your part because generally people become famous for something ie a talent, a product, born into an already famous family, etc.


Anything would do. I just miss the social presence.
Maybe I did not specify it properly. Say I met some new people, I have normal conversation with these people and we have another person who is also meeting them for first time and he also have normal conversation with these people. The thing I observed is when we meet the next time around I get completely ignored as if I don’t exists. Such is not the case with that other person.
Maybe I am not that interesting person. Anything to make people atleast notice that a guy with so so name exists and he is not a bad person so a little hi hello would not be bad for them.
I don’t have anything artistic talent like dancing, singing, more of a introvert and that makes it even more difficult.

Okay, so there are many ways you can use magick to increase your social appeal. You can use glamour magick to make yourself more energetically attractive to draw people in, for example, or you can task a spirit to help you become more witty and charming, You can use the method of quantum jumping to “download” traits like confidence, and ease, and charisma.

Some options are:

The combination of the Shem angel Rahahel and the demon Decarbia can make you more popular (source: Henry Archer’s The Magick of Angels and Demons)

Lalahel and Valefar can “make you popular when you interact with others.” (Same book)

Corwin Hargrove’s book Universal Magick has an Enochain square for The Power of Belonging that could be used.

Both Damon Brand’s Words of Power and Adam Blackthorne’s Sigils of Power and Transformation have sigils to “become the centre of attention.”

This is just a start. There are many spells that can help you.


Try looking into your body language, appearance,etc.

Charisma on command gives great advice.

Just some things to follow through with after using your magick


You might try reading How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It’s also summarized in many YouTube videos.


Good advice from @Twilight_Dragon and @anon2103588 . Do magick to become more popular and liked by those you encounter, and then get and read books on charisma and how to get friends/sociability etc. That will be your effort when it comes to the magick.


I highly recommend this thread for you.

Good luck!

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Just to throw in my 2 cents

Wonderful spirit to work with
Marquis Phenex

She’s able to help what you’re talking about.


I want to add that the book Angels of Omnipotence by Jareth Tempest has sigils to “become popular,” “be the centre of attention” and “get noticed.”