Become a werewolf [humour]

To become a werewolf, you must first have the gene in you, and then activate it. If you have inherited the werewolf gene from your parents, you can tell from the signs that those who have the werewolf gene Situations get angry or emotional quickly, their bodies are always warmer than others, they wear little clothes and they like to be naked, they are very loving but they do not show it to those who hate them … People Born in Taurus and capricorn , they usually have this gene, but it is better to ask marchosias whether you have the wolf gene or not.

So if you have gene of beast of the night , you should start meditating and dieting

First you have to have a Moonstone necklace, it needs to be converted and controlled, when you buy it you wash it with salt and water and you never have to wash it again, you have to charge it every month and except for taking a bath Do not remove it.

Try buying a clear moonstone

Charging the necklace: Full moon night after sunset, when there is no sunlight, place the stone in front of the direct moonlight and remove it before morning, it should never be exposed to direct sunlight.
And then you can start meditations; Sit in a quiet place (Preferably naked or half-naked) and breathe in rhythm, inhale for ten seconds and exhale for ten seconds, forget everything, even yourself, imagine yourself in a forest; Feel the warmth of the forest floor enters your body and burns your spine and the moonlight that charges you and makes you nervous; Read the summons and continue meditating:

with power of darkness i summon you marchosias , the lycan spirit, i invoke you in this body, transform me to a werewolf, with your power i shall be beast of the night.
marchosias sigil:

Feel her energy in your body, let her control your body and energies, learn in silence…

The more you meditate, the more you change, the sooner you get angry, your body warms up and after a few weeks you do not feel the need for clothes, but they bother you, your sense of smell becomes stronger and your heart becomes kinder. …
Next you need to start dieting; Eat raw liver; Goat liver is best, especially if it is warm and fresh.
When these symptoms become more severe and you feel pain in your bones, you should eat H… liver to supplement.
Sexual magic will help you; hard sex like bdsm And positions where the arms and legs are tied…، Let it sink in and forget yourself, then the animal will show itself.

That was pretty ridiculous. Whats this, wattpad?

By this logic every human before finding fire would turn into wolves. And this shit isn’t healthy.

Get angry? You gotta get angry to turn into a wolf? Is it turning into the Hulk, or a werewolf? You gotta decide man. Removing human thinking would be the way to go instead of ‘angry’.

Nice larp.


Do not take it seriously, look at it as a fun, there is no werewolf…

You are aware you are talking about eating human liver right? Thats your idea of fun?

I do not take roleplays seriously, don’t worry about that


Updated title to make it clear this wasn’t intended to be practical magick. OP edited post to be legal re goat liver.

Note: @anon4083462 is correct, while liver is very good for you, and it’s the highest in nutrients you can get, it’s also very high in copper. Eating this much would overload your copper and iron and make you sick. A couple of ounces of gtass fed grash finished beef liver a day would be fine, and better than an iron supplement. :slight_smile:

After that, there’s possible value in analysing why this wouldn’t work magically. I think the base premise of lycan genes is a problem.

Is there likewise anything in here that would allow the assumption of wolf spirit for magickal purposes, perhaps similar to the Ulfhednar in Norse lore?


I was a werewolf in a past life, I’ve even shapeshifted in this life too temporarily and not just a werewolf… the key to shapeshifting is attuning your biophysical body to the astral realm and shapeshifting in the astral plane, for this to happen one has to have a their heart chakra clear and balanced because this is what allows other dimensional aspects of ourselves to take form, the higher the vibration the faster your particles will shift. This requires an extreme amount of energy… hence why most practitioners in the ancient times doing this type of magick either fasted and meditated a lot or they did sacrifices to harvest the death force to make their magick 100% which was mostly preserved for royalty and well funded cults

This level of energy can make the average person go insane, hence why the elites are so power drunk and malevolent…

The shamans and sages would gradually allow themselves to transform and prepare their consciousness and subtle bodies in the process thus preventing themselves from going insane… some would even take plant medicine to increase their vibratory frequency and access more astral particles, there’s a science to shapeshifting… this sounds more like something you’d see in a Wicca book or animation series like Shrek or smth

It also has enough iron to give you an iron poisoning overdose if you eat too much.

@Mulberry i didn’t know about the copper toxicity potential thanks for posting that. It means I learned something new today :slight_smile:

Well, just to be clear copper is an essential nutrient that a lot of people are deficient in and they should eat more, and 4oz liver is mircodosing, but if you ate a lot having decided you were a werewolf you might be in trouble :slight_smile:

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