Become a living God

Either way you want to define it. Here again your own mind of what you can perceive or not perceive has limited you.

You have needed to break everything down and put it back into those nice boxes you talk about.

I see that it could be debated without those boxes as @anon48079295 and I did for over 100 comments. So it is possible to debate without having said boxes.

But there will always be such.

I never said there was anything wrong asking the questions. Feel free to question everything. How else do you get answers

I don’t see where I was once in rude in this thread.
No one has left here upset as far as I know.

So I’m not real sure why that comment was made.


I was kind of wondering the same to be honest.

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God create the universe so i assume. So the phrase to become a living god means that one have develop one’s capacity through magick or other means to create one’s life according to one’s wishes through magick. To influence the universe to allow one’s goal to manifest. Such would be attracting love/sex from another. Money. Even baneful magick to torture or hurt others. Whatever you can think of, you in some way manifest it through ritual magick. And you get your results. That’s what it means to become a living god. You have power to influence your life in a way that gets you your desired outcome. Because you create your life the way you want. To get that result means you have become a living god.

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PREACH! :+1:

I TOLD you this forum needs you, hon! :heart_eyes_cat:


So I posted this back in 2016:

The PGM and arguably older forms of yoga all have this same idea, that god is something you bring into yourself and operate, yes with training of course, and hard work, but not some sky-dwelling being of a fundamentally different nature to ourselves.

This is why words matter, it’s easy to mis-label a thing then end up letting that label ALONE convince you it’s not for you.


how is your post empty?

it was an pentagram,the logo of balg,but maybe this could not be shown due technical issues


I wasn’t referring to you, my friend. Nor was it directed to any specific comment or person. So far it has been a great discussion, and I only added that part in in hopes it would help keep it that way. I just noticed people might be considering the definition to be different and the conversation going somewhat circular.

Added: I’m very interested in what has been said here and I want to hear more on this from you guys is why I even made any comments to begin with. I’m completely aware of not having a need to tick boxes, but for some and at least where I was in the past, it would help to have context that can be understood. Obviously you don’t have to do anything you don’t want, I just saw this whole thread as very helpful to newcomers. So, I apologize if I said anything to offend anyone. That wasn’t my intention.

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I never even discussed what I believe. I’m not sure what you mean.

Perhaps this will help you

I’m going to read it again a few more times. But wow…that seems like it was such a traumatic experience and that it has been a very difficult journey for you even though you seem to have passed every test so far.

Regarding who you called out to, I think that is pretty darn normal honestly. No judgments here.

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I had to find peace within myself about it all.
Jesus is pretty cool but he felt more like an egregore to me.
After that I knew I had passed through something that keeps many blocked. And that a whole new journey was gonna begin.

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Can a person who practice, and unlock their spiritual gifts become a living god or demon lord? because if so I want to aim to becoming a living god myself and be able to create a different races of my liking, for example an demi human hybrid race known, as merpire, a merperson with vampiric powers, and ablities, along with merfolk powers, and ablities.

Merpeople can already learn vampiric stuff, they don’t become hybrids due to it.

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oh ok, but u not looking at the topic of this fourm its about how people can become a living god, so i assume you can learn to become a god yourself and be create a race of being or other stuff

The living god concept was about becoming god of your own life metaphorically making your life the way you want it. Not hurhur create anime races.

Not trying to be or come off a douche but you can literally already do this stuff in the astral/mental if you want to play creation or make servitor versions that can replicate.

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Your heads definitely up in the clouds hahaha

My head is up in the clouds?