Become A Living God: Past, Present & Future

Hello Friends,

I’m co-creator of Become A Living God. My name’s Timothy.

I want to take a moment to introduce myself, and help you understand what my role is and ambitions are for this project and movement. I’m the “behind the scenes” kind of guy, so this is your chance to learn about me and my influence in detail, as well as a brief history and outlook for BALG.

Let’s take a walk through time…

*** THE PAST ***

I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I started my first business when I was a teenager by doing graphic design and website development for my older friends. Now over a decade later as an adult, I’ve grown that same business and several others on a global scale.

One project that you may be familiar with, is Astral Dynamics. The well-known author, Robert Bruce, is my close friend. And it was through our affiliation that E.A. and I became partners.

Long story short, I met E.A. by inviting him to come onto Robert’s monthly interview series program, “Interviews With Spiritual Gurus”. I had recently discovered his work, and was deeply moved by how real and raw his approach to magick is.

I had always wanted to affect change inside the world of magick, and I was privately looking for an author who was independent and unafraid to deliver no-bullshit training on magick, and tackle taboo topics.

I called him on the telephone one night and invited him to join me on a literal quest to advance magick into the 21st century of modern technology through the internet and online video classes.

As fortune would have it, he had just finished his last physical book, and was perfectly ready to embark on the next phase of transmission.

Coincidence? No. Surely trusted demons made our paths cross for mutual benefit.

He entered a pact with me that evening, and we totally committed to making the biggest, most successful, and most inclusive, educational mystery school to ever exist.

(Notice I used the word inclusive, not exclusive. The point being, we don’t force you to kiss our ring politically and be a member of a psuedo-elitist magick order for many years before you can access our most advanced teachings. There are no hierarchies, and your education is completely self-directed.)

It’s certainly a grandiose goal, but with the communicative power of the internet, is it not possible? And as the number of humans on Earth who are waking up to the metaphysical reality of magick skyrockets, the timing is right.


Become A Living God is one giant electronic talisman of energy, whereby ANYONE, ANYWHERE in the world can plug in and harness it as a resource ANYTIME.

In fact, you literally can evoke it in ritual as a symbol of power for you.

Our stated goal is to create accessible training programs that an average-to-higher-intelligence person can study, in order to quickly and easily get results.

The obvious problem with 99.9% of the books and materials that exist on magick, is that they are so fucking riddled with complicated obscurity and over-the-top pomp and circumstance.

This stuff makes magick difficult, and frankly, it’s COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY.

You don’t need magick wands, intricately painted tools, ornate daggers, colorful robes, fancy circles, and complex astrological observances in order to evoke a spirit and materialize changes.

Now, if you like the hobby of constructing these tools for the sake of arts and crafts, that’s different. But aspiring magicians need to know that the conventional toolkit of magical implements is NOT required.

For example, E.A. can evoke spirits mentally. He can summon spirits clairvoyantly without performing a formal physical ritual. It’s true it took time reach that level, but anyone can do it with practice.

This revelation begs the question: if most of these tools are unnecessary, why does every book demand it, and warn against simplifying rituals?

My conclusion is that they don’t know any better. They probably never tried! (Because if they had, they’d know from experience that it’s safe and effective)

And this is what makes E.A. and our project stand out. We’re extremely experimental, and we want to make the occult, no longer “occult”.

In other words, we want to make what is unknown and hidden, well known and established as common knowledge.

One flawed criticism that we received from a resentful and jealous author in the field of magick (who will go unnamed)… is the claim that, “The occult is supposed to be secret, that’s why it’s the occult”.

The clear error in his belief is that the occult was mostly a secret for reasons of personal security. Magicians could not openly discuss these powerful concepts without being murdered as heathens by religious zealots.

We live in a totally new paradigm of information exchange, where we can use speed-of-light technology to share and test ideas, to refine and advance our knowledge of what works. All without any danger of persecution, for the most part.

The occult has become cliche, egotistical, and overly political, and the old school system of hierarchical magick orders is obsolete, and obstructing progress.

This is where we look toward the future for an innovative “open source” solution…

*** THE FUTURE ***

E.A. has allocated the next few years of his life to creating the most in depth and powerful programs in order to build a complete catalog of magick skills and systems.

Here’s a brief overview…

The 3 Godlike Powers (3GP) are our foundation. They are:

  1. Divination: Omniscience, the power to know anything, anytime
  2. Evocation: Omnipotence, the power to get anything, anytime
  3. Soul Travel: Omnipresence, the power to be anywhere, anytime

We are going to show you how to develop and MASTER these skills first, because they are the core powers of magick. You NEED them in order to move on to the next phases of practice, namely…

  1. Pathworking: progressing through organized systems of magick
  2. Spellcasting: applying your power to actually change reality

As you see, we have designed a “fast track” curriculum to success for aspiring magicians. It’s the equivalent of graduating from a university of magick, where you take prerequisite classes, and then majors and minors.

When you are studying a program, you’ll gather with other practitioners and E.A. on this support forum to discuss what you’re learning.

We are doing everything we can to make your journey to Godhood as easy and effortless as we can. We are removing YEARS from your learning curve, and providing you the best, most cutting edge information and techniques right from the start.

You officially have NO excuse for failure, ever again.


We are very excited to make this massive contribution to the art and science of magick, because it’s high time.

It’s also thrilling to know you, and other passionate, hard core magicians are totally committed to coming along with us for the ride, and helping where you can.

Together, we are revolutionizing and pioneering what could be the most important thing to ever happen to the human race.

That’s the way I see it, and that’s who I am, and what I’m all about.

P.S. Let us know how you’re doing. Share your experiences, good and bad, because others will learn from you, and there are people here who can help.

Let’s have some fucking fun…

Godlike Power,


Good to meet you man. Actually, we’ve met before. I’ve had a few short conversations with you after having sent Robert Bruce a few emails several months ago.
Also, I too am a software developer, and I know how much time and hard work goes into building a project, getting it working right, and having it done by the deadline. So, you definitely have my respect and my thanks for this amazing forum and place of gather for the serious student.
I’m extremely excited for this opportunity to work with, get to know, and grow with some of the worlds most stalwart - no bull shit - magicians.
Thanks again to the both of you.

Hi Timothy! Great introduction. It’s nice to meet you. Glad that you & E.A. are collaborating on such a grand project. This is such a great idea; allowing us magicians to come together on one forum to learn & grow from each other.

Thanks, and you have my full support!


Thanks, Timothy! Much appreciated! Let the fun begin :slight_smile:

Hi Timothy, glad to meet you. I really cannot express how much I really appreciate what you guys are doing here. I’ve been stumbling around for most of my life knowing and feeling things but never had a direction. One day one my associates showed me a you tube show with EA a few months ago. My cry for help was answered. I’m not sure if it was his delivery of words he chose to use or what he said that my soul said that’s the path that’s desired. Soooo many doors are opening up to us. I’m finding more and more like us and can see or maybe feel others with the same beliefs. They look brighter to me now so to speak. I live outside Chicago and the chaos is starting strong here. There’s on average 50-60 shootings a weekend and the death toll is skyrocketing. My circle is growing quickly in this area. We’re all flocking towards eachother lately. Gatherings and such. I hope to help spread the word and turn my poor luck around. Cuz at the moment shit fucking sucks for me. I never gave up hope and now thanks to you guys I hope be able to blossom and fulfill a purpose that I and many others I know have. The signs were always there for me and now thanks to you guys I can recognize them. My gratitude goes out to you guys. If anyone is ever in Chicago or is feel free to come around good, openminded, and friendly people just like yourselves. Thanks again Timothy for all your support and advice.

Great work Timothy, it is much appreciated! I came accross E.A. via one of Robert Bruce’s e-mail letters and instantly loved the no-nonsense approach. And this may sound strange, but may I add that it is an absolute breath of fresh air to find a forum in which the word ‘fuck’ isn’t bleeped out in that typical Anglo-Saxon prudish way (I’m a Continental European). As long as no one is using it to insult another member, I simply can’t see a need for censorship.

So indeed, let’s have some fun. Fuck yeah!

Brilliant! Timothy, you n EA couldn’t be more in sync with ‘who I am’ and ‘what I’m about’ if you were actually in my head!! Just brilliant! And high time, too.
I LIKE following My Own Will …
I LIKE Easy, Straightforward & Efficient …
I LIKE not bogging myself down with rules & rituals …
I LIKE My autonomy, My freedom to be as I like & to bring about the Life I prefer to be living on My own terms …

I LIKE KNOWING that My eager, delicious “desire to have” is more than enough reason, justification & explaination for why I ought receive …

I LIKE KNOWING I have an inalienable right to NOT answer to anyone else’s beliefs, morals or priorities - I have My own, thank you …

Are these not the Attitudes of a God?

The two of You have My Respect, My Support and when applicable, My Assistance. You are Loved. Z

I concur with everything said above this post and most likely everything that people are gonna say after I put this up.

This has been a long time coming. It’s amazing to see it happen and really be a part of it all. Magick is my life. It always has been and I’ve always wanted to give the world the opportunity to openly be able to learn it’s deepest most intimate secrets. I’ve no doubt the path of magick leads to godhood and I believe godhood is only the beginning for mankind. It’s nice to see two dedicated people who are sick of BS as much as I am in the Magick community and I find more and more like minded individuals every time I log in here. Anything you need from me is yours guys I’m behind this project 200 percent.

Godlike Power,



Thanks for stepping out from behind the curtain to share. Congrats on your partnering with Mr. Koetting in this most worthy venture!



Will EA ever be answering our questions or do we just help one another here?

I’ve wondered the same thing, VERONIKA. I HOPE SO …

My understanding of it thus far is that this Site was developed to kind of evolve & grow thru Us. I’ve no doubt our bodacious Production Man (Timothy) keeps a finger on the Pulse of it, and likely He & Eric buzz thru it and read from time to time.

Perhaps one or the other will occasionally sit in with us & join the discussion … I HOPE SO. They need to know just how AWESOME, INFORMAtIVE & DIVERSE this little group already IS. And how ALIVE this “group Vortex” they’ve set in Motion has already become…

Eric & Timothy ought be hugely PROUD.

We also have to take into account the other things they’re working on for this site. Namely the much anticipated divination program. The way I see it if it were me once I got the forum up and running I would immediately start tackling that next hurdle so I figure that’s what they’re up to. They’ll most likely pop in once all that is taken care of.

I have a very strong feeling we are going to get our socks knocked off… all this silence indicates planning reading and collating… and possibly our hosts have a life too :slight_smile:

This is a rich repository of information already and a grest way to measure and use the collective.

This is going to be much bigger than I think I could have dreamed…

The object is learning and what better way to do it and to tailor material than in a database like this forum.

This is beautiful!!!

Thankyou Gentlemen
I have already met people I otherwise would not have.

This is fantastic!

Hello Veronika,

Yes, E.A. will be replying to your questions and comments.

Let’s keep a proper perspective. Right now the forum is in beta mode, which means it’s primarily being tested for efficacy, and debugging.

The central purpose of this platform is to provide a space where students and magicians can interact with E.A. for help regarding the skills they learn from the video training programs he makes.

And since we don’t have any made yet, E.A. is not allocating as much time as he will be, yet.

Last we spoke, he had just finished writing the screenplay for the program “Mastering Divination: Omniscience” and was renting an office space to start filming the actual lessons. He’s up to his eyeballs in responsibilities right now. We’ve invested a lot of money and energy into Become A Living God.

Trust me, he’ll be here to give his wit and wisdom as soon as he can.


Well, Zoe is doing a remarkable job. I just assumed E.A. was on vacation in the Bahamas. Smiling.


Nothing wrong with quality facilities - or getting an office space - but why not just use someones unused basement etc - save the rent etc…

Just a point of view…

It makes better financial sense to save on the outlays… and sink that cash into something else… like increasing loan repayments or refinancing and getting a larger place…

I know I am speaking out of turn… but the ongoing expenses of getting an office space leaves me cold… better use of that cash is possible…

I feel better having said that - even though no one else may care.
It practical and sensible.


No worries, I’m happy to receive friendly suggestions.

It certainly won’t be high-end retail commercial office space. :wink:

And actually the term “office space” is just a phrase we tossed around kind of haphazardly. We’re tracking down very cheap, vacant space that goes almost entirely unmonitored by it’s owner.

It does sound easy to just set up a studio in a friend’s basement. But in practice we encountered problems with that.

ADDED LATER: I think the actual number E.A. quoted was like $100/month for the space?

[quote=“Maxx, post:16, topic:66”]Well, Zoe is doing a remarkable job. I just assumed E.A. was on vacation in the Bahamas. Smiling.


OMG MAXX I laughed … and laughed… I laughed so long & so hard, my beloved Shar Pei got energized and stoked, jumpin 'n dancin around my chair! Between You & Kitari, you’ve kept me in stitches tonight! :wink: Z

[quote=“Evangelos, post:17, topic:66”]Nothing wrong with quality facilities - or getting an office space - but why not just use someones unused basement etc - save the rent etc…

Just a point of view…

It makes better financial sense to save on the outlays… and sink that cash into something else… like increasing loan repayments or refinancing and getting a larger place…

I know I am speaking out of turn… but the ongoing expenses of getting an office space leaves me cold… better use of that cash is possible…

I feel better having said that - even though no one else may care.
It practical and sensible.[/quote]

And from the queen of speaking up - hats off to you, Evangelos. No, its not your place to make the CHOICES, but … we’re Family, so speak up. :wink: Z