Basic corpse raising and lichdom


How would one go about attaining lichdom and physically raising a corpse? Any info on even darker works is welcomed.


I’m not aware of any way of doing this. The ufo abductee Whitley strieber did say he saw something that looked like a romero style zombie wandering around the area where his apartment was though that couldve just been some wierd entity associated with him assuming that form though. E A did mention some sort of zombie secret in spider and the green butterfly, but if that has to do with this I don’t think you’ll get an answer as it’s well you know a secret. There are various accounts of people being raised from the dead and getting better, but that’s not what your interested in, you want to make your own walking dead zombie right?

Before I go any further I just want to say unlike most other magic forums where people would most likely shoot you down and laugh at you for even asking this. I would like to say that I think all things are possible even if not all possibilities are nessecerily represented in this timeline. My occult teacher told me the story of how he once physically jumped to a world with no friction. Sounds unbelivable, but after all the stuff he’s shown me, I believe he’s telling the truth. So what your seeking is out there somewhere I think whether it exists on this version of earth or not.


Are you interested in restoring the physical, dead corpse to the person it once was, or imbuing the deceased flesh with a separate intelligence bound to your command?




One of the nethers in the Book of Azazel allegedly can teach one how to materialize in and take control over a physical body. Perhaps this could work for the dead.


I didn’t look at it from that angle


This might sound a little crazy but I know for a fact that Ben Franklin was trying hard to reanimate so to speak. He was a very big occultist and they found numerous bodies in his home in england(Ben Franklin is one of the only people on our money that wasn’t a president some food for thought). Frankenstein also. I wonder what else was included other then electricity. You should look into a site called, now this guys onto something. If you can accomplish this, in my opinion, your at the top of the food chain. I’ve done so much research in this area. When there’s a will there’s a way. Keep digging you’ll figure it out. There’s gotta be a way.


“Digging” in this topic sounds a bit scary :smiley:


Y’know, Hrajnoha, I once read, in the instructions of a bona fide, working Sorcerer who said,

“… ultimately, all your fear is fear of just how powerful you really are. Nothing frightens you more than being conscious of your own power… once you own it, you must also take responsibility for it’s use…”

Just thought I’d throw that out there; when I pondered it, it felt accurate. :wink: Z


I noticed sorceress Cagliastro and a page The Black Court talk about walking cadavers made by talisman use, but nothing exact.


Do you know anyone who has bought from the black court?


I don’t know why I didn’t think to post this before. But if one gets really good at telekinesis , perhaps they could move a corpse around with their mind like a puppet. I once read an explanation of a man moving a ball with his mind, part of the process was becoming one with the ball and when he did that he could move it like it was part of himself. So you would need to become one with the corpse, sounds a bit creepy but I think that might be what it would take. I would recommend you practice on something that doesnt rot first.


Defectron, I believe you may be onto the beginnings of something with this line of thought. When you consider that ALL the “High” Magick is, ultimately, rooted in a Mind that has reached the level of absolute Command we see in Avatars & True Sorcerers… :wink: Z


Do you know anyone who has bought from the black court?[/quote]
A guy from the magicalevocation forum has praised a spirit vessel he bought from them.


I’m more interested in their items for tampering with the soul


Me too, especially the lich transforming tool, their grimoire is damn expensive.
I wonder if they ship overseas…


Damn you read my mind. That is the exact item I was looking at.


If you guys buy anything from them, lets us know how it goes.


I gotta write them, they sure have a unique system.


Wow guys, that’s quite a site, never heard of that before, that would definately be a good place to start, it is expensive and I wonder about authenticity of relics. The price on herbs and things aren’t bad. My big fear of ordering is the shipping cost. Being international it’s probly gonna end up in customs for a bit. Really wouldn’t want that stuff tracked or a bunch of people touching and handling it before I get it.