Baron Samedi's Message to Those Suffering Mental Illness

I was smoking a cigarette and contemplating my appointment with a psychiatrist when I heard a familiar voice. “Any necromancer worth his salt can raise the dead, hear them, command them, work with them. It takes a truly skilled individual to raise themselves from the dead.” Those who suffer from this bane often think of themselves as powerless, but we are magicians. This is simply a challenge on the path to ascension. I want to extend my best wishes to those who are fellow travelers on the path of mental illness, the spirits are with us. Always.


Well said, Baron Samedi.

FraterMagni, I hope you’ll indeed raise yourself from the dead.

Best of luck to you.


This makes me wonder… what is schizophrenia?
Is it a mental condition in the brain or is it a connection to malevolent Entities🤔

I’m aware of the varying degrees of schizophrenia.


The brain of a schizophrenic person is wired differently, so there is a great physical element to it. But did you know that the brain of a schizophrenic person is very similar to that of a rather creative person?

Now, does this different wiring create a link to malevolent entities? We can’t know for sure. By occam’s razor, most people would tell you that it’s just physical.

Personally, I think it’s both physical and spiritual in nature. The different wiring of the brain causes the person to be in tune with different frequencies, thus receiving different information. But that’s just what I believe.


This is also the same conclusion I had made.
Oh, and science apparently say that genius’s are people who are able to control the schizophrenic switch. That they are able to see from different perspectives.


Ah but what is this switch they speak of? Surely one cannot wire their brain so significantly to a certain way and then rewire it back as it used to be by will, and so quickly.

The more plausible explanation to me is that a genius is capable of tuning in / tapping into different currents / forces / frequencies at will and receive other information. Sort of like a WI-Fi you know. You disconnect from your current internet connection, and connect to another.


But who says the brain would need to rewrite itself if it could merely turn of a section of the brain that cause schizophrenia🤔


It’s not so simple. Although there are zones in the brain that are responsible for different things, you also have the activation of multiple zones at the same time for one thing. The neuron wiring, too, is very important.

As far as I know, there is not one specific zone responsible for schizophrenia that’s dormant. Instead, it’s how the brain itself is wired that’s responsible for the person’s schizophrenia.


In which case say the brain knew which wires to activate/deactivate to cause a schizophrenic episode.

It’s no stranger to us that wiring and rewriring is a pretty normal process for the brain.


I mean, I don’t think it’s possible to rewire yourself to be like a schizophrenic and return back at will and so quickly. Trance states, TSG, etc are not like schizophrenia.


I’m not implying that TGS is related to schizophrenia. I find it curious that physiology states the genius people are able to turn on/off schizophrenia.

Now if I could find that article that would help.

@Lady_Eva is watching us, and she may soon come with her tickling sticks because we derailed the tread abit.


Love the original post here. Sometimes we need a bump in the right direction. Thank you.


Controlled psychosis, I can bounce from any emotion, mental state at will to suit my environment, all energy can be fed on , transmuted and used for ones personal gain.


I have a rare form of schizophrenia called hebephrenia or disorganized schizophrenia. I wish to heal because I think it’s hindering my magic ascension. I don’t have a normal life.


@Lola PM me.

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I’ve been diagnosed with clinical depression. I don’t have enough saratonin in my brain which causes a chemical imbalance would be the medical reason. I got off medication when I found out I was pregnant voluntarily because I didnt want to take the chance it would hurt my child.

I never went back on the medication. Now im not by ANY means advocating non medication. Please take your medication. Its just that I realised I was taking on other peoples emotions and mistaking them as my own. Plus I was in a very poor situation at the time.

The inner work that ive done with spirits has changed my inner self dramatically. Ive strengthened my will where Im no longer a doormat and use sheilding and filtering so i can sense the emotions around but not let them consume me.

But I cant turn my clairaudience on and off. And the way things are going my abilities at hearing spirits are going to get more powerful and more distracting. I can hold down a job but it takes effort and multitasking like I have two brains going at the same time. One is talking to a spirit and the other is doing work. Everyday I wonder how I am able to do this because i dont think about it my brain and body just go go go.

And I cant have any writing programs up on my computer or any paper or writing tools at my desk so I cant write down what is being told to me.


I have the same issues but I’m 99% sure I’m bipolar but I haven’t gotten a diagnosis for that one yet so I suppose we’ll see. My depression is genetic as far as I know and I share your issue of not having enough seratonin in my brain. Medication so far has made me really dull and foggy so I prefer natural alternatives (viva Colorado!) but they haven’t been working lately. I wish you the best and Godsp- I mean Satanspeed.


Baptism is symbolic of death and resurrection. When you enter into magic, you already are raised. I would suggest whatever mental illness you are experiencing, you try to deal with it naturally. My “illness” was because I had been miserable in the place I was with the people I was with. I got out of there and was “miraculously cured”! All of a sudden, high blood pressure, weight problems, reproductive organ issues all soon vanished. Your illness may be from something you don’t want to face. Raising yourself from the dead would mean facing it. (Not committing a crime of course, just facing whatever situation in your life that has gotten you here and making a change.)


IMO, malevolent spirits are most times not very malevolent. It really depends on how you see them.


If i could do it you can as well. PM me if you need advice i did it already.

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