Barachiel, (Barcahiel?)
Angel recognized by the Eastern Orthodox Church
Barakiel a.k.a. Barachiel, Barbiel, Barchiel, Barkiel, Baraqiel, etc. (“lightning of God”) - an angel who can be invoked to grant one success, good fortune and excellent luck in games of chance, along with Uriel and Rubiel. He also inspires joviality, fun and a sense of humor. He is one of the four rulers of the Seraphim, a resident of the Second Heaven, and a ruler of February. He is also the chief angel of the order of Confessors. According to the Almadel of Solomon, along with his other duties, he is one of the chief angels of the first and fourth altitudes and one who rules over lightning. In A Theological Discourse of Angels, he is also said to be a ruler of the planet Jupiter and the zodiac signs of Scorpio and Pisces.

Would anyone happen to have information on this entity, have experience with it, know its sigil or otherwise have any information about it besides the above?

Any help would be appreciated.


I had worked with this entity, and had great results…Shortly after summoning, meaning within minutes, there was quite the notable thunderstorm, and the power in my neighborhood was out for a few hours…I have also been sporadically looking for further information on this being myself…


Sinata: You got a sigil or a reference book for one?

Thank you, this is the exact type of info I was hoping someone had, e.g. experience with the entity. And yes would you explain how you worked with the entity, sigil, etc.?

The entity’s name first came into my head when I was thinking of ‘magickal names’ to come up with since I was inspired by Introduction to magic by evola and thought it would be a good idea at the time (I think it’s idiotic now, just use first name, but to each their own). Anyways wrote down Barakiel as a name, just let names flow into my head, went to bed didn’t think much of it. Two days later download the almadael of Solomon for the first time. Oh…hi Barcahiel. Wtf. Introduction to magic was the only book I had read before the almadael that could be considered ‘occult’ as well and I’m not eastern orthodox…so not exactly sure how I got that name in my head. But yeah to stop rambling
Tldr; Never hear of this entity before; I randomly write down its name as a potential ‘frater’ name; come across the name in almadael two days later.

If you can’t find a sigil, get a Lamen and draw it yourself. I guess this entity is compatible with the Golden Dawn/Judeo Christian Paradigm, so I’d use the Rose Cross. There might be better sigils, but this method has worked for me.


wow I have a lot to learn. I know I am sort of new to all this but I keep reading about angels and demons that I have never even heard about.

Im also looking for information on this Archangel

The invocation reads as follows:

Bring the power of the archangel barakiel to serve me

raise my power of light and bring me into greater gold and light

Barakiel pecsétje , Barakiel pecsétje, astro24h, szerencse, szerencse angyala





where did ya find this if ya don’t mind me asking? Also angels have enns too?

Pretty sure its an enn, I could be wrong.

Do I need to read the invocation on English / my mother tongue or in the one next to “Enn”?

You can read the invocation in your mother tongue. Spirits are capable of understanding all languages.

Angels don’t have “enns.” Enns are for denons only.


Thanks sir :slight_smile:

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@Sinata so the thunderstorm was just a side effect of your calling Barakiel right? But what was your actual request? And how/what was the manifestation?

Just a heads up, the person you are replying to hasn’t posted since last year so they most likely will not respond to you.

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Confirming the Sigil Posted by Mojisalad,
and adding this alternative Sigil,

Which is linked with Samael (lucifer).

HAhaha, good point, still leaving my post here,
since it may be useful for someone else as a resource.



So barachiel is a fallen angel?

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No, that’s not what i’ve said.
I said, for those who normally avoid angels,
there’s a different sigil,
which is aligned with Energies,
the LHP side uses,
so he’s accessable from both sides.



All angels are accessible to the “Left Hand Path.”

The whole idea of “fallen” angels is religious propaganda.


A different sigil for the same entity?
Why using a different sigil from the original?
I don’t get it

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