Baptizing using Godnames in malign magick

During baneful workings, when baptizing a taglock or a poppet to link it to the target, can we do it in the name of YHVH? Is YHVH fine with cursing and working with demons? Or would it be better to use IAO instead?


Yes. This is basically the entire purpose of the Solomonic tradition that wrote the Goetia to begin with.

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But what if I’m not exactly following the Solomonic procedure of evocation? Would it still be okay even if I wouldn’t be using YHVH to control the demons?

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Yes. The Tetragammaton is a simply a word of power. It can be used for anything.


Alright, thanks!

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Remember, Christ cursed a fig tree in the name of God because it wouldn’t produce fruit out of season for him, so baneful workings are not exclusive to being done in the name of Satan or some other demon.


You’re using YHVH to control them if you’re using the name of Tetragrammaton. I don’t understand what you mean by not using the solomonic procedures as in, what exactly is in control if not YHVH?

It sounds like you’ve had to dehumanize the Christ before having to humanize it to keep using the idealistic Christ with your magick.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t use Christ in my magick.

I mustn’t make anymore presumptions, then I must have been projecting that at myself then.

I only mentioned the story about Christ cursing the fig tree to show that even he wasn’t above using the name of God for baneful purposes.

I just want to baptize the taglock or poppet using a Godname and then let demons do the rest of the work. I won’t be using any Godname to control the demons.

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Understood, thanks.

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