Feel possessed by Beelzebub, didn’t do my homework.

How do I banish him?

Ask him to leave.

If that doesn’t work, force him to leave. This usually requires an exorcism and/or the aid of a “higher power” like an archangel and/or deity.

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How do I ask him to leave?

If he has possessed you then you are sharing the same consciousness so simply talk to him. Explain yourself and your reasons for wanting him gone. He already knows but be polite but firm. Think of it like getting rid of a guest who has overstayed his welcome. Talk first, then legal action aka force, if he doesn’t leave.

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Still no luck, do I result to the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram?

Hey there! So, let’s talk about Beelzebub for a moment. Now, I totally get that he may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But hey, no worries! If you’re not vibing with him and want him out of the picture, I’ve got a friendly suggestion for you. Just petition archangel Michael and kindly ask him to kindly escort the demon away. Bonus tip: Archangel Michael is a fan of white candles, white wine, and yummy sweet candy. So, you know, maybe add those in when you make your request. Hope this little tidbit of info comes in handy for you! Cheers!


Thank you for your response, the experience hasn’t been too negative.

Yesterday I noticed my clairaudience has improved but dreaming at night is a little tough, I don’t feel very in control like I normally do.

Also I am a little concerned about timing, how long can one be possessed for without causing damage to the light body?

This possession feeling is very familiar to me as if I have been through this already, perhaps I am further through the alchemical process than I initially thought

The lbrp is not for banishing spirits and protection. Israel Regardie wrote in his own books that the lbrp is just for shining a light on you in the astral to begin spirit communication.

Nowadays everyone tells new aspiring occultist to banish with the lbrp and it doesn’t even do that.

I do not intend to derail this thread about the lbrp, just saying it’s not going to do much if you feel are you possessed.


So what ritual do you use for banishing spirits?

I personally do this one to clear the space and get in the zone before ritual, but if you feel some entity is really lingering then you have to figure something else out and probably appeal to a higher power. Possession is very rare, and the majority are of dead people that desperately want to live and feel again.

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I have no doubt in my mind that over the last four days I have been possessed. A heavy weight on my heart and chest has been physical symptoms and in astral, my arms have been waving and dancing like they are made out of jelly, and all my dreams have been very demonic with my voice not sounding like me at all.

Perhaps Beelzebub has done this to teach me a hard lesson, as when I first invoked him the night I fell asleep he pinned me to the ground and said you do realise what you are doing is Satanic…

Think I’ve went into this a little too blindly without any precautionary measures or protection.

I have started doing the LBRP morning and night and last nights dreams were no where near as demonic so LBRP is definitely slowly working.

I will give this one a go tonight, thanks for the suggestion.

How sure are you that it is Beelzebub and not some other entity that has slipped into your ritual?

What other symptoms do you have?

Do you by any chance also have some kind of sadness that started to occur from the day you suspect the possession happened?

Possession has several phases, and from what you say you are probably in the middle one.

Years ago something similar happened to me, but it was with another entity who snuck into my ritual and I banished him with the goddess Kali.

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Do you have unresolved, preconceived notions about the demonic?
It might have happened because demons can confront us with our fear, so if you were (either consciously or unconsciously) thinking that there is a chance that you´ll get possessed, maybe Beelzebub did so to force you to confront that fear.

Whatever the case may be, Im happy to hear that the LBRP is helping you!

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Well the night I opened the sigil (sigil from AE’s Koetting’s book) I felt a shadow jump into my vessel while I was meditating I assumed this was normal in invocation?

I then had a dream of Beelzebub and met him in human form (he looked like American Psycho actor at first). His present was not threatening. After leading me into another room. He pinned me to the ground and said “you do realise what you are doing is satanic” then someone entered the room, from other peoples descriptions it was perhaps Mot? Then Beelzebub shapeshifts into a serpent like woman kinda like the girl on xmen.

I then shouted “I want to be cast into the lake of fire” of which I felt like I had no control in saying…

I then woke up immediately and since then my dreams have felt demonic, also when asking the entity to leave I felt I was given a sarcastic response… the song “Should I stay or should I go” by the Clash kept repeating in my head.

I haven’t felt any sad emotions or depressive thoughts, just woken up a bit frazzled from some of the content in my dreams

Thanks Chris following on from the above, perhaps I do have some preconceived notions in my subconscious.

I know that the bible is allegorical but perhaps damnation does play on my mind sometimes. Do you have any suggestions for overcoming such thoughts?

If you opened the ritual correctly and the area was protected from outside entities then we could analyse that it could be Beelzebub entering your psyche.

But the next question remains:

If you did not ask for it, could it be considered an aggression?

If not, we should not minimise it as “the entity is testing you”, if you did not ask for it, then it is a clear invasion.

I believe this to be a very individualistic thing so you have to tweak this to your personal needs, but I can tell you what helped me in this regard.

First of all I asked myself “Why would I be damned? Who would damn me?”, the answer to this was obviously that God would damn me because Im not following his wishes.
That already took the edge of for me because whenever I asked God for help when I was still a Christian I received literally nothing, so its quite fair to say that Ive experienced God as quite the impotent force. So likewise, why would he now suddenly have the power to damn me, whereas before he exhibited no power whatsoever?

There is also the angle that multiple faiths and religions exist and that while Satanism does borrow from Christianity, it isnt a 1:1 copy. So for example a Satanist does not believe that he will be damned (or he reframes damnation as something positive). Basically…if so many faiths exist, why would I be damned for chosing the one that fits me personally way better than Christianity?

Again, this is very individualistic but hopefully I could give you a few starting points you can explore :slight_smile:

Appreciate this Chriss, these are the kinds of thoughts I have been trying to comprehend. In one of Crowleys books, I read how the gematria to the word Christian means Deceiver so perhaps I need to read more satanic books to understand the process of ascension better and move away from the Christian concepts of what satanism actually is.


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Absolutely! Though it´s definitely a process. I´ve been doing this for a few years now and I´m definitely way less bothered by it than I was when I just started out, but some residual indoctrination still remains. So take it at your own pace man, it´s a marathon.

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