Banishing tip please.. thx :)

Hi, I have 2 malicious guests attached.
I perform vibrations vee-nah-sah three times a day for 20 minutes.
Isn’t it better to do this vibrations 1 a day for 40 min.
For various reasons?
Aren’t the energies better then?
Thank you in advance love!

Laugh at them…whatever ur trying to banish it, just laugh at it.


Always worked for me and my mother :woman_shrugging:t2: as well as ignoring it

However, do a cleansing every now and then just in case. Show it has no power over you


You can do many things like using consecrated expelling water, elixirs, exorcisms, sage burning in the home. However I’m going to share with you right now the most potent and greatest method I’ve used for banishing, I combined various methods of banishment, purification and exorcism all together to have the best effect.

What you’re going to need is.

  1. Sage
  2. Bowl of natural water (Rain Water, Sea Water, Water From Stream) if this isn’t possible tap water will suffice although it isn’t as effective.
  3. Salt (Himalayan Pink Salt, Kosher Salt, Sea Salt) those are the best, if you cannot get them then you can use regular table salt as a replacement.

Now begin by filling up a small bowl of water, next add about three to five pinches of salt into the bowl. Next sit down and get into a meditative/receptive state, close your eyes and begin focusing on your breath. Connect to and visualise the spiritual light within you, the divine essence of the soul that is within us all. Once that’s visualised as a bright white light, feel it first, sense that emanating from it is the light of the divine, the super soul, it emanates total clarity, peace, serenity, security and purity. As you breathe visualise this light swirling within the centre of your chest, as you breathe it moves in accordance with your breath around and around.

Keep doing this until the energy can be felt increasing within that area, now take your middle and index finger on your right hand, stick them outwards together. The rest of the fingers and thumb are folded inwards, stick the middle and index finger into the bowl of water and close your eyes. Now visualise that’s light swirling and building within your chest, as you exhale deeply visualise it emanate to your right shoulder, down your right arm, down the wrist into your right hand and finally emanating out of the middle and index finger as bright white ray of light.

Now visualise the ray shine into the water, imbuing it with that spiritual purity as well as activating the dormant elemental power that water already possesses. Now visualise that deep within this ray of light, shines tiny particles of spiritual light, which actually shine brighter than the rays. See these particles of light actually enter into the small slay flakes dissolving in the water, as that happens. See the salt residue absorb it and emanate it outwards like a crystalline prism of light. Keep breathing in and out, in and out, into the water until you feel the water has become fully imbued.

Now stand up enter the first room, light the sage and go to each wall and ceiling allowing the smoke to touch every inch of the room, fumigating it. Now dip your fingers into the water and splash the room with these tiny droplets. As the droplets fall on the walls, ceiling and furniture, visualise in your mind the area being purified right then and there. As you do this as you begin splashing the room recite out loud.

“Ashtu Malku Tadat Arkata, Sastus Seckz Altamu Partu, Iretempal Krez Ta Felta Vaskalla Regent.
Met Senturus, Ta Sastrus Esto Melta, Kelta, Kelta, Kelta, Hine”

This incantation is one of Ea Koetting’s from his book Kingdom Of Flames, it’s great for banishing and purification. Once done in that room, go into another room and repeat the process, allowing the smoke to smother the area, splash some of the energetic imbued water and recite the incantation.
Do this in every room once done return to the room your started in, hold out both your hands into the air. Close your eyes and visualise every room in the house is enlightened and engulfed in a mass like cloud of white light and state.

“By the rays of the divine, by the graceful and serene powers that be, all harm is sent away, all malevolence towards the occupants of this home be gone. All the negativity, all the gross degrading forces of nature, are vanquished in, be gone, be gone, be gone”.

As you repeat over and over “be gone” visualise these clouds explode in each room, as if all the spiritual purity gathered and coalesced as singularities of purity in each area and have now exploded like neutron stars. Spreading their light filled cosmic guts all over the place, every spiritual particle and every fibre of that home will be covered by a blanket of absolute purity.

I always suggest at that minute it is best to leave all doors open, all windows open and I’d even suggest you take a walk for a few minutes. As you return and step through your door, everything seems so different the air is as fresh as it’s ever been. The house feels brand new, the energy is more alive and enlivens and even makes you feel happy, positive and secure. It’s an overall perfect atmosphere at that moment and now you can bask in its ambiance.


Hey, Adam.t. I’m writing this from the cumulative experience of somebody once stuck in similar enough shoes; not having had a clear plan for escape a number of years ago, myself. Certain hauntings in a few households I’d been stuck in until my early twenties had made life a living hell. “Ghost hunting” investigations held with friends out of morbid curiosity throughout didn’t help things if I were to guess. Given the intensity, it’s become hard even after having found a way out so long ago – and mostly on my own – to not still grasp that overwhelming sense of raw frustration and terror anyone else must struggle with in crying for help which may never directly come. That same helplessness wound up becoming a huge catalyst for the serious study and practice of the occult in my case. Better than just repelling troublesome spirits, however; I eventually learned there are ways to fight back on their turf and even kill the very creatures which sometimes may pester us as sensitives and astral magick practitioners.

Needless to say, banishing, for me, received far more attention than probably from many others given my past. Long before evocation entered the picture, I became intent upon and even obsessed with banishing. I continued at this rate until realizing the ease with which overkill could be applied as well as determining that banishing and protection items often weren’t even necessary. That said, in relation to astral pests, it is no exaggeration that with a little focused intent and will, many seemingly terrifying spirits can be commanded away without invoking more than a sense of divinity and some intolerance. But aside from being a fan of overkill like many on here, they might not always just be pesky parasites. So, okay. Let’s dive into taking control over the astral plane around you in more ways than any person could seemingly need. :man_shrugging:

That said, the below options are comprised only from methods I have tried and tested, and can therefore confidently recommend be stacked into one synergistic hydrogen bomb banishing rite made suitable for any occasion. But I can say most parasitic spirits won’t likely require going near full out for them to decide it’s not worth working so hard for a meal. The vast majority of sensitives, after all, won’t effectively fight back against their attempts at oppression. If you were to watch a lot of haunted house TV programs, a person would see that it seems most everyone eventually tries in vain to charge in and confront their problem head on, but in the same breath will admit to having been uncertain or doubtful of success and their own spiritual authority at the time. These same people always seem to make their situations worse, and regret trying. That had happened to me, too, and for the same reason. So whether gaining alliance with spiritual allies or by tapping your own divinity more directly: anyone haunted will need to feel certain about their actions when it comes to making any. Yet while doing so may or may not seem wholly realistic right now, as E.A. said, even his own daughter years ago as a young child had been taught to banish spiritual pests from her bedroom through intent and will.

To proceed any further the cause of this event needs to be narrowed down as much as possible. What did you mean by the spirits being “attached” in your opinion, and why do you think it had happened? Because you hadn’t mentioned a practitioner to be likely working against you, I will assume it isn’t that for now. Did your haunting start shortly after you’d moved in? If so, we may be able to simply cleanse your property; more or less, so to speak. And then keep it clean. Or maybe we can appease any irritated local guardians; as I have had a run in with one of those in an area I later learned was used for rituals which I’d disrespected, and it seemingly almost cost my life through some nutty accidents nearby. Or maybe you directly or indirectly invited these spirits into your life in some way like a Ouija board? Maybe it was an ill fated attempt at conjuration for whatever reason?

If we determine they’re most likely attached to your aura, and not just to your immediate locale or some object therein, then you may need to perform an exorcism. If an exorcism is required, you wouldn’t necessarily have to go and find a priest, or expect anything Hollywood-like to happen if unfamiliar. Not to worry: I have performed exorcisms on myself peacefully on more than one occasion over the years after having burned my fingers. And I’m happy to point you in the right direction now. There is plenty written out there, and some really good stuff, too. But it should be stated that any undergoing any possession implies that the given possessing spirit will remain nearby for life, and therefore will be likely require future intervention once again at some point.
(Link: The Exorcist’s Handbook by Josephine McCarthy)

Banishing Mega-Rite:

Take A Psychic Shower
Using reiki, I’ll literally give HSZSN (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) and DKM (Dai Ko Myo) to my shower head like I would to myself. But CKR (Cho Ku Rei) would be fine instead. If you are initiated at level II or beyond, then you’ll understand how and why immediately; HSZSN being the distance symbol, and DKM being the master symbol.

In any case, holding the intent in mind has it basically work itself out. While doing so, as much as with the body, it is intended for the water to cleanse the aura through reiki being channeled along with the scrubbing and cutting-away action of activated hand chakras applied to major chakras and so forth. You can do this without reiki using visualization to a satisfactory extent, however. And a dry bathing version of either is possible whenever an actual shower might not be convenient.

Your aura should feel lighter in a way afterward; clearer. Dry off and put on some clean clothes, or a clean robe.

Slightly Open A Window
It’s probably something New Age in derivation, but leaving a window slightly cracked in the final room you expect to have banished helps to crystalize the intent involved with house clearings. It’s symbolic of providing an exit path from your life and home. I like it, anyway. Feel free to give it a shot. :slight_smile:

Inner Stillness & Quiet
Whatever works for you would be just fine here. I lately perform the Gate of Heka meditation as taught by Jason Miller. In essence, just as a pendulum is seen to pause for a moment before changing directions, there is also a moment of stillness where there’s similarly a pause between changes in the direction of the breath. Though we struggle to remain aware of the fact at times, we are not the pain, pleasure or the emotions or the body itself which can sweep us away, or anything else at all but the silent observer beyond it all. Focus in on this kernel of stillness between each inhalation and exhalation, and expand it more and more through every breath until your mind seems clear enough and ready to go.

Find & Seal Any Open “Portals”
For now, I’m going to assume you simply moved into a haunted house which was already haunted before you had gotten the key, and that this hasn’t progressed to possession. But this step is always good to consider as it can’t hurt. When ready then, allow yourself a few deep breaths, and as you do, also allow your mind to begin to still itself. Perform the flame chant: "Itz rachu mantantu vespacha kaltamu, Itz ranta mant kala mant atzu belt tazu, Vaskalla itz rachu kantantu velchatza, until entering state. Open your psychic senses to your immediate environment by activating them and quieting your mind while focusing outward. Take a physical walk around your home with your third eye and/or other psychic senses open, while, again, doing your best to hold the monkey mind silent to feel around for an “energetic portal” — as this “thin spot in the veil” type phenomena is so often called. You’ll know if and when you feel it without a doubt. To help possibly save time and guess where to start your search, it may be useful to ask where you recall the most phenomena to have occurred.

I’m sorry this process has to be so vaguely described even though the feeling is clear once it’s been found. The process of locating a portal is a bit like using a pendulum in a way, and you could even use one of those if you needed or liked. If and when an open portal has been found in or around your location though, sealing it would be done pretty much how it sounds at face value. And I would bet there are already plenty who have written about how to perform the process online as it’s not particularly demanding or unintuitive; especially if one can manipulate energy already to any degree.

Astral Blood Sacrifice
One approach I’ve used a few times prior to later banishings done for sake of tidying up is to kill the bastards and be done with it. This, while satisfying on many levels, also provides the added bonus of the offender apparently not being able to return to annoy you once your environment has returned to its organic, pre-banished state. And that said, the first related approach is the most simple: invoke aide from your spiritual allies. The astral forms of astral wildlife seem to contain spiritual energy just like how a balloon contains air. Deities like Belial would take even human lives as sacrifices through ritual, and therefore using the same process on a spirit to clear a haunting does not seem terribly different in theory or practice. For another helpful spirit to apply toward clearing a haunting, call on, let’s say, Hekate. You would usually right after an encounter want to invoke Hekate’s energy within yourself, and this is to be done specifically because any oppressive spirit with which you’re dealing may have already obtained a good foothold over the external environment when your location is and has been truly haunted.

You assumedly won’t have an organic fetish link to the spirit like a shirt that it wore, or some kind of photo. When ready, remember your encounters with the spirit clearly and make this recollection as real as possible, or either use spirit sight or getting up and finding and then connecting to your malicious spirit directly through exploration as before. In any case, latch onto its energy signature with focus until you lock in. Hold this focus steady in mind, but turn your focus also toward Hekate and attempt to offer the spirit unto her in word and intent and feeling as a sacrifice which you have bridged yourself in between. Feel the intent of your petition and it’s finality, then simply leave it up to the spirit with which you work and move on with the remainder of your banishing process. In that way it is generally just like presenting any other offering to her.

The process of offering astral wildlife as a sacrifice has felt pretty similar to using a physical person’s fetish item to spawn a psychic link in your mind which could be used to sick a demon on them. That said, there aren’t many examples to mention since having gained the ability to fight back, but there is one such time which comes to mind with an annoyingly ”playful“ apparition found in an old house my ex-girlfriend had rented with a friend for a few months. The details she had given of it’s manifestations and rarer ‘pranks’ sounded benign enough, so I had not bothered to banish out of basic consideration for life up until it started showing itself to me in exactly the same way, or so I later found out on having mentioned it. The manifestations happened a few more times despite gentle forms of banishing with applied energy and intent having been used to push it out and away. It didn’t seem to get the point or warning. So after having used this technique to offer it as a sacrifice to Hekate, when I had asked my then girlfriend about having encountered that spirit anymore around a month or so later, I can remember she had been surprised to say she hadn’t seen it for some time as she began to think back, and best of all wasn’t aware that I had gotten rid of it for her until I’d told her right after answering. It had not returned after that as well.

Vamping Out
I originally had written out a long piece on how to do this before finally realizing adept psychic vampires obviously wouldn’t need the instructions. Those who’d need any instruction at all would probably wind up regretting the decision to try killing parasites this way without sufficient prerequisite skills as a base to stand upon in their doing so.

Needless to say, a person can in fact remotely connect to a spirit at any distance as much as with a human energy signature. This action again would require recalling prior encounters with being haunted, and also any presence or form potentially noted therewith. It’s also possible, again, to go and look for their energy signature around the location, or to use spirit-sight to accomplish this.

Moreover, and only if necessary, if you don’t yet know the spirits within an area, then the classic technique of provocation works when done correctly. I have found it to have a formula: to successfully provoke, the practitioner must use their ritual voice or at least just the inner mental ritual voice to call out in projecting any taunts and mockery onto the astral like with a megaphone, but you must open your psychic senses and quiet your mind after having done so in order to be able to perceive the result. I had firsthand success locating a spirit in a crowded public daytime location of all things. Because of that I know the relative quiet and lack of people in your own home would be nothing like it. To illustrate the idea, going back some years I can recall how I had met this witchy girl from Craigslist when it was still a thing. That night in the bar which she invited me to I had been put on the spot in being asked if I could sense a spirit she had encountered some earlier time. Closing my eyes and trying to drown out the commotion of a busy bar as best I could, I scanned around and yet found nothing right up until realizing nervously I was going to fail her challenge. Oh, the things we maybe have done while trying to get laid- but nonetheless, I began silently projecting a rather rude conjuration accented with certain four letter words, and laced with mockery in calling it a coward for things like hiding and not showing itself to me when called forth. I continued scanning around and doing this until to my surprise a full grown caucasian man in his late 30s or so in a cowboy hat, red flannel and denims rather angrily appeared to my third eye. I can still recall the shock on both of our faces while sitting next to each other on our stools in sharing the confirmation of something otherworldly yet again. For the record, I did apologize profusely after that. From experience, it is entirely possible to gain actual astral enemies, and time is unfortunately on their side.

Shielding is always smart to consider, and this can be done as seen in basic psionics through the creation of a bubble-like structure or similar thoughtform around oneself. It’s important to note that this bubble is used with the addition of a tendril or tendrils to be extended out and beyond. Alternative shielding can be accomplished more simply through invoking a spirit ally such as Belial and assuming his godform.

As a word of warning, this technique of vampiric attack should in general only be attempted if and when not dealing with those rare kinds of spirits capable of producing massive, powerful manifestations. This is because any spirit in question will likely fight back in defense of its own death by attempting to drain you in turn at least. However, having a physical body is a superior defense and battery source which non-physical entities lack. Those things die when popped or when they’ve been sufficiently drained. And they seem to know it. That said, their energy is not compatible with our own, and should probably be processed. Search Google for how to process prana if it is needed. Their prana will likely feel foreign or alien until then. Moreover, it should be noted that spirits seem to have strangely static emotions compared to the dynamic or fluid-like emotional states of humans. You will at times gain snapshots of these emotions and a related personality just like when feeding from humans.

Choosing Less Direct Solutions
It may turn out that you and others may not yet have the benefit of turning to working relationships with spirits, or may simply not wish to make the job of banishment so personal. And truth be told: I don’t often prefer such messy approaches to solving problems as I had begun to suggest above. That in mind, below is a progressive series of rites and rituals used to raise the energetic qualities of your environment for sake of general banishment. It is like a psychic leaf blower compared to the above set of psychic scalpels.

“As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without”
First comes actually taking stock of the room you’re in: feeling for any possible presences and those filthy residual energies which have come to reside along with you. Don’t actively try to do any of this: just focus on your preferred psychic sense(s) and allow things to begin to appear if and how they will. Then start by literally physically cleaning and arranging that room since it will alter your mood and energy itself. Briefly note any changes again before continuing.

Banishment by Flames
Having memorized the flame chant, speak forth: “Itz Rachu Mantantu Vespacha Kaltamu, Itz Ranta Mant Kala Mant Atzu Belt Tazu, Vaskalla Itz Rachu Kantantu Velchatza”. Repeat this aloud until you’re feeling charged up and in state. At that point, inhale and concentrate the flames within yourself, and on breathing outward, blast the same as a concentrated stream outward from your palm while rotating counterclockwise, and continuously chanting: “Out! Out! Out!”. Pulling in more with each breath, and not running out; this does not need to be done as a clear visualization by any means. Be sure to feel the energies of the room emptying a satisfactory amount before having finished.

Banishing Oration From Kingdoms of Flame
Take sage if you have it, and once lit, circumnambulate the room and chant the banishing from Kingdoms of Flame: “Ashtu Malku Ta Dat Arkata, Sastus Seckz Altamu Partu, Ire Tempal Krez Ta Felta, Vaskalla Regent Met Senturus, Ta Sastrus Estos Melta, Kelta Kelta Kelta Hine”. Walk in the direction your tradition suggests such as counter-clockwise for banishment. It may likely help your trance state to walk in rhythm with the words.

Do this until the room has lightened in a curiously hard to describe kind of way. Once this effect is noticed, however, then one by one, while waving your sage; go over and provide some focused extra attention to the actual four corners of that room as spirits seem to have a penchant for hiding there. You can do all of this just fine without the sage, too, of course.

The Vibration of Divine Names
This technique is simple but powerful, and kind of like throwing a spiritual grenade into the room. If it’s needed, instruction is given in E.A.'s OAA Discourses on how to vibrate divine names, but it’s pretty common knowledge online and elsewhere. This is not too dissimilar to the last step, anyway; where we applied the KoF banishing oration.

It isn’t by any means a fool proof solution, but vibrating divine names can quickly hammer down or at least weaken a lot of problems in itself. This is not an exaggeration: divine names can literally harm and even kill astral wildlife in my experience. I’ve reduced a harpy to a gray, lifeless film using some of the words below and an astral pentagram. Perhaps it’s due to the energy being contrary to their own?

Whatever the reason it works, I have chosen to include a variety of names to be rattled off even though I am not Christian or a Thelemite any longer, myself. Literally any divine names including those of personal spiritual significance may be used: use whatever works. If bothered by any of the power words below, please simply skip over those names which offend. This is less about creating a conducive environment for ritual, and more about picking up any figurative weapon able to be grabbed and slugging around energy to achieve a practical result.

But whenever prepared, inhale and concentrate the flames within once again, and release this energy forth whilst vibrating as many times as needed:-
-HEH YOD RESH VAV (ie, this is as in “Horus”)

Feel around for any changes in the environment after each word and before continuing.

Daemonic LBRP
After having done the above, one is able to proceed to draw down and balance the divine “light” in order to then use the same and an accompanying divine state for sake of banishing the room ritually. This is accomplished through charging astrally drawn symbols and then calling upon spiritual allies. It sounds complicated, but think of this simple astral Swiss army knife as simply kicking the last step up by several proverbial notches through usage of conscious symbolism as figurative lens for directing intent.

To do so effectively, for years now I have used and recommended my version of the daemonic LBRP which incidentally can be found on site. I will link to a version for you and anyone else who may feel the need to use it until eventually deciding to cast one of their own.
(Link: “Is there a daemonic version to the LBRP - #31 by leo”)

Temple Purification & Consecration
First we will purify the temple by water and then will consecrate with fire; further raising the vibrational state of things around us in drawing down and balancing contraries. Start in any direction, but westward is most traditionally common for water. State: “I now purify this temple in the name and element of water.” Take a cup of consecrated salt water, dip your fingers in, and reach up and to the left with a splash to form a point of light as you say: “MPH” (EEMPAY). Move in a line to the right and make another point with a another splash vibrating: “ARSL” (ARSA-ELL). Like water itself descending under the power of gravity, make a third point below groin level by dipping your fingers in the water and giving a third shake in that direction, vibrating: “GAIOL” (GAH-EE-OLL). Moving counterclockwise to the next quarter while tracing a line in light, and repeat the same steps until you’ve returned to the beginning. Truly you can turn either direction, but the second portion must be performed in the opposite direction for sake of overall symbolism being used. For now, only after returning to the quarter in which you started, declare: “The temple is now purified in the name and element of water.”

Retrieve your lit incense or just a lighter, and go over to the opposite quarter from which you’d started, for example, eastward. Declare your intent: “I now consecrate this temple in the name and element of fire.” Moving your arm with the incense below and to the right for example, form point of light and make a puff of smoke happen with each tap, vibrating, “OIP" (OH-EE-PAY). Move over in a line to the other shoulder’s side, forming a point of light there and vibrating, “TEAA" (TAY-YAA-AH). And then like a flame will climb, move your hand upward to form the topmost point of your triangle in a ball of light above head-height level, and vibrate, “PDOCE" (PAY-DOH-CHAY). Move clockwise or rightward to the next quarter, and keep doing so until you have returned from where you’d started, stating aloud: “I now declare the temple consecrated in the name and element of fire.”

Look and feel around and sense the astrally formed hexagrams of balanced opposites. Again feel and see yourself in the midst of all the charged symbols before continuing.
On the aside, the names are from the Enochian system. Feel free to look up any as needed for your understanding. Also, it won’t be required to read any of the calls as this is not a full on evocation or anything, so don’t worry.

Rose+Croix Rite
Next up, as shown by the directions which are being banished, this is a higher level banishing rite than the LBRP. It is also a banishing contrarily done through an invocation of energies, no less. It’s useful if nothing else as pentagram rites actually make you visible to spirits if you were to think about why for even a moment. This will form a box of astral energy around you and your pentagrams while acting both as a cloak and source of protection. To do so we will specifically perform a hacked variant of the Golden Dawn’s Rose Cross rite. We will only be using up to step #14, and then will finish by applying an oration taken from modern grimoire New Avatar Power instead of the expected “keyword analysis”.

The astral symbols to be drawn are formed in between the averse pentagrams of the prior daemonic LBRP. This means we’re using South-West, North-West, North-East and South-East. We will also be drawing one each above and below ourselves. And whereas in performing this rite normally one would form solar energy crosses of light in each quarter while vibrating “Yeheshua”, and at the end would form one last, even larger retraced cross that is circled in light with “Yeheshua” and “Yehovasha” being vibrated around it- I didn’t resonate with the Abrahamic influence enough to use it given possible alternatives. So instead we will be making our primary crosses equal armed and from out of emerald green Hekate energy whilst vibrating ”Hekate”, and then on the last, larger cross where the outer circle is formed, instead of “Yeheshuah” and “Yehovasha” as in the original, it is instead to be drawn forth in electric blue Lucifer energy whilst vibrating, “Lucifer".


In doing so, especially if you’d evoked either of these two prior, then try to remember their energy signatures to the best of your ability. Allow each to come flooding into mind to then be directed outward. In any case, after having banished through invoking a possession of the room with the energies of Hekate and Lucifer in all the quarters along with the both above and below, one proceeds with pronouncing the oration as taken from New Avatar Power:
“In the names that are above all other names, I banish from this place all seeds of evil! They are bound as with chains, and cast into the outer darkness where they shall no longer trouble the seekers of truth!”

If you’re really in the mood to beat a dead horse, it’s always possible to turn to the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram. I would suggest it being done for Saturn as it by default would contain all other energies just like how earth contains all the other elemental energies in the case of LBRP. Needless to say: there are plenty of variations to be found on this ritual from which your own favorite can be chosen according to individual taste.

Some Warding Ideas
Now that you also have thoroughly banished your environment, this would be a fine time for sigils or other magickal devices used as amulets to be consecrated and placed around the home and within rooms. For one simple option, a person may consecrate the Seal of Pirichiel as found within the The Lesser Key of Solomon. It is stated therein that he has over 2000 good natured knights at his command. In consecrating Pirichiel’s seal on a more permanent medium and displaying it hopefully somewhere prominently, he can be called upon to apply these knights as familiars for defense of the home along with optional consecration of any physical manifestation bases like plants or other items grounded via offerings and periodic reconsecration.
(Link: The Lesser Key of Solomon: Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis - Google Books)

Shields Up
Just to further gild the lily, after clearing the home and putting up our wards, we’ll be putting up our own shields a bit more through usage of the NAP Offensive Armor ritual. Because, why not? :slight_smile:
(Link: New Avatar Power Offensive Armor Ritual 3 X More Powerful - Studio Arcanis)

There is always more which could be done, but this should be more than plenty. And any of my specific questions aside, please do try to let us know how your situation is unfolding if possible in any case. Best of luck with everything. And be well.



Thx Leo u helped me a lot and all of u, I will be writing the details leater, now I need to banish things.:slight_smile:

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