Banishing Questions!

I’ve been wondering about something in mind
Is every demon got his/her own way of banishing or they’re the same?
And do Goetia demons banish on their own or…?
Thanks for your time, appreciate it!


Coming from A Golden Dawn Perspective: there is no unique way that each spirit wants to be banished. The procedure is the same (which would be the lbrp or such a rite) for any and all spirits

Coming from A Black Magic Perspective:
You do not HAVE to banish the energies of Darkness or a Demon unless it suits you or your circumstances (other people, etc)

Coming from My Perspective: There a myriad of ways to banish a spirit. A spirit could tell you to use a egg as a way to banish its energies lol.
It could tell you to play “Push the feeling on” by The Nightcrawlers to banish it.

It will vary as your paradign and growth as a magician varies.

On the Goetia:
If you dont tell them to leave (as in a invocation) they will stay. Some leave on their own especially during a channeling session. That is, if you have the guts to relax and LET THEM FINISH SPEAKING WITHOUT CONTROLLING THEM OR WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY!

Makes sense?


Yeeeaa kinda of :thinking: I’ve seen many threads warning about summoning without knowing how to banish so I wanted relief myself >,>
But thanks, I guess that’ll do it!

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I would only add to this that the ability to banish is not only relevant to the spirit you WANT to work with. I feel it is still worth knowing how to clear a room for the eventuality of uninvited guests. Of course you would be silly to be forceful with what you invite to you, but who is to say everything that comes is something you call?


What about King Paimon will he leave on his own or…?

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No one wants that wonderful King to leave! Everyone loves him.

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I thought I got that out of my head for good more than a decade ago and it all came back at once.

As for your question OP it depends on the system I’m using but for the most part I use the kingdom of flames baneshing before and after the ritual.


From a demonolatry perspective and in keeping with the teachings of BALG, instead of “banishing”, try a “license to depart” at the end of the ritual:

Bad example:

“Hey it was a slice, thanks for hearing me out, stick around and finish the munchy plate, but yeah, I’m going to call it a night. Laterz!” … but do it properly and respectfully.

Basically, thank the spirit and express that the ritual is done. Strike a little bell or clap your hand or something. Reminding the spirit that they will receive whatever offering when the task is done … think of something.

Now prior to the ritual, again, instead of a “banishing” , use a centering ritual. This will put you into a fantastic mental space to begin the ritual. Ring a bell or clap your hands or something to express that the ritual has begun. Just don’t start the ritual until you are in the right head space.

Just my opinion. Works for me.


Depends. If you are asking for his help, then it is kind of a given that you would ask him to go and carry it out, so this is a basic license to depart. Even if I was to banish a room I still ask politely before I begin; that way it does not need to be forceful unless the parties involved want it that way.


I don’t banish them. Lucifer is in my space ALL the time and I like it. Others come and go as they please. I still cleanse, and do upkeep but I always state it out loud what I’m doing and my intention is never to get rid of them.


Yeah generally, why get rid of 'em? Let them as they wilt. Tis fun.

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So letting other spirits while calling the spirit that I want won’t make any problems or wdym guys I’m new ,-,

:point_up: this

Not everything that can show up is friendly this is why it is advised to know a method to deal with them. PARASITES Are a pAiN -__-


I’ve been reading threads about how to get rid of them and most of it is saying (if they’re stubborn or sth) just shout I order you to leave so all I have to do is just shouting? :0

No. I dunno where around here ya read this regarding parasites but no. Unfortunetly its not that simple :skull_and_crossbones:

I guess I’ve to make a lot of research’s about it T-T

My little take on Banishing is that it is a bit outdated or maybe it is because as a kid I would allow spirits to live with me and even talk to me and give me advice on homework etc.I was pretty lonely and initially it would seem I had imaginary friends.But in some cases, where spirits have been accidentally evoked or kids are involved, it is necessary.

But these were spirits, they liked me.The only hostile spirit I met was at the age of 14 when I became mysteriously ill it would attack me and my bed at night.Despite all sorts of prayers from all organized religions, it didn’t stop. At age 20 I saw in a dream that when I left for another country to study, it was a black eyed, fair , round headed man with a chaotic face boarding the same plane as me.I saw myself panicking and hiding in a public bathroom at the airport and I saw his hand grab mine from under the stalls.It was scary.Later on I kind of met the same spirit making me sicker and lonelier whenever I would look for a relationship or marriage.

It is a bit weird but when I met my husband, I was sure the thing had taken up a human, gentle form.Maybe it just loved me a lot and was being protective all these years.All those relationships would have made a mess of me anyways.Later on I also found out that had I not fallen mysteriously ill at 15, I would have never achieved the success I did as a lonely kid studying privately.

I consider spirits and especially VIP spirits like Lord Lucifer and Lord Paimon to be tough masters of love.You can call them and they will come.They love being the light as long as you show devotion and respect.But if I had a VIP spirit around me I would feel terrible if I was banishing them like cats or dogs.Its a guest who has come through to help and advise you.They can stay as long as they like to assess what’s wrong in my life and help me fix it.

They are god forms.Essentially, banishing is our bias from organised religion.No one banishes the blood thirsty and Good for Nothing Mono God after prayer does they? Why should we banish our friends and saviours who actually exist to help us?

This is just my take on Banishing.I know many people will cite how Crowley almost got eaten up by a demon in the desert as the blood energy from the sacrifice he gave was not enough.That account seems weird to me.Either he should have known the strength of what he was bringing on or maybe something occurred which really annoyed the demon.Crowley was a sound magician or so his books state so.But he was doing so many evocations just because he could and not because he needed to.Maybe if someday a learner magician decides to evoke a whole army or legion for ‘fun’ , they will get a rebuke.Such evocations without the purpose of growth or help can amount to crank calls in the 1990’s I think.

Again, this is just my small two cents on Banishing.

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That thread made me more confused @_@ idk when I should banish or who T-T…

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During and after your ritual/evocation, etc.,
Verbally state what you’re doing as you’re doing it. Make sure you have the assigned candles and correct sigils so you know who you’re communicating with. Pretend you’re entertaining your friends and explain to them what you’re doing and what you need as you’re going along. You must stay calm and assertive, never yell or act hostile. Some spirits will try to hang around and mess with you if they know you’re new and you don’t know what you’re doing yet. When you are done your ritual, thank the spirits for coming, then politely ask them to leave. Cover their sigils and put them away. As long as they received payment (food, alcohol and/or special incense) they’re supposed to do what you ask. Learn the LBRP (google it, EA Koetting has a video about it) and practice this after every ritual to clear your space, atleast until you’re comfortable with what you’re doing. When you gain experience you can decide in the future if you want certain spirits to stay or not if you choose to pact with them.