Banishing in dreams and Nightmares

So I have had frequent dreams of battling negative spiritual entities. However, I would not call them nightmares in the classical sense in that I effectively perform banishings in my dreams to overcome the entities in question after which the dream ends. The other night after I woke up in the middle of the night after one such a dream I performed the same banishing as soon as I regained full consciousness (just to be sure).

Can anybody comment as to what these dream experiences may signify?


There could just be a negative spirit trying to influence you somehow.
(just a question) Did you search about the situation?


These dreams don’t happen too often and when they do, the dream banishing / exorcism is always successful. I’m not concerned whether or not an actual entity is involved. What I’m really chuffed about is that my subconscious apparently knows how to banish without my conscious involvement and I was wondering if other magicians have had similar experiences.

I was attacked by an imp-looking thing in my sleep once, and it manifested an intense dream where it saw it climbing in through an upstairs window and coming to attack me by pushing it’s long nails into my palms and feet to suck the energy out.

I was untrained - this was after I started working with qigong and had recently opened my feet and palm centers and knew little about entities.
I’d been feeling dread for a couple of days in waking life, but there was no fear in the dream. I said firmly ‘No! You won’t use me and I won’t use you.’ and that was enough to get it gone, all dread and anxiety passed after that. Weird phrasing I thought, but yeah, it was a dream.


For me it was using a Western version of the Tibetan Kilkau technique; basically what EA covers in his “this may save your life” video but I had learned a different version of it from a current mentor.

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Can you elaborate on the method you used?

Interesting I have never banished entities like that in dreams but always rather would try to fight them astrally, but doing that I had always found say if you blow them up, they would always turn into little tiny pieces of clone armies and then turn themselves back together, just very powerful scary and seemingly infinite.

Im actually researching on my own and i cant find anything on this, besides this forum. I was dreaming last night and it was going good and then all of a sudden evil entities started taking over my entire dream. Ive never done banishings but i remember trying to banish them but i could barely speak and i could move but it was also barely. (Im not sure if that could be sleep paralysis, because I was in a dream. When I had sleep paralysis before i was kind of awake and in my room and just hallucinating) I was like fighting my way to make it to my phone, which had the banishing words on it. As soon as I made it to my phone, still couldnt speak, i woke up in real life and heard myself yell “in gods holy name I banish this evil spirit right now”. Still not sure what to make of it but im positive something evil was trying to take over. That was my first time experiencing that. I was also listening to meditation before bed if that matters.

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