Banishing evil spirits


This place few days ago i recorded it and some evil spirits are living, I need to know what I can do to remove them and take back the place, it’s an old lunatic asylum people there live and died


Why evil? From the sound of the name of the place, I bet disturbed spirits/aggressive?

Those places weren’t pleasent to say the least.

Yes and I have to clean it

I would get a new job , that sounds like the worst place on an astral level, so much bad energy there , I’ve always wondered what asylums look like on an astral level


I got a bad stay away vibe from the photo to be honest. I’m sure it’s not pretty on the astral and most likely is a representation of all the trauma/mental insanity that went on there. Plus parasites/thoughtforms.

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I need to clean it

I got more pictures if you want to see, im about perform an invocation there

Looks like death


I would stay away. You are going to end up getting hurt and posting on here like the rest of the folks dealing with negative attachments.

do you know him? Its appeared to me when I did go slept in there, thats why I need to know how to banish it

someone were living in that asylum

Those pictures are so creepy, OMG they make me sick and dizzy. I’m sure you can find banishing methods by searching threads in the search box. I hope that thing goes away for good.

Which one from all of them? And 2 what spirit is that? I don’t have the book, they don’t have these kinda of books in my country, only a priest blessing

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That’s Jeff the Killer from Creepypasta


So…let me get this straight…according to your introduction, you have absolutely no experience in magick whatsoever, but you want to exorcise spirits from a haunted location?

Good luck with that, 'cause it ain’t gonna happen. lol


I don’t have any spiritual powers experience but I think this is a good start, maybe drop holy water to the place and banish the evil spirit or wait 3am and invoke archangel Michael? It’s my place and I need it without nightmares, if something happens like war it’s my best place to hide

It’s not your place though. It’s theirs. You said it yourself, it’s an abandoned asylum.

You have no claim to it, so you have no authority to exorcise it.


Nope. This is creepy pasta. It’s fiction, and has nothing to do with old buildings that were abandoned before this character was invented for Omegle trolling.

Post flagged for sheer bullshittery.


I did a search on that face image and it’s 11 years old:

This person was previously banned for trolling, and now has another ban for their collection.


The top 3 but last one is a like jump scare.