Banishing angels?

well i had a thought. ive noticed from my perusings that hokey demon banishing things seem to be all the rage,but what if I want to do the opposite and banish angels?

i will say in times passed I’ve used rituals to become willfully possessed,and I couldn’t be happier.

but excessive angel presence always leaves a bad taste in my mouth,so id rather be prepared with a way to remove angelic presence from an area

I am also interested in thoughts on weaponized banishment,such as perhaps banishing other people’s protective spirits/angels, etc.

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I want to know too

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i suppose the first question in this idea would be “what repels an angel?”. is there something specific like lemon scent and cats?or is it abit more complicated?

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@GDG_125 Angels are no different than demons, so they can be banished simply by making an area incompatible with their energies. For example, in EA Koetting’s Lake of Fire ritual as described in the Book of Azazel, the seals of the four archangels were engraved upon clay tablets, opened, and then smashed upon the floor in a forceful banishing of their energies from the temple.

You can also invoke demonic energies directly into an area to flush out any angelic energy, in a similar way one would use the angelic to flush out the demonic.

This is more difficult, because banishing is really dependent upon one’s authority over an area, and you have no authority over someone else’s protective entities, so successfully banishing them would be improbable, unless you can somehow take authority over the target. A good case in point would be of a parent and child. The child is directly under the authority of the parent (the home itself is as well), so the parent therefore could remove any entities. We have seen cases on this forum where the prayers and house cleansings of a parent interfered with the demonic communication and magick of a practitioner, for example.

Simply removing the protective entities, however, is easier, and is generally accomplished by hitting them with a bigger stick than they can handle.


thats not quite accurate,if it was you wouldnt be able to banish an attacking spirit.given rarely does anyone have enough authority to disuade someone sufficiently angered

I think it depends too on what kind of angels you’re talking about banishing. Lesser angels have been known to be repelled by the scent of sulphur I’ve been told.

Actually banishing an Arch Angel…I don’t know.

If , if I wanted to banish angels I would address them directly and tell them to go. I don’t think they’d stick around where they weren’t wanted. Just a guess though.


You can, actually, if you have the will to bend the spirit to your authority. Several here have done so.


ah yes,thats what im interested in knowing more about. perhaps we should say this is “banishment via domination”

ergo,it should be said this can be done with any spirit,even a defensive one. if a person’s will is greater than the localized will of the protective spirit,that spirit can be banished

much like attacking something,the will to dominate i think is the determining factor

consider the tale of a “sapper” a specialized sort in an olden times army that would dig under a castle wall and set a fire trap. or in later times digging under a wall and placing an explosive…all for crippling the defenders in order to dominate them

I use angel oracle cards sometimes and prior to the divination there is an angelic invocation.

I asked Prince Orobas if he could assist my divination.

He told me straight up do not call me when the angels are around it will start a fight.

I take that to mean when I’m working with angels there are angels around when I’m not they aren’t just hanging out with me. I don’t live that kind of angelic RHP lifestyle. I chose the left and sitra ahra so the angels only come around for me when I specifically ask them. Now in spite of my choices I’d like to say the angels have never not come when called.

I don’t think it’s necessary to be banishing them because they aren’t sitting on my couch waiting for me to work with them. I actually have to call them.


As I said, you have to take authority over the spirits in order to banish them. The entire job of protector spirits is to protect the target against attack, so they will not generally recognize any outside authority, just as a soldier will not take orders from someone they don’t know.

However, I have heard of protector spirits being told to step aside by appealing to the higher power that sent them, so if your will is strong enough to get them to recognize your authority as a Divine being, in a similar way you would when commanding a spirit in your own temple, then I can see it being possible.

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ah,the flaw

a soldier’s will can be broken.

but as to not recognizing outside authority?tell me,how often has that stopped a sufficiently enraged attacker?the whole “just say no” cliche is a bloody fallacy,if someone wants something from you and has the firepower,or in this case,willpower to ordaine it,then it will be so,and your refusal means nothing.

now,this might not apply in the rare case that a protective spirit is quite literally too stupid to understand the power of an attacker,such as say a simple protective servitor or egregore. but im literally talking about angels,which i expect to have a measure of intelligence

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Am I understanding your actually asking about repelling angelic attack?

no no.i shall clarifiy

you go to a castle with a noble you want to destroy,the noble is well defended by soldiers. the soldiers will not follow your orders to stop protecting the noble

so you keep up a relentless seige until the will of the soldiers are broken,and they submit to you,then you order them to flee,and they do so recognizing you as there master

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i mean.i do have enough ideas that i might design a ritual to banish angels.but im waiting for my newb time on here to be up to share such a ritual

ok ill give everyone a hint. its to do with a rescue mission,im convinced that some “holy angels” are holding a soul that is very dear to me “hostage” in a way. and this is why i want to banish angels

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Why not gather a demon king or three and storm the palace to free the soul?

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Yeah it’s said that King Bael is atleast as strong as AA Raphael. The “other side” team has the advantage of being dynamic and bold instead of static…:thinking:

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The archangels aren’t static, my friend. They are really no different than the demons, they’re just as dynamic, and just as bold as they are. After all, they are often called upon to fight, and to stand against the forces of entropy and chaos.

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That’s a good point,

I was going to disagree with you but this last bit sold me.