Banishing angels?

You might be making this more complicated than it needs to be. :thinking:

On the whole, angels won’t be around unless you call them, and then you can ask the to go away and they respect that, especially if the relationship is on good terms. I’ve not called angels myself more than a hundred times, but the license to depart has never been an issue, they seem to have plenty other things to do.

In this case why not just back off calling angels before it becomes too much? Is it like a switch or do you sense it coming on?

It’s also my opinion that some so called “demons” are angel and deity level beings anyway. So why would “hokey” banishings work on them but not other beings of he same ilk? :woman_shrugging:

In the case that you have been attacked by another mage, via an angel such as Gabriel for justice, the same banishings (that don’t call on the beings you’re trying to banish to do the banishing, obvs.) will work for any entity.

For a more heavy handed banishing for angels E.A. Koetting’s Book of Azazel has a description of doing this using tablets with the deals on them, that are broken as part of the ritual of the Lake of Fire.

I think the best technique will depend on whether you are attacking on thier space or defending your own territory. If I’m being attacked, it’s a straight up fight and I will try to kill, which has the effect of banishing higher entities from my reality. If I’m attacking, I would just attempt to go around them, bind and failing that maybe try E.A.'s technique mentioned above.

now this is what i call useful information. now i understand the description of that ritual,but i dont have a temple,and havent been able to set up an altar yet either,where would i break said tablets?

I don’t remember an alter being a big thing, though I haven’t read the book in years. The space was a temporary one anyway, so you would set it up anywhere where you want to continue working in a space where the named entities are effectively banned.

I will give a caveat: in my experience, this is all by choice, the angels are strong enough that they could get in if they wanted, and they will stay out of this space because they value and appreciate order and rules and choose to.
However, if you allow another human in that space, and they don’t respect the rules, they can give permission to the angel(s) to use them as a portal to come in.

Going slightly off topic, by extension this also applies to you when astral traveling, if you find a space where you are locked out, but you know someone inside you can also portal into the space through them. There’s not really much that is so different between humans and high level entities, be they demons or angels other than we forgot everything and they haven’t.

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i can see your point about a person that doesn’t respect the rules being used as a portal by angels. but I need a ritual or perhaps a sigil that can be deployed on the fly so to speak