I often cruise around other occult web sites looking for New files pdf or other. i am wondering if this group coulld have an open Source Library in which if people in this group have produced something and want to make them available to anyone who wants to have them can upload them into the library. They would do this looking for no other remuneration other than knowing someone else will be able to share in the “Pearl of Great Price” they have come upon.
i can already hear dozens of reason why not- pirating etc. But it could be limited to non “published” works or whatever.
not meant to cut away from anyones profits,
just curious


So, you are saying we could/should place the links of free books (because copy right and stuff) and non published works by the members of the forum, here on this post or somewhere else we all agree upon for the folks of BALG to have access?

Sounds great! Im in, do we need more signatures or something like that?


Well, you need people to have written books they want to give away and have somehow for some reason not already done… I understand the motivation and in an ideal world it could work, but I strongly suspect this will just lead to copyright problems, which means DMCA notices sent to BALG.

The problem with links to free books in general is that the same sites have piracy, and even where the specific work linked seems legit, I’m not a copyright expert and trying to assess what’s okay to share, that’s by another author than the person posting, is a headache, I usually have to err on the side of caution, even had loads of stuff that’s actually still well under copyright so even the sites hosting can be misleading.

So that’s my take on it, big potential for problems, and meanwhile anyone on here who’s quietly written a book they intend to be free can just make a topic for that. :thinking:

And really piracy is one thing, but for someone who’s into that, being too fucking lazy to do your own stealing, get the fuck out of here!

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:joy::joy::joy: Do your own dirty work

We have threads sharing artwork and poetry from members. You have shared a story you wrote. Some people might be quite interested in reading books written by others on here.



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I am a true dyed to the bone APOSTATE. When wealth or power set up mores and rules for ‘the lesser one’, to obstruct or prevent them from reaching up for a better grasp; I say stick it to them. When i see 'grimiores or other books- sometimes not 100 pages being sold for hundreds of dollars— sorry, rip off.
Funny, perform “blasphemy rites” to overthrow the bible quran etc— but unholy shit do not steal from someone i determine should be protected.
i may not commit any ‘pirating sins’ on this forum, but other than losing friends and being balled out or banished… the entire matter is cherlish and reasoning from the dark side just reeeks of hypocrit to me, which by the way is the only thing I am actually consistant with.

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That’s fine but rules are rules, these come direct from the forum owners, so that’s just being in BALG’s house and being requested to keep your muddy pirate boots off their sofa. :stuck_out_tongue:

Timothy on piracy, he debunked the argument that stealing is a core part of LHP ascent:

I made some comments on this topic fwiw as well: