Simple modern book with all the demons and their sigils

There are so many books out there in old language or with so much text and fluff. All i want is a comprehensive clear n Simple modern book that describes all the main demons from evocation and pacts with their sigils. Does anyone know of such books?

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S. Connelly’s Complete Book of Demonaltry is the closest thing to it. It includes the sigils of the main demons, the Goetic demons, and a few others.


@hotomfire Profane Seals by Somnus Dreadwood is good if you want a lot of sigils.


Thanks for all the advice. I have been online now for 3 hours trying to track down a torrent or download of S. Connelly’s Complete Book of Demonaltry. I look forward to finally getting it eventually.

It’s not a great idea to torrent. It just isn’t.


Very good advice there, also not a good idea to PDF/torrent beg on this forum please, we have rules against that kind of thing:

You can find a searchable document with information in here:


I believe if you go to S. Connolly’s own site or one she contributes to, that there are a great selection of resources that you require.

Please remember that each author and content creator invests their own time, money, personal resources into their work before they are ever paid a single penny in royalties and that they deserve to be paid for their work just as you deserve to be paid for collecting glasses, serving food, nursing the elderly, teaching children or managing a department. Intellectual property serves to protect original authors/creators so they can benefit from their work.

I agree that some things like books are often overpriced at the start eg technical and specialist market books as well as those which become difficult to acquire but when small independents get ripped off by large corporations or multiple smaller ones on a design it becomes a matter of livelihood for the creator.

Horse climbs off soapbox, removes hoof from soapbox, finds it can’t remove hoof from soapbox, now wears soapbox on hoof for rest of day as fashion statement… It’s an Hermes dontchaknow…

Better to ask a deity for some money to be able to buy this or for the author or someone to give you this as a gift, don’t you think?


I absolutely agree, this is literally the food on their table, and even with “bigger” publishers, they’re reinvesting that money in R&D, doing prolonged and often destabilising pathworkings to bring US material that no ordinary person with a 9-to-5 could produce in the same way.

Good article from an author’s point of view:

I know that people often see a content-creator being spoken about a lot in our small niche world and assume they have it made, their name in lights and money flooding in so they can take the hit, but just think for a moment about YOUR weekly living expenses, food, rent/mortgage, insurances, taxes, car expenses & fuel, plus the steady drain on money for repairs, clothes, upgrades, new software (no boss/umbrella corp sending an IT guy to fix their PC or phone, and upgrade the programs), then figure out how many copies of a $20 or even $40 book, after taxes and expenses, they’d have to sell each and every week without exception just to cover a week’s groceries, let alone the rest - you get the picture!

And, the argument that people who pirate are not people who BUY was roundly disproven recently by a small author, outside the occult field but subject to the same income loss through theft, and hearing the same justifications given for it:

Most of us probably have a dodgy download or two, if not magick something else, but there are many free resources available that are perfectly legit and able to get us to the point where we can actually buy things in a simple manner, so, think twice…


As an author myself, I totally feel you, bro/sis!


Sorry everyone - This is obviously a hot potato topic! Yes I certainly agree that we should support the authors who have slugged and worked hard to communicate their experiences to others. Because of not working atm, very little money’s what i usually do is get the pdfs and if they connect with me I usually purchase the physical book and work through it. Im pretty new to this path so Im still shopping around to see where to invest my focus on. I apologize to anyone that may have felt disrespected, it wasn’t my intention at all. I wont allure to torrents or the such in future here. But I will still keep asking for advice and support in what ever way i can.


It is essentially stealing intellectual property. I must admit to owning a handful of printed pdfs, but only those books that I simply do not have access to purchase or that come with 4 figure price tags. I am a bibliophile so I generally go out of my way to buy them legitimately. S. Connolly’s books can be bought at, and nearly every title that was mass released in softcover can be printed there on an order by order basis in hardcover with a nice dust jacket. That’s where I grabbed my hardcover Daemonolatry Goetia and it was worth every penny.