#BaLG chat @ synirc

The old times: #BaLG chat @ synirc - MWF 5-8pm CST (11pm GMT), Sat 12-3p & 8p CST (6p & 2a GMT)

Hello all.

I have setup an unofficial irc channel on synIRC for this group to use, to give people a place to chat/congregate. If we later move to an official chatroom and/or a private irc server, then it will be no problem to migrate over.

For those of you who don’t know how to use irc, you need to get an irc client or find a webclient. xchat and mirc are both pretty good. You can also use a jabber client or mibbit.

Mibbit is web or client based, so you don’t have to dl anything to use it if you don’t want to. It’s also free and very newbie friendly. There’s a video on their landing page for how to use it.

Suggested meetup time: 5pm / 11pm GMT Saturdays.
(1pm and 7pm Forum Time)

For new users, just click this link, enter a nickname, and hit go:

For more advanced users who are familiar with irc:
Server: irc.synirc.net/6667
Channel: #balg
Key: balgchat

Note: I will be keeping the channel private accessed and locked with a key. We will probably eventually want to move to our own servers, but this is a good way to gauge interest/usage.


I think it is worth noting that a chatroom can be even more of a distraction/time-sink than a message board. Be careful that you don’t waste time talking / thinking about magick when you could instead be doing it.

That being said, a chatroom can be a very useful tool for discussion and socializing. Just don’t let it become an impediment to your progress.

How do I enter in the key?

Depends on your client. If you don’t have a place for keys, then where the channel is, you do:


So in this case:

#balg balgchat

or when you’re connected to the server, you can do the command

/join #balg balgchat

As long as you get that i have no idea how to use a computer other than simple things then we’re good lol

necromaster: haha, no problem. If you have any difficulties, I know that either DKM or I could walk you through it.

Update: figured out how to do direct links + key for mibbit.

For new users, just click this link, enter a nickname, and hit go:

For what it’s worth, a chatroom usually works better if people routinely idle there when they are at the computer, periodically checking back for dialogue. It can also be useful to schedule approximate times for meetups if desired.

Update: To get some communication going, I suggest a couple of meetup times weekly …

Meetup: 5pm and 11pm GMT on Saturdays. (1pm and 7pm Forum Time)

I figured these two times would accommodate everyone around the world at one or the other, so if you feel like dropping in, do so. People can also meetup anytime they’d like, but a scheduled time might facilitate a bit more conversation. Feel free to plan/suggest other times as well - the chatroom should be open 24/7.

What the times look like on the world-clock:

It’s 11pm GMT, come hang out!

It’s Saturday, come hang out in the chat. Come talk about BoA, or whatever strikes your fancy.

Edit: we had a good little discussion about the naming of types of entities, as well as some discussion about personal progress. The more often people join up, the more useful the discussions will be.

It’s Saturday, come hang out in the chat.

I’m gonna have to agree with Necromaster on this one…I’m not very computer savvy. Granted, I can surf the net, work my email, and sometimes even download a video or two from youtube…hehehehe…though I will try to see if I can get onto the chatroom this saturday and see what happens. I do have some questions, concerns, and difficulties that could probably benefit from objective examination.
As long as its like ‘point-n-click’ type of procedure then I should be good. But don’t ask me to like enter in some computer language code or have some level of proficiency with C++ or something.

waltyrs: no problem. The first link on the intro paragraph has a point+click interface. I saw that necromaster logged into the room last saturday, but noone was around so he left. We had a good little chat about energy work / astral projection basics last week. We’ll see what happens this week.

So apparently my significant other has an appointment scheduled on Saturday (why, I don’t know…) for us with our financial institution. So looks like the 5 pm GMT will be a ‘no-go’ and I’ll meet up instead at the 11 pm GMT time (trying to figure out what time that is here where I’m at but I think I can find out)

waltyrs: the chatroom is open 24/7, but the “times” I’ve setup are just a way of encouraging some participation. If you’re late or early, it’s no big deal, so show up when you can. There are more likely to be people around at the “times”, but that shouldn’t be a deterrent.

I will definitely log in to the chat on Saturday. So many questions about so many things. LOL.

There are some people chatting right now, hop on and join them!

Props to my man RedCircle for helping me out in the chat room thats going on saturdays. You really helped me sort out alot of questions and ‘step-by-step’ processes for evocation and scrying. I encourage all to come and join to discuss, question, talk, shoot the shit, whatevs…You may find the answers your looking for with others who are in the same boat or perhaps a different boat, that can offer insite.

Guys, is there any regular scheduled time nowadays? I’d like to join BoA chat this week. Thanks, Orion