I invoked Baelzebub the other night and got something really interesting.

Has anyone else worked with him and if so what was your experience like.


The first time he appeared to me he was a real but unusually large fly in my kitchen. He landed on the wall by my head. His eyes looked red and i heard very clearly “I am lord of the flies” and he buzzed away.

I will usually hear him when flies are around or a fly will land on me or my phone while i am using it. He is helpful with divination. Most often he appears when i need to make a choice between to things or have a fork in the road situation.

He has a very kind but authoritative voice. In my dreams he appears as a talking swarm of flies or a man sized fly. It aways suprises me because he has kind of a gentle voice for a giant talking fly.


He always appears to me looking like Lucius Malfoys draco’s dad from Harry Potter. Even dressed that expensive and neat.

This is how I see him. With my last invocation there was another magician with me and he saw him the same way. But he also experiences the flies.


Also the other magician that was with me saw him behind me for a second then he seemed to go melt into me. It was cool.

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