Bael, the best demon for money

Bael, it was the best money daemon I have ever encountered.

I got great amounts of money before Corona and now during Corona Bael doesn’t disappoint and it still helps me to get the rent money and things I need. I recommend everyone to this great King, not just for money, but for anything, he will be with a father, a grandfather, a rigid but loving father when they get loyalty and dedication from you

If you are also looking for a patron, someone who will take your life to another level I recommend Bael.

About the connection of Bael and Beelzebub, for me, for me personally, they are the same, for several reasons, the main one being the presence of flies when I invoke Bael, the fly being a symbol of Beelzebub, I think their connection is very next


I agree, but I still suffered for my wealth.

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Fascinating. Maybe I should give him my focus. After all, I need to fill up my war chest for my dark crusade :grin:


It’s private, but I didn’t just get my ‘wealth’ for nothing, I did work hard for it however things ended up sour at some point.

Damn well was it enough wealth to make up for what you did. Appreciate the honesty btw

No, I don’t think all the wealth would cure my heart or soul at the moment.

Damn aye so since you made a deal with Baal are you forced to communicate with him everyday?

For me it doesn’t work like that, I like to think I practise differently to other witches. I make offerings and gifts, but choose not to ask for anything in particular and I dare not to do any evocations or so forth. I like too manifest spirits with hymns, or certain burning offerings however I prepare and promote that they do their own thing. With my offerings to the gods, something may come in return or something may not.

(But sometimes I will have the urge to curse or obviously have intentions but I like to do it through art, however If I get real pissed maybe I would do something more extreme from which I havn’t done)

Ahh I see Ight Preciate da response

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