Bael information

dose any body know any information about bael and a ritual I can do with him, is so please help

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Use the search feature on this forum. There should be good threads here already for Bael. :slight_smile:

This topic has some good stuff to get started with:


I don’t have much information that can help because I just started to research about bael and there is barely any information that I could find and it might not be even true that’s why am asking people on here

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The stuff in that link I gave you comes from real experiences of people on here. :+1:

This method is a good step-by-step way to contact a spirit:

Read this to understand what to expect:

Come back to us with questions once you have tried this method! :+1:

ok it sounds easy but if I need the thing I want to happen in a pacific day how would I go about doing that do I imagine it happing on the day that I want

What are you trying to accomplish? Because magick tends to work in its own time, and wanting something to happen on a specific day is rarely doable.

I shared a method to create a marker in time:

So I would say I need what I want when I give you a sacrifice or how would I go about saying something like this

It is described in the posts linked above. :+1:

You’d have to evoke them and talk to them and see what they can or cannot do really.

Are you reading the articles she’s posting? All of these are on this website. You were using Google, so ya you’re not going to find much. Search This Site

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