Bael Gnosis Of The Nine Gatekeepers

Bael Speaks.

“Each of the nine gatekeepers are a personality of a God, I am the ruler. Azazel is the warrior, Belial is the wicked one who bows to none. Abaddon is the destroyer, Lucifer is the knowledgeable enlightened one.”

“The list goes on each Gatekeepers bestow the nine dark powers unto man, the nine sinful qualities to mold perfection.”

"We have been a part of your species development from the beginning. From Egypt, to Sumeria, to Olmec, to the eldest of tribes.

"In this incarnation us nine pillars of outter darkness deliver the work of the ages.

“Like it or not Connor, you have been chosen as my mouthpiece, my prophet and my sword.”

“You will unveil my contribution to all, you must pen my words.”

“When my grimoire is created, I unveil probably the most important key to Godhood, you are not ready but then again, mankind will never be.”



The Grimoire of Bael. I can’t wait to read it.


One of them proclaimed me, trying to translate from Italian, something like “door holder”… a minor gatekeeper, perhaps?

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Far from minor trust me


Being a sword or the gods…could you describe what that title means to them?

Hodor? :grinning:


It’s deeper see the nine gatekeepers, out of all of them Bael has one of the main three major keys.


What do you think of this? Seems like a final statement, but I sense the sadness and sigh in his words.

This is just my opinion, and you are free to agree or disagree.

Here goes…

99% of mankind doesnt want to accept the truth that the power is within them. Only when ego, materialism, greed, political systems, and organized religion are done away with, would humankind have a chance to embrace thier Godhood fully.

Mankind as a whole does not want to let go of these things. Bael knows that @C.Kendall knows this. Thats why he is not ready YET, but he will very soon be. Conner is coming into his own and very soon will be an enlightened one. This is why Bael has chosen him to speak his message. He knows Conner accepts the truth and works with it.

Again, just my opinion.


Do you have any personal experience with Bael?

were you just channeling the gatekeeper’s voices or were they possessing you whenever you posted this. please don’t hesitate to tell me please iv heard you achieved physical powers in your other post like levitation electrokinesis.