Bael and flies

Does bael have any connection to flies?

Bael that is thought to be Ba’al Hadid, no. (Ba’al means “lord”).

Ba’al Zebul was given the rude nickname Beelzebub by the hebrews, because people will be childish I suppose, and that means “Lord of the flies”, so modern occultists tend to run with that and associate THAT Ba’al with flies. I think it’s banal. but he seems to find it amusing and it works.


I’ve been seeing a lot of flies, which is uncommon where i live so, is this a sign?
If so, then from who, a sign from Bael?

I generally say it’s a sign if you get an otherworldly feeling that you can’t ignore that they mean something personally important to you, and there’s something you should do. This means there’s energy involved that you are sensing.

Otherwise maybe not. Only you can say how you feel.

After that I would guess Zebul. But there are other entities that could send you flies, but Hadid is not usually one of them. I would say put the question out there in your mind, and get into reading or online and look for conformation through synchronicity who is calling, if anyone.

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I see, thanks for the information, i didn’t know it before. Also, is Belial a diffrent entity?

Yes, Belial is an ancient god as well, all different beings.

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I see.

Here: know where these things come from and it’s a little less confusing (it’s history).

See also: Bel, Zeus Belos, and other figures named Belus

Like En in Sumerian, the Akkadian bēlu and Northwest Semitic baʿal (as well as its feminine form baʿalah) was used as a title of various deities in the Mesopotamian and Semitic pantheons. Only a definitive article, genitive or epithet, or context could establish which particular god was meant.[23]

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I see. Thanks again.

when i called and asked Bael (king of hell) for astral travel so i saw a bug on ceilling

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Baal Hadad (Bael) was known to rule fertility as well as pestilence. Law and War, Money and dignities.

Bael from the Goetia is the more sorcerous and chthonic aspect of the god, the so-called king of witches. Since calling on Bael, I’ve noticed a lot of stray cats and images of frogs/toads. Those are both animals heavily tied to witchcraft. He employs mental and astral coercion through sorcery, manipulating the attention and perceptions of people to suit the magician’s efforts.


So in my appartment, which had one chance in a gazzillion, had flies in my air exchanger (dunno the exact term of it in english, my native tongue is french)…I was the only one in 2 blocks who had flies in such a way…meaning what…dunno yet. I know I am not mistaken when I said; a chance in a gazzillion to have flies there and in such qt’S.

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I call Belial Baaliel for an ego boost (The lord of El). It’s more fitting, lol.

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