Bad thoughts

Hey there. I have a problem. And that is when I think about a demon’s name or even angel’s name swearing words comes with no intention and I’m worried that they gonna get angry but I just want to know if a entity already knows that I don’t have any intention without telling them
But I told one of them that don’t get angry I don’t hate you it just comes I need meditating but I can’t do properly I know this may sound ridiculous but do they already know what kind of person I am and that I don’t mean hatred my mind is just used to repeat swearing words


Oh boy, I sure know something about bad thoughts lol. Don’t worry, they are just intrusive thoughts. It’s something quite normal for the brain to do, but most people don’t obsess over the thoughts when they come up. They are not an indication of what you really mean, but are more just your fears. Of course you don’t feel that way about the spirits, and they have the intelligence to know that it’s an intrusive thought and not your genuine thoughts, so you don’t have to worry about that.


Thank you for answering :heart:

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Don’t worry about it. They know what humans are like, and they know why, better than we do, because they don’t have the memory erasure issue.

They don’t really care. Not until you make yourself into someone with enough spiritual strength to care about, and by then you’ll be able to control yourself or will have worked through your impulse issues.


Wouldnt hold it against yourself because they arent, some laugh about it but its a symptom of your mind not being disciplined enough an its a part of learning.


Thank you this helped a lot


You are more than welcome.
Go easy on yourself, you’re the only one setting the pace.